Best girly college backpacks

Best girly college backpacks

1. Pink college backpack 👈🏻

The strawberry milkshake hue is gorgeous! This is such a cute and trendy backpack for college, it looks so smart and chic at the same time.

2. Pink leopard print backpack 👈🏻

I think this leopard print design is so cute! It’s definitely quirky too and perfect for the girl who loves to stand out. There’s something so maximalist, quirky and opulent about this design, it’s giving me bohemian-Anthropologie or Oliver Bonas vibes!

3. Pink check backpack 👈🏻

One of the cutest college backpacks I have ever seen! I love the plaid checked print and the blush pink and brown together, such cute and preppy vibes! It’s also lovely and spacious to fit everything you need inside.

4. White Adidas backpack 👈🏻

This Adidas backpack is perfect for the student, it is raved about as one of the best college backpacks out there! I love the off white colour, it’s so cute and cool, plus is incredibly sturdy and durable for carrying all your important bits and pieces. You can’t go wrong with this choice!

5. Baby pink Kanken style backpack👈🏻

This backpack emulates the style of the ever popular Kanken, but is a more affordable choice, as well as being the perfect size and perfect shade of pink priorities haha!

6. Off white ecru college backpack 👈🏻

This off white backpack is similar in style, I love the cute colour and the padded straps and it will brighten up every outfit, as well as being super practical for the college student.

7. Pink multi pocket storage college backpack 👈🏻

This pink college backpack has got all the pockets, which I love! It’s a lovely size and there are so many places to store bits and bobs to keep all organised.

8. Himwari baby pink and grey backpack 👈🏻

Pink and grey are the perfect colour combination and this is such a cool and chic backpack option, my inner five year old is saying yes!

9. Grey college backpack with pink accents 👈🏻

The grey version of our first backpack option, it’s a little more subtle and understated if you’re not ready to go all out pink! I love the little pink accents and the smart, preppy feel.

10. Victoria’s Secret Pink Backpack 👈🏻

This Victoria’s Secret Pink backpack has an absolutely crazy amount of storage and is really good quality. I have one of these and it’s the best I’ve ever tried, tons of pockets that are huge in size, that you can fit everything and anything in!

It’s perfect to take when you travel too, it’s super sturdy to hold all your important possessions and keep them safe, with secret pockets to store essentials like your phone or travel insurance documents. One of the best investments you can ever make, bag wise!

It’s pretty much perfect for every kind of trip, whether you are going home to see family, or heading off further afield on a much bigger adventure. It would make an epic bag to take backpacking and for those times you need to pack an absolute ton, like say if you were looking to stay in multiple hotels or holiday villas to rent throughout your vacation, before heading home again. Great for travelling and exploring, and is super comfortable when you need to carry a lot around with you.

11. Ecru multi pocket storage college backpack 👈🏻

This cute ecru backpack is very similar in style to my favourite VS Pink backpack which I love! It’s huge, with a ton of pockets and is super spacious.

12. Cute cocoa brown college backpack 👈🏻

Another super sturdy number, this backpack is perfect for college and I love the taupe ‘cocoa’ brown colour, it’s so unusual. The amount of pockets mean it’s kind of like Narnia in bag form! I love the cool, vintage feel about it.

13. Off white ecru Adidas college backpack 👈🏻

A super cute, durable and strong option that boasts rave reviews, it’s the perfect waterproof bag to keep all of your important essentials inside, nice and snug and safe. I love the colour, I think this will look so good with so many outfits and it’s perfect to take travelling or to the gym, the perfect investment.

14. Pink multipocket college backpack 👈🏻

Everything I wanted from a backpack, I just love how cute it is! It’s a really nice size too, with all the pockets you could want. I absolutely love when bags have secret pockets that are totally concealed, like secret rooms.

15. Off white ecru Kanken style college backpack 👈🏻

Another Kanken inspired number that had to be featured! This creamy vanilla coloured backpack is so, so pretty.

16. Pink and navy college backpack 👈🏻

A smart, yet winning combination is pink and navy, this bag will never fail to look chic and smart and ‘just new’, even when you have owned it for a while.

17. Grey college travel backpack 👈🏻

One of the best rated college backpacks in terms of durability and space, it’s also one of the most comfortable ever, especially when you’re carrying a lot of heavy things. There is also the option of being able to personalise this with your initials to make it your own (see below for ways to customise your college backpack!)

18. Pink and purple Kanken style backpack 👈🏻

Perfect for the pastels lover! All the little accents are so cute on this backpack, it’s super practical yet is an accessory in itself, it will be sure to add a pop of colour to every outfit.

19. Grey Kanken style college backpack 👈🏻

A chic grey number for when you want something understated but cute, somehow grey makes the tan accents pop even more! It’s perfect for pairing with casual outfits and is a really lovely size.

20. Cute brown and white college backpack 👈🏻

I really love the ‘k fashion’ feel to these bags, the colours here are just so cute together! This is a perfect sized bag for college, happily accommodating your laptop and other bits.

21. Pink with tan accents college backpack 👈🏻

The blush pink and tan are an irresistable combination and the straps look so comfy! This bag doesn’t have as many outer pockets but is lovely and spacious and emulates that coveted Kanken style.

22. Black quilted college backpack 👈🏻

A simple quilted backpack suits every style, it’s so versatile, looks so chic and goes with everything! It’s a really lovely size, is super spacious and is perfect for taking everywhere with you.

23. Black quilted college backpack with outer pockets 👈🏻

This super comfy quilted backpack is so sleek and stylish, it looks gorgeous on its own, or you could customise the front with your initials in sparkly capitals! See below for all the things you need to customise a plain backpack to make it really cute.

24. Grey durable travel and college backpack 👈🏻

A more traditional backpack that is recommended by so many college students alike. It’s also easily customisable with iron on, sew or stick on patches and would look adorable with your initials on (see below!)

25. Pink Adidas college backpack 👈🏻

Such a gorgeous multipurpose backpack for college, for the gym, for travelling, for everything, wilst looking incredibly pretty decked out in pastel pink. Who says incredibly functional bags can’t be cute?

Now customise your backpack! You can use any of these to totally transform a plain backpack to make it look really cute.

1. Baby pink varsity glitter letter 👈🏻

2. Pink varsity letter patch 👈🏻

3. Pink pearl letter adornment 👈🏻

4. White pearl letter adornment 👈🏻

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  1. April 10, 2021 / 2:38 am

    All of these backpacks are super cute! I would be happy to use any of them! And I love the idea of the letter adornments as well. That is such a lovely detail.

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