Girliest Graduation cap ideas, themes and quotes!

Here are some ultra cute graduation cap decoration ideas for US college students, for those graduating from university or college in the US or elsewhere in the world where this tradition is followed.

Check out these super girly graduation cap quotes, puns and themes, all the grad cap inspiration! I was really inspired by these incredible artists, please definitely check them out and give them tons of love.

By @lilsartsypage 👈🏻

How cute and amazing is this sparkly Ariana Grande inspired graduation cap!

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By @uncappedcreations 👈🏻

This wine pun grad cap is so cute and funny (and often so true)! Definitely for those wine lovers out there.

By @joyfuljourney1 👈🏻

Such a beautiful cap and quote, with pretty pastel flowers. It’s so sweet, feminine and striking!

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Such a special and beautiful Disney quote, the gold lettering looks divine alongside the beautiful trim of flowers.

By @joyfuljourney1 👈🏻

Such a beautiful girly graduation cap for a new nurse, the pastel blooms are so striking and it’s so classic and beautiful.

By @mysweetbabytreats 👈🏻

Baby pink glitter and flowers, all the best things!

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By @bymorganelise 👈🏻

Why not incorporate your favourite flowers, these beautiful magnolia blooms are so stunning and striking!

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By @lilsartsypage 👈🏻

This Disney themed graduation cap is gorgeous! The ‘Happily ever After’ quote is so powerful used in this way, to celebrate one’s own achievement and create one’s own fairytale by working so hard.

By @lilsartsypage 👈🏻

By @lilsartsypage 👈🏻

The most beautiful bohemian butterfly to wear on your graduation! How magical is this gorgeous design?

By @lilsartsypage 👈🏻

Another really gorgeous bohemian graduation cap, I love the watercolour leaves and beautiful calligraphy script.

By @lilsartsypage 👈🏻

By @lilsartsypage 👈🏻

The perfect grace inspired design, perfect for those who would love to commemorate their faith on their special day!

By @lilsartsypage 👈🏻

Such a magical boho grad cap design, the little moons, stars and flowers are such a dream.

By @lilsartsypage 👈🏻

‘Next stop, the bar!’ is such a cool and chic way to celebrate your graduation, especially for law students!

By @lilsartsypage 👈🏻

One of the most beautiful quotes of all time!

By @lilsartsypage 👈🏻

Such a girly and romantic grad cap design, it’s so classic and beautiful, perfect for the traditional girl!

By @uncappedcreations 👈🏻

This Mean Girls theme graduation cap is adorable, plus is an epic and nostalgic nod to an old favourite that got us through tough times.

By @uncappedcreations 👈🏻

This white flower filled cap is so ethereal and magical, the perfect nod to the cottagecore trend!

By @uncappedcreations 👈🏻

Perfect for the Disney fan, this graduation cap design is magical!

By @uncappedcreations 👈🏻

Such a beautiful thank you graduation cap to dedicate to your loved ones who helped you get through the tough times and had your back all the way!

By @uncappedcreations 👈🏻

This quote is so lovely, it celebrates that one of the most rewarding forms of self care is to spend our time helping and guiding others! This is perfect for a teacher, nurse, social care assistant, so many students in different roles that would appreciate this.

By @uncappedcreations 👈🏻

Such an epic super power! The best ever ‘glow up’ is becoming who you always wanted to be, expanding and blowing your mind and earning confidence in the process!

By @uncappedcreations 👈🏻

This ‘it still gets done’ quote is so powerful, it illustrates the work and determination spent on getting your degree and everything you put in to it!

By @msoterosclass 👈🏻

One of the most fun designs ever, this Friends theme graduation cap is everything!

By @joyfuljourney1 👈🏻

Such a beautiful quote and design to commemorate your faith on your special day!

By @kimscustomcaps 👈🏻

Always a classic, this cap design is magical and perfect for the Disney lover!

By @k.kraftycorner 👈🏻

The most perfect ever grad cap for the future nurse or med student! The rose gold theme is so beautiful, you can just imagine it shimmering in the light with all the pretty adornments.

By @simplybydiane 👈🏻

This cap is so classic and girly, the ribbon and flower adornments are beautiful and so chic and feminine. This quote is so powerful, the perfect graduate cap for someone who struggled but persisted, the perfect way to celebrate studying hard!

By @k.kraftycorner 👈🏻

This cap is gorgeous with the glittering rose gold theme and floral adornments! Perfect for the girl who loves a little sparkle.

By @k.kraftycorner 👈🏻

This Wonderwoman cap is everything you deserve after acing your college experience!

By @uncappedcreations 👈🏻

The sweetest quote and design perfect for the travel lover or graduate with serious wanderlust, to fuel your dreaming of travelling after the pandemic!

By @bridgetandsnickers 👈🏻

The funkiest Spongebob design, because we all want to thank it for its influence in our younger years! Another cute Spongebob cap design idea is ‘4 years later’, replace ‘4’ with the years you spent working on your degree.

What should I write on my graduation cap?

Graduation cap quotes and puns

1. Nike ‘just did it’

2. ‘The best view comes after the hardest climb’

3. ‘The mountains are calling and I must go!’

Hint if you’re a snowbaby and always dreamed of hitting the slopes, you can use sites such as to plan the perfect skiing trip.

4. ‘Now hotter by one degree!’

5. ‘The tassel was worth it’

Swap out ‘hassle’ for tassel for the perfect grad party pun!

6. ‘I levelled up!’

7. ‘I don’t always graduate, but when I do I x’

8. ‘Game of Loans’

How clever is this pun!

9. ‘Got my tassel, now back to the castle’

10. ‘I worked hard so my dog/cat/pet can have a better life’

11. ‘Just gone and mastered it!’

12. ‘No one graduates like Gaston’

13. ‘Be the change you wish to see’

14. ‘I haven’t slept in 4 years!’

15. ‘May your hats fly as high as your dreams’

16. ‘She believed she could so she did’

17. ‘Nevertheless she persisted’

18. ‘Well, that’s a cap!’

Changing out ‘wrap’ for ‘cap’ to suit the occasion!

19. ‘Gains and brains’

20. ‘Think it, want it, get it’

Graduation cap themes to use

1. Friends theme

‘The one where I graduate’

2. Dory theme

‘I already forgot everything’ or ‘Just keep winning’

3. High School Musical theme

‘The start of something new’

4. Spongebob theme

‘4 years later’ or ‘is this graduation no this is Patrick’ are both adorable and funny!

5. Animal Crossing theme

‘Phew! I did it’ or ‘Off to New Horizons’ are both some adorable grad cap puns to try!

6. Mean Girls theme

‘Get in loser, we’re graduating!’ is always a classic

7. Pantone theme

With the Pantone selection of your favourite colour, as a graduation cap!

8. Legally Blonde theme

‘What, like it’s hard?’ ‘Bend and snap’ and ‘I am comfortable using legal jargon in every day life’ are brilliant!

9. Disney theme

From ‘Happily Ever After’ to ‘Dreams really do come true’, there are so many to choose from for the Disney enthusiasts!

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