French tip nails ideas that are heavenly

By @07a_gram 👈🏻

I love the use of pearls and adornments here but even without them, this is such a stunning and beautiful take on the classic french manicure!

By @bymizzblac 👈🏻

I love negative space nail art, there’s something so gorgeous about those cut out circles and shapes! I adore the little gold adornments too, which qualify it as a french mani and earn it its place on this list!

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By @ricekittynails 👈🏻

This is so clever and simple and standout, perfect for when you want something minimal but are tired of the traditional french nail manicure. I love the little hearts at the tips, it’s such a quirky and cool twist!

By @mua_hannahtaylor 👈🏻

This twist on french nails is so cool, it’s so simple yet so fluid and possesses so much movement! It’s almost like the negative spaces tell the story, this look is so chic and cool.

By @charsgelnails_ 👈🏻

This nail art is so ethereal, I love the idea of using foil pieces or nail embellishments in place of classic white tips. Just gorgeous!

By @noriko_star 👈🏻

I love how dainty this look is, the pink tips and mini flower arrangements made out of glitter are adorable!

By @charsgelnails_ 👈🏻

The neon tips really bring this gorgeous pink shade to life! This is such a cool trick to illuminate your pink nail polish and really set it off adorably.

By @charsgelnails_ 👈🏻

Possibly one of the cutest, quirkiest nail art designs! I love the heart tips. These are basically Zooey Deschanel as a piece of nail art.

By @charsgelnails_ 👈🏻

Gorgeous cotton candy marble nail tips, I love everything about these! They even have iridescent glitter as a finishing touch.

By @evieglows 👈🏻

I love this double french mani, it’s such a cool twist on the classic and looks so polished, it’s such a ‘put together’ nail look to wear that will be perfect for work or school.

By @theweddinghaircompany 👈🏻

How gorgeous is this gold and white flower french tip nails-esque look?

By @kiki_chicago 👈🏻

One of the cutest and most magical nail art designs ever! It’s subtley Sailor Moon inspired, which I think is the cutest thing. I love all the little moons and stars.

By 👈🏻

This look is so cool and futuristic, I love the gold. It’s minimal and elegant, which makes it stand out all the more!

By @mua_hannahtaylor 👈🏻

I absolutely love the pastel pink tips, they are adorable! The heart adornments are everything too.

By @tallulahs__ 👈🏻

Speaking of neon tips, how about hot pink nail tips! These nails are so eclectic and cool and perfect for summer, matching your nails with your swimming costume.

By @nailsbykarmel 👈🏻

A classic french mani but make it dark pink. This looks super elegant as it contrasts with the white tips, and looks incredible with a tan and on darker skintones!

By @hellyes__ 👈🏻

Dreamy ombre french manicured nails, in strawberry milk pink, are my kind of nails. They are so pretty!

By @bymizzblac 👈🏻

Magical galactic princess nails, I love the white and purple together along with the glitter! The tips also look like broken eggshell, which I love; galactic space egg nails!

By @tengoku_nails 👈🏻

This is such a cool take on the galaxy nails, so similar to those on Best Nude Nail Art ideas, they remind me so much of Lush’s Twilight bath bomb. I adore the cut out shapes, lilac hue and mini sparkles.

By @50_shadesofnails 👈🏻

Painted blue china nails, these remind me of my Grandma’s plate collection, but even prettier. I love the golden adornments, they also give me Bridgerton vibes.

By @stacy_parisnail 👈🏻

Super magical galaxy french tip nails!

By @ohmynailsnyc 👈🏻

These extended tips are so pretty, adorned with mini sparkles or stars. The white crescents almost look like moons.

By @ricekittynails 👈🏻

How epic are these ocean wave nails? I love how each wave and crest is almost done like a marble nail design, but they are so clever, they look so authentic. It’s such a unique take on the classic french manicure. It’s also a design where each nail doesn’t have to exactly match, it looks even more effective when each nail is different to the next.

