23 Best Graduation Party Themes To Use This Year

A graduation party theme makes everything easier. It helps you choose what colours to decorate with, food to serve, and activities for guests to do. Picking a unique and fun graduation party theme can be tricky, so here are my ideas for the 23 best graduation themes to use this year!

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Graduation party theme ideas

1. Rose gold Graduation theme

Set up a rose gold theme with pretty balloons, streamers and creative photo setups! It’s such a classic theme that looks gorgeous every time.

Rose gold fringe cups 👈🏻

Rose gold balloons 👈🏻

Rose gold tassel decor 👈🏻

Rose gold napkins 👈🏻

Graduation party themes

2. Boho style Graduation theme

By @megan.wilson67 👈🏻

Go wild with your party decor here and create a whole festivity in your back yard! You could drape colourful fabrics, adorn bushes and trees with fairy lights to create a cool and cosy ambience, incorporate tassels and pom poms and flowers – even flower petals as confetti! You could set up some incense areas, and even have a paint fight with colourful paint powder.

Graduation party ideas

3. Vintage elegance Graduation theme

Channel period drama vibes and even create paper fans for your guests! You could create some framed silhouette portaits as party decor, they look so pretty and elegant. Just take a picture of your side profile, trace around it on to black card, cut out the silhouette and use an oval frame to frame it. Another decor idea is to collect opulent and grand looking wallpaper samples and frame them; you could even hang them on trees for a whimsical effect.

Unique graduation party ideas

4. Doughnut ‘Donut forget about me’ theme

By @foodographyldn 👈🏻

A really cute pun party theme idea where you can have a lot of fun with doughnuts! You could make some beautiful arrangements, make a throw the doughnut game and have a squirty cream fight! Definitely check out these 52 College Graduation Party ideas for some easy and crazy party ideas you haven’t heard of yet!

College graduation party ideas

5. Taco ‘taco about a good time’ theme

By @la_mamacitas 👈🏻

Another really cute pun theme idea that your guests will love! It will definitely give you ideas for which party foods to serve and you can decorate with colourful fringe decorations, such a fun and colourful theme that everyone will adore!

College party ideas

6. Pyjama party Graduation theme

You could serve an amazing breakfast spread as party food, with pancakes and all different toppings, plus a cereal party stall, where guests can make their own custom bowls of cereal.

College grad party ideas

7. Winter wonderland Graduation theme

Break out the fake snow for this wintry theme! Since it is fake you can celebrate with this theme on a hot day, serving up snowcones for your guests and you can have fun making snow angels without getting cold!

Grad party

8. Angel themed Graduation party

By @the.artsy.dentist 👈🏻

You could introduce foam to mimic clouds and have white and silver balloons, with pretty lanterns and sparklers if your party runs on in to the night! This theme will produce the prettiest photos, you could set up some clever photo areas with silver streamers. Definitely check out these gorgeous Angel College costumes to wear on the night!

Grad party ideas

9. Waterpark Graduation theme

The best Graduation party theme idea for a hot day! Why not ask around beforehand and arrange for everyone to bring all the water toys and slides they can find to create a water park in your back garden or back yard. It can be really hard to find graduation party themes for guys so this is a brilliant unisex option for everyone to love!

Grad party theme ideas

10. Harry Potter Graduation theme

So many ideas for party food, including butterbeer, chocolate frogs, edible wands, toffee apples, wizard hats for everyone to wear, plus you can send out the coolest invites ever, to look like Hogwarts letters! Check out these Harry Potter themed self care ideas also, for an epic Potter themed night!

Grad theme ideas

11. Great Gatsby Graduation theme

This Roaring 20’s theme is so much fun and gives you the chance to create some beautiful and elegant Graduation party invitations, as well as perfect your Charleston dance moves, so much fun!

Graduation ideas

12. Smart Cookie Graduation theme

Cookies for everyone! This is a really cute pun theme that everyone can get behind. You could even make some cookie bowls, made out of cookie! Just flip a muffin baking tray upside down and mold cookie dough around each of the mounds, then bake as normal! You could even make some ‘cupcakes’ out of cookie and then ice them, a la Millies Cookies!

