Ultimate College Apartment Checklist

College apartment decor ideas checklist

Your ultimate college apartment packing checklist, plus a few things to do before you start College to make settling in easier and everything run smoothly. Also check out these girly college apartment decor ideas to try, to make your place ultra stylish and girly, no matter where you live or where you are in the world! I really hope these are useful!

College apartment packing list

1. Bedding

👉🏻 Mattress

👉🏻 Mattress Topper

👉🏻 Sheets

👉🏻 Pillow Cases

👉🏻 Duvet/Comforter

👉🏻 Throw Blankets

👉🏻 Throw Pillows

2. Bedroom Furniture

👉🏻 Bed Frame

👉🏻 Night Stand

👉🏻 Desk

👉🏻 Desk Chair

👉🏻 Dresser

3. Bedroom Closet Essentials

👉🏻 Hangers

👉🏻 Baskets

👉🏻 Shoe Rack

4. Other Bedroom Essentials

👉🏻 Underbed storage containers

👉🏻 Storage baskets

👉🏻 Fan

👉🏻 Lamps

👉🏻 Full Length Mirror

👉🏻 Curtain Rod

👉🏻 Curtains

👉🏻 Picture Frames, Plants, Additional Decor


5. Bathroom Essentials

👉🏻 Shower Curtain Rod

👉🏻 Shower Curtain

👉🏻 Bath Mats

👉🏻 Shower Organizer

👉🏻 Towel Hangers

👉🏻 Hair Towels

👉🏻 Bath Towels

👉🏻 Hand Towels

👉🏻 Wash Clothes

👉🏻 Loofa

👉🏻 Drawer Organizers

👉🏻 Soap Dispenser

👉🏻 Toothbrush Holder

👉🏻 Plunger

👉🏻 Toilet Brush

👉🏻 Trash Can

👉🏻 Cleaning Supplies

Check out these dorm cleaning essentials and hacks here, perfect for keeping your space lovely and clean easily!

6. Personal Care Bathroom Essentials

👉🏻 Toiletries (toothpaste, body wash, face wash, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, etc.)