By @nailsbyadeled 👈🏻

Magical galaxy french tip nails! These are pink tips with a gorgeous lilac marble design on top to create a gorgeous space or galaxy nail effect.

By @looklovelli 👈🏻

These are genius, the tips really do look like sheer socks or stockings!

By @olczaaaaa 👈🏻

Cow print tips! Such a unique and funky nail design, if you always wanted to try an ‘out there’ design but were too afraid of decking out every nail in the bold style, try just keeping the pattern to the tips. It looks so chic and minimal, yet quirky, the negative space really lets the design shine.

By @universe_of_manicure 👈🏻

These cut out hearts look so striking, they can count as a french manicure too, right? I love the idea of painting the tips and the cuticles to form a heart shape. I think negative space nails are my new favourite thing ever.

By @ricekittynails 👈🏻

These gorgeous pastels and embellishments are giving me Sailor Moon vibes, how cute are the polka dots!

By @charsgelnails_ 👈🏻

Leopard print french tip nails!

By @daisykalnina 👈🏻

These peach tips are so subtle, yet gorgeous and perfect for spring and summer.

By @ricekittynails 👈🏻

Powerpuff girls-esque nails! I absolutely love these dual colour tips, pink for days. The star confetti really completes it perfectly.

By @loisrose_beauty 👈🏻

This pink white combo is gorgeous and perfect for spring and summer, it’s so light and eclectic. It reminds me a little of Swizzels drumstick lollies too, which can only be an amazing thing.

By @nailssartinspo 👈🏻

Total ‘mood’ nails, I wish they came with Gucci tights every time you painted them.

By @ladylodin 👈🏻

Pastel pink nail tips are everything. Just like how pink is the new orange, pink nail tips are the new french manicure! This candy pink look is so girly and perfect for spring.

By @swaknails 👈🏻

Ahhh my goodness, actual mini egg french tip nails! I love the cut out design, the mini speckles are perfect and look so much like the real thing.

By @jen.the.nail.lady 👈🏻

A gorgeous ombre take on the classic french manicure, I love the mini hearts to finish, so perfect.

By @katiealice_nail_design 👈🏻

These long cut out heart nails are so gorgeous and such a wonderful way to wear french tips nails on longer nails.

By @artistrybyanette 👈🏻

These pink glitter nails are so pretty, I love the alternating designs and the sparkles/glitter are just adorable.

By @nailsbydaisymay 👈🏻

This is such a unique and creative take on the traditional french manicure! I love how it accords with the snake rings, so cool and quirky.

By @ricekittynails 👈🏻

This pastel look is giving me Easter vibes, it’s so simple, yet striking. I love the neon hues, they bring new zest to the pink.

By @the.nail.nest 👈🏻

How incredible is this look? I love this amazing concept and the use of negative space to create a quirky french manicure that is perfect for Valentines, Galentines, the perfect self love nail art.

By _nailgasm_by_jess 👈🏻

These pink half tips are everything, I love the accent nail! This is such a girly and striking look.

By @byameliamcgowanx 👈🏻

A super chic negative space nail art look that looks super classy and almost has an art deco feel about it.

By @nailsby_jennn 👈🏻

How cute are these pink heart tips? I love the two accent nail sequence, it shows off the hearts in all their cotton candy pink cuteness and looks adorable!

By @__ivy.beauty__ 👈🏻

This gorgeous gemoetric twist is everything, it really turns the classic french manicure on its head. This is a great nail look for all nail lengths, shapes and sizes but looks especially stunning on long nails, it makes such a statement.

By @lyssaxlouise 👈🏻

These hot pink tips are so striking, I love how fun this look is, with the mini hearts! It will look gorgeous for summer, especially against tan and darker skin tones.

By @clawsbyshey 👈🏻

The ultimate girly french tip nail look! I love the sprayed on heart effect, these are so unique and adorable.



    • Elizabeth
      March 3, 2021 / 2:49 pm

      Aw thanks so much Michelle! Haha the cow print ones are one of my favourites, they are so cool! 😀 ♡

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