How to get bigger eyes naturally

How to get bigger eyes naturally

Before I begin, it’s so much fun falling in love with your natural eye shape and learning how powerful it actually is. Smaller eyes are just as attractive as bigger eyes and known for being alluring, sultry and incredibly impactful. If you always wanted to know, here are ways to get bigger eyes naturally and make every eye stand out, no matter the shape!

How to get bigger eyes without makeup

1. Nourish your lashes and brows

Nourish them and treat them to lashings of castor oil to make them thick, long and strong, as well as our bottom lashes, which often get overlooked, but are key to your big eye look! Eyebrows are also important, to frame the eyes and to let the eyes take center stage.

2. Create space between the brow and the eye

Increase space between the eye and eyebrow by shaping the brow. I popped a really good trick I like to use in my exact secrets to look pretty overnight post but you can use concealer to practise shaping the brow, before actually going in to shape it, to check you like how it looks before going in with your brow tools. The brow bone is everything, it’s so powerful and we can really accentuate and make it pop with some illuminating highlight. It really draws the eye to that area of the face.

3. Wear different coloured contacts

They can make your eyes look sparkly and super wide awake and are a really fun way to enlarge the look of the eye that work beautifully, plus this is something you can get away with at work or school, if makeup is not allowed. There are contacts you can wear to make your pupils look bigger, or your iris (the coloured part of your eye) look bigger, giving a doe like appearance, and lighter, brighter hues look extremely eyecatching.

4. Use brow gel to elongate lashes

To separate and carefully, cleverly define the lashes and hold them like that all day. The key is to separate lashes and make them look long and defined, to frame the eye.

5. Apply a faux lash to frame your eyes!

Try long, delicate, clearly defined separately ‘doll’ lashes to frame and accentuate the eye. Dark and dense lashes tend to darken and close the eye. Go for thinner, feathery, more defined and separated lashes to frame without closing up the eye. The more practise you get and the more you experiment, the happier you will feel with these, the more comfortable you will feel with a faux lash.

6. Curl your lashes

To lift them and open the eye further, it gives such a pretty effect!

7. Have fun with eyelid tape

This can be super helpful, although not for everyone, it’s fun to have a practise with. You can use it to create a different eyelid crease that defines the eye and looks pretty and natural!

8. Whiten your teeth

This might sound strange but white teeth bring out the whites in your eyes, making them look so much bigger and brighter!

9. Match your outfit to the colour of your iris

This really makes your eyes pop and makes them beautiful and noticeable. You can have so much fun wearing contacts here and making them pop with your outfits!

10. How to get bigger eyes in pictures

Use flash but look up a little above the camera when taking the photo. Taking pictures indoors is also a great trick as when we are outside we are often squinting!

How do you make your eyes look bigger naturally with makeup?

1. Use a full coverage concealer

To conceal any dark patches you wish to cover. Try this super kind to skin acne safe full coverage concealer, it’s perfect for the sensitive eye area, to lighten the inner corners of the eye and any darker patches underneath.

2. Use a light matte shadow on the lid

A great base colour, it’s all about creating space and opening up the eye using a nice light shade to lift and brighten the eye. For hooded eyes types or if we so wish to we can use a natural hue a little darker than our skin tone to carve out a crease where we want it.

3. In the centre of the eyelid pop a dab of light illuminating shadow or highlight

Just above where the iris sits. Do the same for the bottom lash line, a dab of highlight just underneath the iris. When we place highlight on other places on the face, it will naturally draw these areas out too and make the eye look large and super wide awake! Another place to pop it is the inner corner of the eye, then draw it upwards towards the brow.

4. Tightly line your upper lash line

To frame the eye and make it stand out, but be careful not to line it too heavily. As you come to the outer eye, create a gentle wing that reaches up in the direction of your eyebrow.

5. KEY TRICK! Create a faux lower lash line

Big eyes are ALL about the lower lash line! To frame the eye, using a gentle shadow with an angled brush, imagine you’re lining your lower lash line but draw it a little below your actual lash line. This will bring your eye down and make it look much bigger! It’s all about accentuating this faux lower lash line and bringing it centre stage, to make people believe it is our natural lower lash line and thus, our eyes bigger. Drawing bags under our eyes is now an exciting thing, as we can choose where they sit! Just approach it from the outer corners, where the bottom lashes naturally sit.

6. Line your real lower lash line with white eyeliner

Especially the inner corners. A white felt tip eyeliner, like the Too Faced Sketchmarker in Pure White, is perfect to use as it stays all day! Use a lighter white shade to line your real lower lash line will make it seem part of the whites of your eye, and will really make your faux lower lash line pop and become authentic!

7. Make lashes pop

Use a lash primer, clear mascara or brow gel first to define and separate the lashes. The more separated your lashes are, the better as they will really frame and open up the eye. Next apply mascara on top, but only to the very tips of the lashes, this will accentuate them beautifully and give them a ‘fluttery’ effect that looks totally natural. Go for top and bottom lashes to open up the eye as an adorable and very cool 60’s inspired look!

8. Use a setting spray

To keep everything locked in place, as it’s easy to rub or touch our eyes a lot throughout the day!



  1. May 12, 2021 / 9:15 am

    Nice tips! I always like to make my eyes bigger when doing makeup ^^,

  2. May 12, 2021 / 3:24 pm

    All of these suggestions are wonderful and so so effective. Thank you for sharing them!

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