Creative and unique Graduation photo ideas!

Creative unique graduation photos ideas

Here are some fun girly Graduation photo setup ideas for your Graduation party and photo ideas to take! Tons of Graduation picture poses ideas and great ways to look pretty and professional in your photos and celebrate your journey.

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How should I pose for a Graduation photo?

1. A Legally Blonde theme

Not just for law students! Why not pose with your fluffiest, pinkest pen or recreate an iconic scene from the film, featuring your grad cap! Perfect for the girly graduate.

2. Grab a bubble machine

And have bubbles everywhere in the background of your photo! This would be perfect for a mermaid or underwater theme – check out these epic Graduation party themes here! – or a Disney theme, but also makes for a beautiful addition to every kind of Graduation photo, to have bubbles floating ethereally and magically in the background. One of the best Graduation picture ideas!

3. ‘Game of loans’ photo theme

Not just one of the best Graduation cap puns, it presents one of the best opportunities to dress up as your favourite Game of Thrones character for your graduation!

4. Blow bubbles with gum

This is such an effective idea, even if you capture at the wrong moment, it would be hilarious to have your graduation picture with bubble gum stuck to your face, it would definitely look intentional! To emphasise the effect, try to get everyone in your photo to blow bubbles at the same time, all simultaneously. It might take a little practise but would make the funniest and best ever photo!

5. A ‘Friends’ setup, with everyone posing on a sofa

One of the best pictures to take for your Graduation! You could even create a fun chalkboard backdrop or sign, with the slogan ‘The one where they graduate’, such a cool theme to go for.

6. Use temporary tattoos!

They are a really fun way to mark the occasion, you could even order a tattoo of your favourite quote or Proverbs to commemorate your faith on your Graduation to photograph, it would make such a special photo for you to treasure always.

7. Add coloured smoke bombs

These look so striking and make your pictures look extra vibrant and colourful, they also add some cool texture and bring a boho, free spirited feel to your photos. This is for you if you liked boho dorm room ideas and how to feng shui your dorm room.

8. Snow Angels

This is a perfect winter graduation themed photo idea! Even if it summer you can break out the fake snow and create magical photos, even better as you can dress up and not get cold! Make a snow angel by lying in the snow, then stand up and arrange a graduation cap on top where the head should be! You could even add a caption like ‘Got my halo’, the perfect angel inspired photo idea!

9. A food fight

This would be so much fun to create and you will have so much fun in the process! The graduation equivalent of a cake smash, this is an amazing group graduation photo idea to try and you could use silly string, whipped cream or even set up a water fight as an alternative.

10. The paper aeroplane idea

Create a folded paper aeroplane, then hold it up closer to the camera and arrange it so it looks like you are sitting on a bigger scale paper aeroplane. This would be perfect for a keen adventurer and traveller, or for an adventure or travel themed graduation party.

11. A scene from Tangled

Reenact the lantern scene from Disney’s Tangled and send up a host of pretty lanterns on the night of your graduation, to photograph, or arrange them around the yard. You could even create a birds eye view to reenact the scene, lie down on a backdrop, such as a dark purple sheet, then arrange pretty lanterns all around you and ask someone to take the photo from above, at a birds eye view angle, to bring it to life. This would be perfect for a Disney lover!

12. Pose as a superhero

You don’t have to completely dress up for this idea, it’s all in the pose that matters! Why not cleverly photograph your hand in a superhero glove holding your grad cap!

13. Create a meme

Or recreate a popular and funny internet meme, just personalising it by incorporating elements of your Graduation, and funny moments and memories that happened along the way to you graduating. This is such a funny photo idea! You could use the caption ‘started from the bottom, now we here’ or ‘how it started, how it’s going’ to celebrate your journey!

14. ‘They all lived happily ever after’ photo idea

Turn your graduation in to a fairytale, perfect for Disney fans and lovers! Break out the confetti and snap a staged photo of you marrying your graduation cap, dating your grad cap – or a trilogy of all three as a fun play on the stages of commitment in a relationships, after being so committed to earning your degree. Alternatively, emulate the princess and the frog scene, by kissing your grad cap placed on a cushion!

15. Recreate a younger photo of yourself

16. Dress up your pets

For the occasion and include them in the photo! This is such a cute idea, you could even create a ‘high school musical’ graduation scene with your pets dressed as graduates!

How do you take good Graduation pictures at home?

17. Use glowsticks or sparklers

To write a message in the air for your photo!

18. The silhouette/shadow photo idea

Take a picture of your silhouette, wearing your grad cap! This is such a dreamy way to commemorate your graduation.

19. The ‘blurred’ glamour effect

The aim for this picture is to create a sparkly blur, it’s glamorous and ethereal and a cool way to show off your outfit. Taking photos with flash creates a glam party atmosphere effortlessly!

20. Show off your beautiful manicure

Alongside your graduation cap! There are so many creative and glamorous graduation nail art ideas to try, that will compliment your graduation outfit and match the occasion perfectly.

21. Make a flower skirt

Hold up a bell shaped flower close to the camera, with you in the distance, then arrange to make it look like you are wearing the flower as a skirt! This is such a cool illusion to try and will look stunning as a graduation photo arrangement.

22. Femme fatale photo idea

Always wanted to be an assassin? Channel your inner badass – you need to be a badass to graduate after all – and cement your achievement, power and prowess with an action shot of you throwing your grad cap towards the camera, holding it in front of a sweeping curtain – you could even wear a black velvet glove! – or place the grad cap over your eyes, while wearing red lipstick. If this is you, definitely check out How to be a femme fatale – you will love it!

Graduation photo ideas with family

1. Get your pets involved!

Dress up your pets for the occasion! A funny idea is to dress them in formal outfits, like they are guests at your Graduation. You could even create a ‘High School Musical’ theme, with all your pets graduating alongside you!

2. Turn yourself in to a doll or figurine

For your parents to ‘hold’! Just stand far back from the camera, with your parents up close, and arrange it so that it looks like your parents are holding you as a doll, figurine or award in their hands – think those Leaning Tower of Pisa illusion photos!

3. Recreate an old photo of you from childhood

Always a hilarious and adorable funny photo idea and shows just how far you’ve come on your journey, perfect as a graduation photo! Your grad cap will top it off perfectly.

Virtual Graduation photo ideas

1. Make the most of your surroundings

You could get super creative here – a funny idea is to lie in bed with your grad cap on, with the caption ‘here we have the graduate’!

2. Put together a funny photoshopped scene

Get creative and add in your favourite people you wish could join you in your celebrations! Take a photo of you in an open space in your Graduation outfit to start with – you could even take it against a green screen if you have one. Then use an online tool like Photoshop or PicMonkey to create the perfect graduation scene. You could even add in all the cats in the neighbourhood to join in – everyone’s invited as you can add them in!

3. Create an epic Graduation makeup look

To represent your whole journey, from starting to graduating.

4. Create yourself as a game character or comic book character

This is such a crazy cool idea and perfect for when you have to celebrate your graduation alone – why not create or commission the creation of your own game character. This is perfect for gamers or streamers, or if you are forever glued to Pokemon or Animal Crossing on your gadgets! Fun caption ideas could include ‘game on!’, ‘Phew! I did it’ or ‘Off to New Horizons’ for an Animal Crossing theme graduation.

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