Girliest college apartment decor ideas to try!

Let’s talk college and uni apartment inspiration! We’re often on a budget when it comes to decorating a first apartment, especially when there are many college costs to consider. But there are few things in life more exciting than striking out on your own for the first time! Here are some great ways to decorate your first apartment on a budget…

1. Pop some lino down

By @themarklandhome 👈🏻

It can be easily removed again when you move out. These white geometric tiles are so cute, you can easily achieve this look using lino. You can get all kinds of convincing effects, even marble! Having it wipe clean is so handy too.

2. Try a wall tapestry

You can decorate an entire wall of your college apartment easily, without needing to use paint or wallpaper! It’s a wonderful way to show your personality and there are so many to choose from.

3. Frame some art prints

By @vanessamendiolac 👈🏻

Why not create a gallery wall to express your personality or go big for extra luxe vibes! Line drawing prints and fashion prints are so dreamy, impactful and stylish.

4. Macrame wall hangings

5. A full length mirror

Will enlarge your space and make it feel light and airy. This is perfect for a smaller space!

6. Symmetrical wall art

By @claire.alison.ruskin 👈🏻

7. An ottoman

One that provides storage as well is so, so useful! You can also use it as a footstool when watching tv, store bits and bobs inside it and it provides an extra seat if you have guests round.

8. Fringe or feathery lamps

By @lifes_little_luxuries_1 👈🏻

Bring instant glamour and texture without costing too much! You could even make your own if you can’t find one that fits your girly theme.

9. A wall of fairy lights

By @ucsdpink 👈🏻

A fabulous wall decor idea that is inexpensive and looks cosy and magical! Also doubles as a lamp so you can see what you’re doing.

10. Coffee table centrepieces

11. ‘Press for champagne’ button

Girly college apartment decor

By @revelmadison 👈🏻

Speaking of coffee tables, this is the perfect statement piece for your living room. I dare you to add this for instant fabulousness! It’s a really easy DIY piece of decor too, it looks so cute and I love the white frame.

12. Storage suitcases

By @homeatlittlecherries 👈🏻

They are functional and look so cute! Try to get your hands on some cheaper unpainted or second hand versions and paint them yourself. You could stack them or arrange them anywhere for adorable shabby chic vibes.

13. A cosy rug

By @livingmyverybesthome 👈🏻

To add flair, personality and warmth to your space and cover up those chilly floorboards or tiles, this is a great opportunity to express your personality and add some girly flair!

14. Pink appliances

By @prettyinpink_xoxox 👈🏻

Pretty kitchen appliances can serve as cute decor as well as being functional! You could also choose some cute mugs to reinforce your feminine theme.

15. Display your hats or bags on the wall

By @fancythingsblog 👈🏻

The perfect way to store your clothes and accessories while making your living space look really cute, these can absolutely double as decor!

16. A clothes rail

Can double as decor, to hang your prettiest outfits out on display!

17. A statuette

By @isabellakwalker 👈🏻

18. DIY marble wall art

By @laurenrichelleadams 👈🏻

19. A cute bathroom rug

You can have so much fun with this and it will keep your floor nice and dry and protected! There are so many cute slogans and designs to choose from.

20. An engraved floral filigree wooden wall art

By @homeatlittlecherries 👈🏻

And paint it the same colour as your wall! It will look gorgeous and add some beautiful texture to the room. One of the coolest college apartment decor ideas! If you have a mirror, try to paint its frame the same colour as your wall for an ultra chic look.

21. A cute welcome mat

By @milkbubbleteablog 👈🏻

Popping a cute and quirky doormat at your front door is great feng shui, even if you’re in a dorm room, as it makes the space welcoming, positive and homey, making your whole space feel amazing.

22. DIY this easy Chanel wall art

By @alexiszimmer 👈🏻

This ombre gradient girly perfume wall art is so cute! Just find a blank canvas or paint over an old and unwanted one, trace the outline of the perfume as many times as you prefer, then fill in each one a different shade of pink. One of the best college apartment decor ideas!

23. A ladder shelf to hang towels

By @prettypinkinteriors 👈🏻

A really cute shelf idea to display your towels and pretty products. I love the idea of keeping little storage baskets with bits and bobs in like flannels and paper cotton buds. A great idea is to choose lighter home accessories than your wall colour as it will lift the room and lighten it!

24. Frame some wallpaper samples

An amazing low cost decor idea as you are only paying for the frames! Many DIY stores like B&Q here in the UK let you take away free wallpaper samples, of up to a certain length. Why not pop them in frames to decorate your walls, or even create some cutout shabby chic wall art!

25. A stylish chair

By @myhouselooks 👈🏻

26. Pop these IKEA shelf boards above your desk

By @gemmahilldesigns 👈🏻

They are so cute and perfect for hanging and storing bits and bobs within reach, without them cluttering up your desk! In small spaces think of storing things vertically, then you can free up space around your living area.

27. Collect cute desk essentials

28. Ruched and frill cushion covers

By @claire.alison.ruskin 👈🏻

These are the prettiest thing and add some gorgeous texture to the room, plus you don’t have to worry about wrinkles as they are already ruched or ruffled!

29. A ‘call mom/mum’ pillow case!

By @savvifit.amywhite 👈🏻

The perfect essential for students everywhere, this would make the perfect gift idea for college students!

30. Replace your drawer knobs

By @brass_bee 👈🏻

With these bee ones or some crystal drawer knobs, for a low budget way to makeover your space or freshen up your living area without spending much!

31. Create a cute outdoor space

Tired of having to tend to your garden all the time? Artificial grass is perfect to pop down in your garden to create a comfy, pretty and sunny space to sit, whilst being low maintenance, plus you can pop it down easily and remove it when it’s time to move out, restoring the garden to how it was originally!

32. Pretty pink ombre soaps

By @tiamcintosh_ 👈🏻

Soaps that also look gorgeous for display purposes!

33. A basket to store blankets in

Display all the pretty prints, whilst keeping everything neat and tidy, by rolling them up and storing them in a cute basket. Cute and functional!

34. Lilyflame candles

By @devendeanne 👈🏻

The sweetest smelling candles ever that fill your space with beautiful fragrance and are so cosy and relaxing! They are also much more affordable than luxury candles, but perform just as good, if not better. They are the equivalent to stepping out of a hot shower and putting lotion and fresh, cosy PJs on afterwards.

35. Peel and stick contact paper

Is amazing as you can use it on counter tops, for cabinets and all kinds of furniture, to transform it easily and give it a completely different look. It also removes super easily too, which means you can put everything back to how it was originally on moving out. This means that you are completely free to choose how you want it to look and how much of your own personality and style you want to inject. One of the best college apartment decor ideas ever!

36. A memo board

A chalk board or white board for planning or organizing – a wonderful place to put this is in the kitchen area or hallway, somewhere you and your housemates will see it. It’s such a clever and important item as you can plan out and allott different tasks to different people in the house, which will help take the weight off everyone to keep it clean. You could also allott different areas of the board to different people, to organise their lives or jot down funny, positive and memorable quotes and little tidbits for others.

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