Best college planners, girly planners of dreams!

Best planners for college students and uni students – scroll down to see adorable planner inserts to absolutely swoon over! So many of these picks below are Filofax style planners, super sturdy with a ring binder clip interior, but really affordable and ridiculously cute at the same time.

1. Pink Cloud Hobonichi Style Planner 👈🏻 how cute is this pink cloud planner? I love how girly it is, plus all the little storage pockets and cloud details. I really think if your planner is pretty on the outside, you’ll love whipping it out in public and crave using it more.

2. The ultimate ‘girl boss’ planner 👈🏻 plus you can personalise it too! It looks super girly, chic and smart at the same time. The cutest custom college student planner.

3. Sophisticated blush pink hobonichi style planner 👈🏻 a chic smart pink ring clip binder planner, for when you just want something smart and opulent looking. This shade of pink is gorgeous, it’s so suave and chic!

3. Bearobics bear print hobonichi style planner 👈🏻 I absolutely love this planner, the cover is adorned with little bear doing exercise illustrations, it’s unique and quirky and definitely a conversation starter!

4. Pink cherry blossom print hobonichi style planner 👈🏻 a planner full of cherry blossoms! It is an A6 size, like the others, so will be perfect for fitting in your bag and taking it everywhere with you. Just think how cute it will make your bag/desk/dorm look!

5. Cat or kitten print ring clip planner 👈🏻 this is my favourite planner, I adore the colour scheme and the fact that it has cats on it! There are also matching cat planner inserts to go inside, to divide up your pages and make it look extra pretty, perfect for cat lovers!

6. White geometric ring clip planner 👈🏻 I think this crisp white planner is beautiful too, I love these open clip style planners because you can customise them in so many ways, it’s easy to add in things and take them out, instead of tearing pages away like you would with a normal notebook.

7. Dog and puppy print ring clip planner 👈🏻 one for the dog lovers! Everything you could ever want in a planner, sturdy clips, dog motifs and a sausage dog clasp. Plus it’s pink and rose gold, which automatically makes it amazing!

8. This snowy white polkadot planner 👈🏻 is so chic and pretty too, I think I would choose this one overall as I love adding pink accents on white.

9. Pink with gold clouds planner 👈🏻 super adorable, with little gold accents! These planners with rings are so special, I love the little pockets in the interior where you can fit all kinds of stickers, sticky notes and memo notes for studying.

10. A white and pink ring clip planner with delicate flower illustrations 👈🏻 this design is so delightful and spring-like! The little pops of yellow and pink are so cheerful, such a sunny and cute design.

11. White butterfly zip case planner 👈🏻 okay, scratch that, this one is my favourite white planner! The little white butterflies remind me of snow, it just looks so pretty and delicate.

12. A really cute cherry blossom design on pink 👈🏻 there are so many gorgeous girly planner designs to choose from here!

13. Follow your heart quote ring clip planner 👈🏻 the ultimate college planner, how cute is the interior too! It’s so pretty and colourful, one of the best academic planners for students. I love the little heart clips, you can find them here!

14. Pretty pastel floral ring clip planner 👈🏻 gold metallic embossed flowers on a lilac-grey background, this is one of my favourite girly planners. To get super organized, also check out my girly Guide to Organize Your Life, it’s packed full of ways to change up your life and feel super organized and put together!

15. Cat themed planner dividers 👈🏻 to make your planner super beautiful! These are perfect for cat lovers and pastel fiends alike.

16. Pink geometric shapes planner dividers 👈🏻 I love the pink with the metallic accents, pink and gold is such a winning combination! These are sure to make your planner look gorgeous.

17. Puppy planner dividers 👈🏻 perfect for the dog lover, these are secretly my favourites as I cannot resist the sausage dog design! These will be perfect for decorating and personalising your student planner.

18. Abstract pastel shapes planner dividers 👈🏻 the pastel blues are so dreamy and calming! Again, I love the little metallic accents and polka dots and shapes.

19 & 20. Amazing student planner refill sheets 👈🏻 to pop in your planner to organize the weeks or months ahead. There are so many different ones to choose from, they are all adorable! Here there are weekly planner and daily planner refill sheets for your planner that are perfect to use to keep track of everything, get super organized and make everything look adorable.

21. Printable planning sheets 👈🏻 these are so cute and really handy for keeping track of everything. I love this monthly expenses tracker but you can find some daily planner pages here, a grocery checklist here and a super girly monthly foldout here.

What I love about these filofax style planners is that when you run out of pages you can just add some more, which is super handy. I also really love the printable sheets as it means that you have a template there and can print off as many copies that you need at any time – unlimited copies! – which is really handy for when you are filling them in on a regular basis.

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    • Elizabeth
      February 19, 2021 / 3:04 am

      Aw thank you Michelle! Haha it’s so cute!! ♡

  1. February 14, 2021 / 11:08 pm

    All of these planners are gorgeous! I love that they are all super stylish and cute…but still really functional! Thank you for all of the inspiration.

    • Elizabeth
      February 19, 2021 / 3:07 am

      Aw thanks so much Shannon! I’m so happy you liked it 😀 ♡

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