What to do for your graduation

13. Fairytale Graduation theme

By @thebridesoflongisland 👈🏻

A favourite for Disney lovers, you can channel your love for fairytales with this adorable and beautiful theme. You could even incorporate fairytale and Disney quotes and frame them as party decor, such as ‘she believed she could, so she did’ and ‘so they all lived happily ever after’. You could incorporate some biodegradable confetti and give your guests flower crowns to wear and hang mirrors and flower garlands everywhere.

What to do for your graduation ideas

14. Legally Blonde Graduation theme

Not just for the law students! You can have so much fun framing Elle Woods quotes and adorning your banner and party favours with them, as well as going wild with pink and fluffy decor!

Legally Blonde graduation party invitations 👈🏻

Legally Blonde Graduation print 👈🏻

Legally Blonde Elle Woods quote banner 👈🏻

Legally Blonde Elle Woods quote print 👈🏻

College party themes ideas

15. Countryside/farm themed Graduation party

By @kinley_funderburk 👈🏻

With hay bales, sunflowers, picnic rugs, all you need now is the sun! This theme would accord perfectly with your school colours, any bright and cheerful colours would work perfectly with this sunny theme.

Party themes ideas

16. Travel themed Graduation party

Perfect for a graduation where everyone is preparing to depart and head off on their own adventure! Even if you’re not leaving town and just heading home, this is such a cool unisex Graduation theme for guys aswell as girls and you can interpret it so creatively, with different themed dishes from different countries – you could introduce a fun blind food tasting game! – and frame adventure quotes as part of your part decorations.

Themed Grad party ideas

17. Alice in Wonderland Graduation party

By @that519life 👈🏻

A super cool and whimsical theme, a chance to prepare the tea party of dreams and even turn it in to a food fight! PS before food fighting, prepare a stockpile of unwanted food that is not going to be eaten, that is still safe to consume, and be sure none of your guests have allergies to any of the items.

Grad party ideas

18. St Trinians Graduation party

An epic costume theme where even the guys can dress up as girls from a private school! You can choose any girl ‘tribe’ to be part of for your costume and have a banner decked out in neon pink paint and skulls.

Unique graduation ideas

19. High School Musical Graduation party

Channel your inner Troy Bolton or Gabriella and dream up the High School Musical graduation you always wanted to have! This is such a great gender neutral party theme that everyone would appreciate. It is a clever way to incorporate your school colours and you can most definitely have a karaoke contest if you prefer!

Unique graduation ideas

20. VSCO themed Graduation party

By @elizabeth_noack 👈🏻

Such a cool and modern twist on the ‘hippie chick’ theme, you could go for a very stereotypical VSCO theme, with tie dye everything, bowls of scrunchies, arrangements of shells, skateboards and surfboards as decor and even set up a big sandpit in the garden!

Unique graduation ideas

21. A pet party or pup Graduation party

Where everyone brings their pups! This is so much fun as you get to spend the whole event with puppies, plus get to set up fun games and treats for both doggies and humans. There is nothing more perfect than a puppy party!

Unique graduation ideas

22. Mermaid themed Graduation party

By @thewickiswack 👈🏻

You could make mini oyster cookies and decorate with swathes of shimmering blue fabric, pearlescent balloons and glittering silver streamers. You could even incorporate the quote ‘awash with memories’, a little cheesy but it fits in perfectly and gives you the chance to show off your memory displays.

Grad party games ideas

23. Gaming ‘it’s game on’ Graduation theme

Another cute pun theme for your amusement! This is a super creative and cool theme that will cater to all the game lovers out there! You could use neon colours or interpret it in a game nostalgia way, with arcade characters and a cool, outdated feel – maybe a white and orange theme – and tie it in to college nostalgia and all the memories you acquired when you were there!

Grad party decor ideas

I will keep adding to this list as I go, with more unique and fun party theme ideas! I hope you enjoy and that this might help you get excited for planning a party for when we can all be together again ♡

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