Things every college student needs

Here is my list of number one essentials for the college or uni student! Part of the What to Buy for College series, here some college and uni essentials for when living away from home, things every college student needs for class, all kinds of must-haves for college students. Fifi Lapin notebook compulsory.

What does every college student need?

1. The ultimate study planner! Find your perfect college student planner here, they are all super girly and it’s so hard to choose between them!

The ultimate study planner is so important to jot anything down to keep it where you need it, from revision sessions to social invites, to any extra tuition sessions, whether that is extra online tuition from qualified teachers or sessions to help with study planning and organisation. There are so many ways to use it, to keep track of deadlines, to break a heavy dissertation in to chunks or to make revision so much more fun. A great tip is to add rewarding events to your diary also, so it becomes a fun habit and will give you lots of little moments of happiness in your day. It’s such a wonderful idea to schedule little moments of self care in there too, so you don’t forget to take care of yourself, when it is so easily forgotten when times get stressful!

2. The perfect water bottle – an item you never knew you needed, but will come to use all the time! You can also get ones with a special water tracker, that show you how much water to drink throughout the day, they are so handy!

3. A portable charger – so you can charge your phone on the go, so handy for when you are on the go all day and can’t find a charging port when you are out and about!

4. Study folders and binders – a jumbo ring binder folder is perfect to file all your important bits, pieces and notes.

5. A backpack with tons of storage room – ten points if you can make it waterproof, ten more if you can make it pink!

6. A hole punch and stapler – college essentials for class we often forget about, but they will come in handy so much when you need to staple together a project, dissertation or assignment, or need to hole punch something in order to pop it in your planner or study folder.

7. A pencil sharpener – it can be easy to forget this little tool but pencils would be nothing without it!

8. A pen and pencil set – going for a high quality set means that your stationery will last longer, with all the writing you will be doing!

9. Scissors and selotape – you could even get one of those selotape cases that tear off pieces of selotape for you.

10. A lanyard or card holder – to keep important documents like your student ID and cards safe and sound, so you know where they are. Also to decorate your outfit with an extra pop of pink!

11. An umbrella – never leave home without it!

12. Welly boots – always amazing to have and keep close by.

13. Easy to carry, lightweight laptop – a chromebook is perfect for this!

14. A laptop case – to keep your laptop safe when carrying it around.

15. Towel wrap – such an amazing essential that you will come to absolutely love!

16. Lots of spare notebooks or paper refills – perfect for when you need to make an absolute ton of notes to try and get your head round something.

What does every college student need for their dorm?

1. A desk or bedside lamp – so you don’t have to keep getting up to turn the light on and off, plus it will create a lovely cosy ambience in your room!

2. Underbed storage – is the most wonderful thing, you appreciate it so much when you are living in a small room!

3. A compact printer – so you can print your sheets (and even wall art pieces) in your dorm privately and quickly.

4. A clothes steamer – so handy for when you need your clothes to look super neat and ironed, often for an interview or formal occasion, plus doesn’t take up much space.

5. Extension cable or cord – for when your plug socket is miles away from your bed area or desk area, this is incredibly useful!

6. A mattress pad – this will make your bed much comfier as dorm or student accommodation beds can feel uncomfortable and hard. It will also give you an extra layer of protection between you and the mattress, to keep it clean and preserve its longeivity.

7. Dehumidifiers – these are so helpful and especially great for damp and old buildings. Pop them out of the way in the corner of your room, places like under the bed and in the wardrobe, then wait until they fill up and then empty them!

8. Small vaccuum – a small but powerful machine to help you keep your dorm room super clean, especially if you have a carpeted floor.

9. A mirror – it’s such a commonplace item in our homes, it’s easy to forget about having a mirror, but we’d be lost without them to aid us in the morning and with our outfit choices!

10. A bedding set – try to aim for matching pillowcases for your pillows, a matching comforter and sheets; even if they are plain, they will always go together when you dress your bed! You could even get an optional quilt or blanket to pop on top to add a cute splash of colour and pattern!

11. A light grey or charcoal towel set – so you don’t need to worry about keeping the whites perfectly white, if you are washing your towels a lot!

12. A shower caddy – to keep your toiletries all safe and sound.

13. A clip on bedside table or shelf – if you are on top bunk, this will be an amazing essential as it means you can have a bedside table to put all your important bits and bobs on.

14. Spare batteries – will make you lots of friends as well as coming in handy so many times! Everyone is always in need of batteries and having them spare will help you so much in so many different ways!

15. A tool set – on first sight this may seem a little excessive, but it will come in handy so, so many times, from putting up pictures to fixing your light, to fixing furniture! It means that if something in your dorm room breaks you can fix it again quickly. Having it on hand also makes you feel super put together!

16. A lightweight fan – you can even hoist on to your wall to keep your room cool and ventilated.

17. Laundry detergent and dryer sheets – even if you don’t have to bring your own, it’s always a brilliant idea to do it anyway, plus your clothes and sheets will smell like home, and you don’t run the risk of ending up allergic to your washing from using a different detergent (sensitive skin people, I feel your pain)

18. Laundry basket or hamper you can carry – to transport your clothes to be washed. A super handy item that means you don’t run the risk of losing any dirty laundry on the way to wash it!

19. Hand can opener – an item we never usually think about, but is an absolute gem. It’s always a brilliant idea to have one on hand in case you need it.

19. Cleaning essentials – here are some amazing dorm cleaning essentials to bring with you!

Having all these set up and ready to use will make you feel so put together and organized! Definitely check out these Dorm/College tips, how to feng shui your dorm and how to organize your life tips, girly-fied! I hope you enjoy 😀 ♡



  1. February 16, 2021 / 1:24 pm

    Definitely an important list of items! So important to have a tool set nearby!

    • Elizabeth
      February 19, 2021 / 3:00 am

      Thanks so much Shannon! That’s so kind 😀 ♡

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