Best Graduation Party Gifts For College Girls!

Best Graduation Gifts, girlified! Here are some amazing and super thoughtful gifts for college girls and university graduation gifts for her they will always remember on their special day. These are built to accord perfectly with your chosen Grad party theme or Graduation party activities! 🤍

What is the best gift for a graduation?

1. A Legally Blonde inspired gift

One of the best graduation gifts for girls! They don’t have to be a law student to find this gift idea adorable, you could gift her a set of special Elle Woods framed prints, a set of mugs, or create a whole party around this pink and fluffy theme!

2. A selection of calming and empowering books

One of the most special and useful gifts ever, full of useful advice and comfort for whenever they are struggling, or an ‘open when you’re feeling insecure‘ box full of self care items and activities, mantras and books to inspire confidence and comfort them when they need it.

3. A piece of jewellery to treasure

A special item like a Guess Bracelet or personalised bangle is something that they’ll always remember receiving, that will look as glamorous and gorgeous in a job interview as it will as part of a going out outfit. It’s something they’ll always treasure that will hold great sentimental value as well as looking beautiful, the best kind of gift.

4. A book of healthy meals they can whip up before going out

Eating something that is nourishing to the body will give them plenty of energy and leave them feeling great all night long. A cookbook of the best energy-boosting foods is one of the best gifts and reminds them to take care of themselves.

5. Take them for a manicure

It’s something you can do together, it’s a whole experience in itself and it makes you feel so put together having new nails!

6. Her own wine glasses or champagne flutes

She can use to celebrate in style and to celebrate her coming of age. You can also get special engraved glasses she’ll treasure forever.

7. A luxurious candle

She can use to destress after her exams! One of the best gifts for college girls graduating!

8. Silk bedding or a pair of silk pyjamas

A luxurious and opulent feeling gift that is both practical and incredibly special, sure to thrill your recipient!

9. A box of Lush bath bombs

An amazing gift for a graduate to help them relax after the stress of their exams, no one can resist this sweet smelling gift!

10. A Graduation charm

A beautiful forever keepsake to capture memories of the event!

11. A girly suitcase

For their travels and adventures, there are so many chic and dreamy styles to suit every personality.

12. A bouquet of flowers

A grown up gift she will absolutely love to recieve, to make her feel extra special!

13. A beautiful watch

One of the most memorable Graduation gifts for her! This will be so handy for her next steps in life, whether that is taking on interviews, starting a new job or just popping to the shops and she’ll be reminded of you every time she looks at her wrist!

14. A beauty subscription box

A gift that keeps on giving as she will receive a mystery box of beauty items every month as a treat! One of the cutest and most thoughtful college Graduation gifts.

15. A Charcuterie Board

Essentially a fancy platter that they can use to serve delicacies to their guests at dinner parties and formal occasions. This is such an elegant and ‘adult’ gift idea that will come in handy for all occasions!

16. Super soft slippers

Always a winning gift idea for her! You could even personalise them with her name.

17. A brand new makeup brush set

You could gift her an eco friendly bamboo makeup brush set, super sturdy and they last for ages!

18. Luxurious or stylish sunglasses

That she can treasure always, plus they will always come in handy wherever she goes!

College Graduation gifts from parents

What are some unusual Graduation gift ideas?

1. A photo printer

To print all the memories! One of the best feelings is being able to hold all your memories in your hands, as physical items. One of the best gifts for college girls to celebrate making memories!

2. A himalyan salt lamp

A cosy beacon of light for their room, this is a super relaxing gift they will never expect to receive!

3. A ‘turn off your straighteners’ door mat!

This is an amazing gift for if your loved one is moving out – or they could put it outside their room!

4. A masquerade mask for a ball

Such a beautiful idea and one of the most unique Graduation gifts! If your loved one is a Disney lover she will adore this special gift.

5. A feng shui money tree

One of the coolest gifts that is perfect to give to a recent college graduate, it’s said to be extra lucky to be gifted one by someone else!

6. A book about Kanso, a feng shui-like concept in Japan

It is all about harmonising yourself with your surrounding environment. It means to get rid of clutter and eliminate the non-essential. Kanso is basically mindfulness for your furniture and acts as a wonderful guide to improve your living space and reevaluate your possessions, to make life cleaner and easier. One of the coolest and quirkiest gift ideas!

7. Matching sweaters for them and their pet

Such an adorable gift idea! You could even gift them a Graduation outfit for their pet to match theirs, so cute and such an original gift idea, they will love twinning with their pet whenever they go outside and it means their pets can join in on the fun!

College Graduation gifts for friends

What is a good inexpensive Graduation gift?

1. Class of 2021 Doughnuts

A special box of doughnuts makes one of the best gifts to bring to a party!

2. A brilliant sash you made

This is such a great DIY graduation party gift idea and you can make it as glam as you like and cater it to her personality. She’s sure to love it!

3. A beautiful framed photo of her

Such a special gift idea that doesn’t cost much!

4. A pretty passport case

Is a wonderful travel themed gift to give at a Graduation party or ceremony, to inspire your loved one and pave the way for their adventures.

5. A framed art print with a special and inspiring quote

You could make your own or there are so many adorable and inspiring quote art prints you can find on Etsy.

6. A quirky Graduation candle

You can find so many hilarious and quirky themed Graduation candles on Etsy!

7. Bake her a cake

A homemade DIY gift she’ll totally appreciate! You could pipe an inspirational quote on the top and finish with a Graduation cap made out of icing.

8. A quirky Graduation mug

A super handy and affordable gift that she can treasure always, you could even personalise it with a photoshopped picture you made, of your recipient and her favourite things. You could make it hilarious, or sweet, or both – either way it’s sure to become her favourite thing ever!

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