Best College Graduation Party Decor ideas

I hope you love these girly and adorable Graduation party decor ideas! Head over to Dorm/College advice for even more ideas but I’d love to invite you to check out the makers of these beautiful decor creations and give them tons of love!

PS check out these amazing eco friendly balloons for your grad party! They come in every colour and are perfect for your party, for every theme – plus they biodegrade at the same rate as a leaf, causing zero damage to the environment!

What decorations do you need for a party?

1. Friends themed decor

By @kendallnavas

I love this cute Friends theme – no better decor than a pink coordinating sofa and balloons! The chalkboard set up as the background is such a cool idea, it can be used to write memories on too.

College Graduation decor

2. Balloon letters

By @levelevents

Super gorgeous big letters crafted out of smaller balloons, or paper flowers, I love the two tones of pink!

Personalised Graduation decorations

You could also create flower filled numbers that spell out your class year or the year that you graduate!

Graduation balloons

3. Graduation cap wall art

By @fivestarpartyco

Why not decorate a whole wall with these adorable grad caps, each with an inspiring message! Cutting squares out of black card will work fine, then use a metallic or white marker to enscribe your quote and then decorate! This is an amazing DIY Graduation party decor idea that looks so striking, especially when they are all arranged together on the wall! I really love the floral touches.

Best grad decor

4. Pink and silver Graduation decor

By @fivestarpartyco

Pink fringe details with silver streamers are a perfect match, the baby pink matte balloons go perfectly too!

Graduation party decorations 2021

5. Chemistry Graduation party decor

By @confettifair

This science themed graduation party decor is so clever, I love how it looks like the balloons are bubbling out of the vial and the confetti filled balloons are a perfect touch!

Unique Graduation ideas

6. Ceiling balloons with long glitter strands

By @houseofhooraycheshire

How magical does this look? The glitter trails hanging from the balloons are beautiful and you could even attach photos to the ends as a great way to share memories with your guests.


7. Tie balloons to a bicycle

By @deluxeeventdecor

There are so many cute elements here but I love the bike with balloons, it’s such a cool party decor idea that is easy to set up but makes such a statement.


8. Silver and white balloons


The multiple layers of silver and white are so dreamy here! The accents of silver bring a whole new dimension to the white theme.


9. Chalk board Grad party sign

By @lettersbylisa143

This adorable chalkboard decor idea makes such a statement and is such a cool idea to let your guests know they have arrived at the right place!


10. Graduation cap wall decor

By @juliemeasure

This grad cap graduation party decor idea is so clever! It’s the perfect way to decorate a wall for your grad party while on a budget and will go with almost any theme, the gold tassels really pop!


10. Balloons and foliage together

By @littlebigballoonco

A beautiful way of combining balloon decor with foliage, this is such a clever and beautiful idea and perfect for a girly theme.


11. Winter Wonderland balloons

By @bigassballoons

Winter wonderland is such a cool and exciting Grad party theme that is not often thought about, but it is perfect for hot days as well as cool as you can break out the fake snow and it gives you a chance to have fun with quirky ice cubes to put in drinks. This snowy white decor is perfect to recreate, pearlescent white balloons of all sizes, with a hint of silver!


12. Party doughnut stand

By @payton.mccollum

This is such a cool and adorable way of displaying doughnuts! It is also relatively easy to DIY, making it an amazing DIY Graduation party decor idea!


13. Chalkboard memory board

By @payton.mccollum

The chalkboard idea is so cool but you can even imitate it and get the look for less by installing or making a cool poster like this for your backdrop! Black paper or card along with some pastel or metallic markers is a wonderful idea and it means that everyone can write their own messages on their, plus it is easy to assemble and take down again. Who says you need a chalkboard!


14. Wall of fairy lights

By @overlay_official

A wall of fairy lights – This is such a simple idea but looks so effective! Combine a wall of fairy lights with pretty vines and foliage for a dramatic look that will look magical come the evening! It makes for the perfect backdrop for photos.


15. A doughnut wall

By @confettifair

A doughnut wall – Such a cool and pretty way to display doughnuts instead of putting them on a plate, especially if you have a lot of doughnuts and your table is small! It’s so cool when you can use food to create a pretty decoration and it means the table will stand out from far away and draw people towards it!


16. Graduation party balloons


A really cool decor idea is to stick graduation caps made from paper on your balloons, to make them match the occasion perfectly!


17. Bouncy castle for grownups

By @theeventcommunity

Bouncy castles are definitely not just a child party item, just look how cool this looks! Have a look around your area to see if there are any bouncy castles to hire.


18. Decorated globe

By @shopellyhome

These globes are so gorgeous, make beautiful decor for your occasion and it means supporting a small business too. On a low budget you could even hunt down an old globe in charity and second hand shops and paint and decorate it yourself, an amazing grad party decor idea on a budget!


19. Balloon framed memory wall

By @erin_townsendphoto

This memory wall is incredible and such a cool party decor idea! The balloons make such an impact too. This is an area I would be instantly drawn to, it’s so eye catching and a chance to display all your funny, random and special photos and memories from your time in college or university.


20. Balloon clouds

By @irlian_company

These cloud balloons are my favourite! It’s such a cool idea to and you could hang them above your table to make them seem like they are floating. This would work perfectly for an Angel themed Graduation party, or a ‘shoot for the moon’ space theme, or for a Girls Night in.


21. Silver white balloon clouds

By @moonshotballoons

Such a gorgeous arrangement for a white or silver party colour scheme! I love the silver accents, they bring a whole new dimension to the snowy white. This would look amazing for a Winter Wonderland Graduation Party theme.


22. Rose gold party decor

By @gracemstewart

This rose gold theme is everything, it’s so girly and chic! I love the big ‘2020’ balloons and white tassels, they are so cute.


23. DIY Graduation party decor hoop

One on the coolest DIY Graduation party decor ideas, I love this pretty hoop memory board! It will look so pretty as part of your Grad party decor and is a wonderful and beautiful way of displaying memories and photos.


24. Boho themed party decor

By @megan.wilson67

The prettiest Boho theme decor ever, I love the pretty fabric, tassels and pom poms; this decor is so bright, sunny and colourful! I love all the rich, warm hues.


25. ‘Class of’ Graduation flower decor

By @howellgals

The sunniest daisy covered number, proof that you don’t need to go big or go home to make a gorgeous statement! To keep to a budget or to save time, why not only create a ’21’ or ’22’ to represent your class year, it will still look gorgeous but take half the time.


26. Rustic balloons and sunflowers decor

By @ally_fansher

I love this part balloon, part foliage display, there are so many ways to combine the two and this is so beautiful! I love the rustic feel with the painted white backdrop, it’s so pretty.


27. Ceiling wall projections – another idea to try as ceiling projections look epic for every occasion! Check out more epic college Graduation party ideas here, tons you haven’t heard of yet!



  1. March 12, 2021 / 2:34 pm

    So many fabulous suggestions! A Friends themed party is such a cute idea. That would be really fun!

    • Elizabeth
      March 13, 2021 / 9:26 pm

      Thanks so much Shannon, that is so kind of you! I’m so glad you liked it 😀 ♡

  2. August 20, 2021 / 2:07 am

    Superb ideas! I’m sure these ideas will add a wow factor to the college graduation party and make it a memorable one. Elizabeth, you nailed it!!

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