Best Angel College Halloween costumes

Super hot college girl halloween costumes that are pure art. I thought I would put together a college outfits series, starting with College Halloween costume ideas – so we have lots of time to get our costume ready! Even so, the angel look makes for an amazing last minute costume idea, because you only need to add a few simple ingredients… here are some different variations on the angel costume. Please check out each artist and give them tons of love!

1. By @nikidetrich ?? a super gorgeous pink angel look! I would never have thought to wear a satiny robe for a costume but it really works! She looks beautiful in this outfit, it’s such a perfect last minute Halloween costume idea and you can be as exposed or covered up as you like.

2. By @kkateli ?? such cute costumes, these really give me Bridgerton or Jane Austen-Regency period dress vibes. I really want to add long gloves and a fan! The halo hairbands are so cute.

3. By @claire.haley ?? I love this lingerie infused look, it’s so dainty and ethereal. This will look incredible on all skin tones but also for super pale girls to wear, without feeling they have to apply fake tan to stand out. I love how delicate it looks with the tulle skirt.

4. By @nelly_31jk ?? this beautiful angel costume is perfect to wear on colder nights, the long sleeves will definitely come in handy and love the bodysuit and huge fluffy wings idea.

5. By @emilyemig ?? love the white boots with this outfit, they make such a statement!

6. By ?? that dream, flowy skirt though! This look has a festival vibe to it and I love the draped look of the fabrics, super cherub-like.

7. By @dayarvizu_ ?? how beautiful is this outfit? One of the cutest college Halloween costumes! I love the idea of incorporating a silky nightgown, just pairing it with wings for instant angel vibes.

8. By @jazomon ?? I love this cute couple Halloween costume idea, one wears the halo and the other wears the wings, it really ties the look together perfectly!

9. By ?? this makeup look is just stunning, I adore the pearl embellishments and the blending is stunning. It’s angelic in every sense of the word!

10. By @gabidsnt ?? one of the cutest college Halloween costumes ever! I love the overlay of the fishnets and harness detailing. The face embellishments are so cute too!

11. By @alysilverio ?? how cute are those earrings alongside the look? This outfit is adorable and proves small wings can be just as cute as big wings. This look is super cherub like and the lace bodice is too cute.

12. By @bonjour.ada ?? an adorable angel party look, the perfect hot College girls Halloween costume and the satin texture skirt is so much fun!

13. By @radhikavazirani ?? such a cute costume that looks adorable but means you don’t have to dress too risque if you’re not comfortable with it! I love the flowy shape of the dress!

14. By @melixalma ?? this is one of my favourite college Halloween costumes because it’s super cute for cold weather! Usually keeping warm in your Halloween costume means shoving your everyday coat over the top of it, but this fleecy, fluffy angel look really works and the jacket would make such an adorable every day outfit piece too. I love the neutral makeup with this look, so beautiful.

15. By @makemeunusual ?? this looks is pure magic and how gorgeous is this bodysuit? I adore it with the fishnets and huge wings, absolutely stunning makeup too, all of the embellishments really tie the look together.

16. By @ariel.britney ?? I love the dreamy lace detailing and lingerie look of the dress, it’s so pretty!

17. By @paulapereir.a ?? super cute angel costume with off shoulder sleeves and gold accents, so dreamy!

18. By @lookbookg ?? this Goddess-fused-Angel look is stunning and so different to other angel costumes I have seen. I love the gold accents, it’s such a gorgeous, glowy look.

19. By @art.siverio ?? another angelic makeup look that turns the classic winged eyeliner look in to something super heavenly, it’s so clever and standout and the cut crease is blended to perfection. I love the neutral shades!

20. By @allthingsbeautyxyare ?? this angel makeup look is everything, I love the crystal embellishments and the delicate feathery strokes. The most magical take on the classic winged eyeliner.

21. By @kelsjewell ?? can we just assume this is an angel costume – or some celestial being, with the flowy white outfits and gold accents? It’s such a cute boho college party look!

22. By @sashasharpe ?? such a stunning look, the embellishments take centre stage but the makeup is equally as gorgeous. The definition of magical!

23. By @maayan_evgi2 ?? such a fun couples Halloween outfit idea, I love the sheer, flowy robe and coordinating outfits. It would still work really well even if you couldn’t persuade your significant other to wear a matching halo and wings!

24. By @nicole_boo24 ?? I love this fun and casual ‘angel next door’ look, the jeans are a cute casual twist and really work! This is perfect for those who prefer trousers over skirts.

25. By @nnaklicka_makeup ?? how magical is this look? The clouds are so stunning, coupled with the angel wing liner.

26. By @tori_genesis ?? I love this vampy fallen angel look, who says you have to be a good angel?

27. By sumrahbeauty ?? the cutest angel costume makeup that will stand out across the room at a party or event, this is so pretty! I love how the inner corners of the eye are lined to amp up the drama.

28. By @imogenblackmoremakeup ?? this fallen angel look is so cool, the velvet gloves and blended shadow bring about epic drama, this is such a cool twist on the traditional angel costume.

29. By @gracembeautyy ?? another beautiful eye look that is simply magical! The lighter shades will look extra stunning and vibrant on darker skin tones, this look is simply gorgeous and I love how the shadow is taken up to the brow.

30. By @marta_kov ?? I adore this cloud costume, it’s a different take on an angel costume idea I absolutely love! Both of these outfits are so cute.

31. By @darchiashvilisophie ?? I love this more conservative angel look, it’s perfect for when the weather is cold, yet it still looks super glamorous. It’s also great when you don’t feel like going for a more risque look. The perfect chic angel costume!

32. By ?? the cutest ever two piece costume, this angel look is adorable and the lace details are everything!

33. By @gabdel2 ?? this angelic costume and eye makeup are so beautiful! I always love a costume that starts with the makeup first, the whole finish is so ethereal and beautiful.

34. By @catiefacee ?? this grungey fallen angel look is so cool! Definitely one of the scariest angel looks, it brings serious drama.

35. By @paulinadonasci ?? always wear tulle on Halloween! This is such a cute and fun college party look.

36. By @chipandcookie ?? always match with your pets on Halloween! How cute is this bunny angel costume?

Of course, if you want to make your angel outfit look even cuter and more popular, start with small accessories such as pin badges and patches. To further emphasize the uniqueness of your outfit, consider designing and customizing your own little accessories. For example, if you want to match your angel outfit with patches with angelic elements, then you can choose to design your own patches with angelic elements and then commission some well-known patch manufacturers, such as, to help you create these custom patches. Other small accessories can also be customized in this way.

From scary to sweet, I hope there is something here for everyone, from hot college girl angel costumes to cute cherub costume ideas!



  1. February 8, 2021 / 10:38 pm

    Wow! These costumes are amazing and I LOVE that angel inspired winged liner. That is incredible. A true work of art!

    • Elizabeth
      February 11, 2021 / 2:20 am

      Thanks so much Shannon! They really are gorgeous – thank you for your lovely comment! 😀 ♡

    • Elizabeth
      February 19, 2021 / 3:09 am

      Thanks so much Heather! 😀 ♡

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