Epic 20th Birthday ideas for Her at College

Best 20th Birthday ideas for her

As part of my lil Dorm/College advice series, this post is all about your 20th birthday, ideas for your 20 year old daughter, sister, best friend or for yourself! Here is the ultimate list of ideas for your 20th birthday, the best college birthday party ideas to create the best memories! Definitely check out these college party ideas for more epic ideas!

It can be hard to think of things to do for a 20th birthday.

You’re at the point where you are probably ready to celebrate your birthday like your 21st, but in places like the US you’re not quite legally there. These are alcohol free birthday ideas but you can easily introduce it if you prefer and if the law in your country allows!

This post has the best unique 20th birthday ideas for her.

What should a 20 year old girl do for her birthday?

By @carol.r.magro

1. Enjoy big balloons

The oldie but the goodie, this is an amazing way to make her feel special on her special day.

2. Set up the perfect Aphrodite inspired girls night in party

3. Design and make your own pin badges

For a 20 year old girl, it’s cool to be unique and different! So on the unique day of your 20th birthday, designing and customizing your own unique pin badge for yourself would definitely be a great idea. You can design your own pin badge to your liking and commission some well-known pin badge makers such as Pinbadges.co to help you create these unique pin badges. These pin badges are not only practical and memorable for everyday use, such as pinning on your backpack or clothes, but can also be used as gifts for your friends who are coming to your 20th birthday.

4. Throw an outdoors puppy party!

There’s nothing like petting cute animals, especially on your special day. Why not get all your friend’s pups together or invite everyone you know and their dogs to get everyone’s pets involved in the fun. You could even make special dog cupcakes!

5. Throw a roller disco

Such a ‘Barbie-esque’ thing to do, I don’t know why I think of Barbie, but it’s such a cool vintage party idea!

6. Wear a crown and sash

To feel like the princess you are on your special day.

7. Scent the room with a particular scent

I always think it’s so romantic that Kate Middleton used Jo Malone Orange Blossom candles to scent the aisle for their wedding, everytime you would smell it or catch a whiff you will be reminded of the lovely occasion. It’s such a beautiful idea!

8. Enjoy candyfloss topped mocktails

By @mskayleighlouise

9. Make a paper flower wall or backdrop

The perfect place to take photos at the event.

10. Go shopping to choose a special piece of jewellery

That the birthday girl will remember always.

11. Try out a girly theme

There are so many cute ones to try, like ‘diamonds are a girls best friend’ or Legally Blonde, sometimes the cheesiest ones are the most fun ever!

12. A 20’s theme party

A 1920’s ‘Gatsby’ themed party to celebrate entering your twenties!

13. Dress up to accord with your theme

Some ideas are femme fatales, Mean Girls, Disney or check out these angel costumes for a heavenly party theme!

14. Go on a road trip

And bring back a memento for memories, any adventure will do!

15. Go for a manicure

Check out some girly french tip nails here and gorgeous marble nail art designs for inspiration!

16. Get your hair professionally styled

17. Start a ‘in my 20’s’ album to keep all your memories in

Perfect for when you’re just starting a new decade. Memories are so precious and priceless, there’s nothing like it when you can remember exactly how something was, from a journal or photo.

By @lovebritishtea

18. Hold a ‘high tea’ occasion

Contrary to popular opinion, this is something us Brits pretty much never do, aside from a cup of tea in the morning or watching tv, which involve slouching on the sofa and tend to be the least elegant occasions ever, but this is such a magical idea to try on your birthday!

You could introduce some delicate desserts, pastries and tiny cakes to eat with a fork, with some pretty cups and saucers, and pink napkins.

19. Decorating cups and saucers

With pretty floral designs, as a dreamy party game, or activity.

20. Create beautiful invitations

With swirly handwriting, a pinch of glitter or confetti inside and a spritz of perfume.

21. Gift herself a big bouquet of flowers

By @marionettemu_86

22. Eat rose or vanilla flavoured macarons

23. Try the SaintAymes Marie Antoinette chocolate bar

Possibly the most beautiful chocolate bar that ever existed and they have international shipping!

20th birthday gift ideas for daughter

What should I do for my birthday in college?

1. Recreate her favourite place – in her dorm!

This is such a cool idea and one of the best 20th birthday ideas in lockdown when it is difficult to visit our favourite places. You could get super creative and recreate their favourite place inside or outdoors, or create a special and magical place with paper cherry blossom petal confetti!

2. Create an event like a poetry slam

You could recreate the one in 22 Jump street! – where everyone can devise a work of art to read to the birthday girl on their special day.

3. Set up adorable birthday banners

4. Set up a gaming tournament

This is perfect for colder days as well as warm as it means you can stay indoors.

5. Set up a blind food tasting game

6. Set a baking challenge

Divide in to two teams for this baking challenge, the aim of the challenge could be to make the best birthday cake. This is such a fun birthday party game for students and doesn’t have to involve alcohol, let the hilarity ensue!

7. Set up a vintage inspired dance

And invite all the boys you want to dance with! This is an adorable birthday idea, plus it will be hilarious watching your classmates and friends trying to master Lindyhop. You could create some really gorgeous vintage inspired decor to accord with your theme and even go for milkshakes afterwards!

8. Drink from milk bottles with cute stripey straws

20th birthday gift ideas for daughter

How can I celebrate my birthday with no money?

1. Go stargazing or watch the sunrise

By @whipped_cakerynz

2. Make a cupcake pullapart

3. Create your own hashtag for the event!

4. Make a time capsule

5. Go camping

6. Go berry picking

If it’s the right time of year, this is such a fun and wonderful activity!

7. Plant a (mini) garden

Plant some bee friendly seeds to celebrate the occasion, you can watch them grow as you grow as a person (a bit cheesy but true!)

8. Arrange some pink pearlescent balloons

They really transform a place and make it look magical for less.

9. Create white balloon cloud decor

By tying together white balloons in cloud-like formations, perfect for your angel themed party!

10. Use edible glitter on cupcakes

11. Write little fortune messages on the underside of cups

Then allocate them randomly so everyone gets to reveal theirs as they sit at the table.

12. A DIY cereal stall

This is so much fun! Your guests can create their own custom bowl of cereal, with a whole variety of different kinds and toppings.

13. A say yes day

So that whatever you decide to do for your birthday, you have to say yes to everything on that day!

14. Bake cupcakes and arrange them in a pretty display

By @saintaymes

15. Visit a ‘selfie’ hotspot or famous pretty location in your area

Best unique 20th birthday party ideas

What should I get myself for my 20th birthday?

1. The Absolute Goddess Handbook

An entire fairy godmother of a course filled with exact tips you’ve never heard to become a real life Goddess!

2. A piece of jewellery to commemorate the event

3. A box of Lush bath bombs

It is everything and the prospect of receiving such an incredible sweet smelling parcel will be on your mind 24/7

4. A pretty new phone case

5. A new mixer for baking

6. A luxurious body cream

7. A new gorgeous college planner

8. A gorgeous vanilla perfume

9. A going out dress

10. A bouquet of flowers

11. A jewellery candle

12. A photo printer

For printing off the memories you captured on your phone, so you can hold them in physical form. You can add them to your ‘in my 20’s’ album to keep the memories forever!

13. A book on dining ettiquette

This is fascinating and makes such a cool and classy gift to yourself, to feel super elegant wherever you go.

14. A new pretty suitcase

15. Matching jumpers with your pet


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