👉🏻 Razors

👉🏻 Air Freshener

👉🏻 Toilet Paper

👉🏻 Hand Soap

👉🏻 Blow Dryer

👉🏻 Hair Brush

👉🏻 Makeup

👉🏻 Curling Iron and Flat Iron


7. Kitchen Appliances

👉🏻 Coffee Machine

👉🏻 Toaster

👉🏻 Blender

👉🏻 Microwave

👉🏻 Instant Pot or Crock Pot

8. Kitchen Essentials

👉🏻 Pots and Pans

👉🏻 Measuring Cups

👉🏻 Whisk

👉🏻 Spatula

👉🏻 Tongs

👉🏻 Pizza Cutter

👉🏻 Colander

👉🏻 Muffin Pan

👉🏻 Baking Tray

👉🏻 Cutting Board

👉🏻 Can Opener

👉🏻 Bottle Opener

👉🏻 Can Opener

👉🏻 Salt and Pepper Shakers

9. Kitchen Cleaning And Dish Essentials

👉🏻 Dish Soap

👉🏻 Sponges

👉🏻 Dishwasher Pods

👉🏻 Scrubbing Brush

10. Kitchen Dishes

👉🏻 Forks, Spoons, Knives

👉🏻 Kitchen Knives

👉🏻 Small Bowls

👉🏻 Large Bowls

👉🏻 Small Plates

👉🏻 Large Plates

👉🏻 Cups

👉🏻 Wine Glasses

👉🏻 Coffee Mugs

👉🏻 Paper Plates

👉🏻 Plastic Utensils

11. Kitchen Storage And Other Essentials

👉🏻 Tupperware

👉🏻 Brita or Water Filter

👉🏻 Aluminium Foil

👉🏻 Cling Wrap

👉🏻 Kitchen Roll Holder

👉🏻 Kitchen Roll

👉🏻 Rubbish Bin

👉🏻 Bin Bags

👉🏻 Place Mats

👉🏻 Coasters


12. Laundry Essentials

👉🏻 Laundry Basket

👉🏻 Laundry Detergent

👉🏻 Fabric Softener

👉🏻 Wrinkle Spray

👉🏻 Dryer Sheets

👉🏻 Stain Remover

👉🏻 Sewing Kit


13. Living Room Furniture

👉🏻 Coffee Table

👉🏻 Side Tables

👉🏻 TV

👉🏻 TV Mount

👉🏻 Media Console

👉🏻 Chairs

14. Living Room Decor

👉🏻 Throw Pillows

👉🏻 Throw Blankets

👉🏻 Lamps

👉🏻 Large Rug

👉🏻 Plants, Pictures, Wall Art


15. College Apartment Cleaning Essentials

👉🏻 Broom and Dustpan

👉🏻 Vacuum

👉🏻 Mop

👉🏻 Duster

👉🏻 Clorox Wipes

👉🏻 Toilet Cleaner

👉🏻 All Purpose Spray Cleaner

👉🏻 Glass Cleaner

👉🏻 Cleaning Gloves


16. Technology 

👉🏻 Smart TV

👉🏻 Phone Charger

👉🏻 Computer

👉🏻 Computer Charger

👉🏻 Speaker or Alexa

👉🏻 Printer and Paper

👉🏻 Extension Cords

👉🏻 Game Consoles


16. Other College Apartment Essentials

👉🏻 Batteries

👉🏻 Light Bulbs

👉🏻 Scissors

👉🏻 Lighters

👉🏻 Candles or Wax Warmer

Extra tips before settling in!

Leaving home to go to college is exciting as you’ll start an independent life away from everyone you know. It’s also scary because for the first time in life, you’ll not have anyone take care of your basic needs, and you’ll be in charge of your life. You might thrive on the freedom or feel a little lost – both are normal and are absolutely okay! Here are some extra steps to take before settling in…

1. Set up a support network

Even from your first day, it can be all systems go! It’s so, so great to set up a support plan or support network beforehand, a plan for when you feel overwhelmed, so you know you have got options in place for times when everything is on top of you. A support plan and support network can help you feel prepared for any times where everything feels too much, help you to feel like someone has your back and you don’t have to go through it alone, to help you to embrace and acknowledge these feelings and let them exist. Whether it’s a blog you can use to offload your feelings or someone you can call at 3am when you can’t manage, it’s an amazing thing to have that support there.

2. Find some chore shortcuts

This is such a great idea to have everything sussed, to find a handy system to make any chores a smooth and easy experience. This is sure to help to ease stress if you have a big workload. One great trick to try is to clean the toilet – or any facility! – every time you go for a shower, do it just before so you can get all clean afterwards. The toilet is a great one to tackle here as it’s one we often don’t like to tackle, plus is usually next to the shower so you can do it just before stepping in for a scrub!

3. Get your car serviced

This is the perfect time to seek help with your car, to minimise car trouble later on, when you might be stressed and feeling burned out. If this is the first time you’ll be thinking of how to service or take care of your car yourself, it’s great to find a local expert to familiarise yourself with, to have on hand when you experience car trouble and to give you advice at the same time. 

Don’t wait until your car stalls or develops other problems for you to get it serviced. Depending on your area, you might even find a specialist for your car type, eg a Mini servicing specialist. You are more likely to find a reliable and experienced company when you are not in a rush. It’s so useful to get their emergency contacts as you never know when you might need them!

4. Visit your new living space

If you can, try to connect with your future room mates or house mates! It’s really great to familiarise yourself with your new space and new faces, check out what others are bringing and what is provided, figure out where all the facilities are and the outdoor facilities nearby. This is a great step to take as occasionally the display or marketing photos the management uses are not the actual rooms you’ll settle in. Even when you visit and are shown the display room, insist on checking the exact living areas where you will reside. 

Make sure to check the size and condition of the room and the entire building. Where is the laundry area? Do you have to walk several floors to do laundry, or you can do it conveniently? Are there shared amenities like bathrooms and, if so, with how many people? Is the entire building clean, secure and well lit? It’s great to thoroughly suss out everything, to know which items to bring along and to feel more settled when you move in. 

Also, check whether there is secure parking for your car and how far it is from the dorm. 

If you need to, it’s always okay to choose another option and stay at home instead. It’s always okay to not be ready, or to feel overwhelmed. The whole experience can be extremely fun and exciting, but it’s important to put your needs first, especially if you’re struggling. Staying close to home can mean you might be closer to your support network.

Check out more what to buy for college ideas, as well as everything you need for your dorm room and more helpful dorm/college hacks too! I hope this list was helpful! Don’t be afraid to reach out if you ever need help ♡

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