Marble nail art ideas, the best ever ideas!

Here are some marble nail art ideas for short nails and long nails, marble nail ideas of dreams. Scroll down for a mini tutorial on how to create marble nails!

1. I love how pink marble nails look like the inside of rose quartz crystal, these milky nails are so beautiful. I love how the white streaks look like ripples. You could replicate this with baby blue and do a light blue marble nail look for summer, to make your nails look like Larimar crystal, like shimmering waters.

2. Pink marble nail art with gold flecks by @thenailartbabe – I absolutely love how gorgeous these nails look with gold flecks, marble nails go so well with metallic touches.

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3. Pink marble nail art with ultra glossy finish by @glitterandgloss_bysandie – a super, uber glossy pink marble nail is everything, especially with the gold pieces too. Nothing could be prettier!

4. Rose quartz marble nails with streaks of glitter by @nagudziungles.raimonda – a clever way to make the marble nail more 3D is to add streaks of glitter to the lightest points in the nail. It looks like the light is refracting though the crystal and gives it a beautiful dimensional effect. So simply, classy and stunning.

5. The classic marble nail by @nail_by.jjoo – you can’t go wrong with the classic marble nail. Restricting it to one or two nails and keeping the others plain really makes them pop and catch the eye more, a dreamy minimalist kind of look, that looks classy and expensive at the same time.

6. By @bloomingnailspa_dunedin – the classic marble nail – a glitter white marble effect on every nail still looks beautiful!

7. By @verbenaparlour – I reincluded this from my Best Nude Nails inspiration post as it’s such a gorgeous and creative marble nail art design!

8. Rose quartz marble nail art with gunmetal accents by @pokolorovane – this is such a standout nail design, yet it is so classic and dreamy. I absolutely love the glitter gunmental grey accent nail.

9. By @nails_by_eunice_brisbane – if your marble nail art style is more subtle than bright and colourful this one is for you, I love how ethereal and sparkly it looks and the nails themselves look like crystal quartz with light filtering through them, so gorgeous.

10. Such a gorgeous way to use sheer pink polishes, if you always got bored of just doing classic french nail looks. A sheer pink backdrop can provide a perfect base for trying a marble nail art design.

11. By @c5nail – a beautiful sheer white marble nail look with dreamy embellishments, this look is so dreamy and versatile, it’s easy to dress up and looks stunning with these embellishments. Make use of your rosy, sheer whites, pinks and nudes for this look, and combine them with white, they are everything.

12. By – a classic marble done on two nails, with pale pink and taupe grey accents. I really applaud doing dark colours on top of white with a marble nail look as I think the whites and lighter colours on top of dark are easier to do. These stand out and look so effective.

13. By – those gorgeous sheer pinks and nudes you have hiding away can be really put to use here, I love how the other nails are kept so neutral and natural to let the marble nail art take over. The silvery foil accent pieces are so gorgeous too.

14. By @kaoru_nail – This super minimal design really caught my attention because of how simple, yet effective it is! I love the cracked, almost porcelain effect and the look of the one streaked line, it’s a sleek, minimal and creative marble, effortlessly genius.

15. Uber glossy and cool, this dark pink marble effect is so cool and the golden adornments really make it everything, they make sure it catches the eye.

16. By @_genienails_ – this cool marble effect can be achieved by swatching three different shades of nail polish you want to use, in this case dark pink, light pink and white, then swirling the brush lightly about all of them, before scooping and applying the colourful swirly mixture to the nails of your choosing.

17. By @charsgelnails_ – this nail look literally glows, it’s so stunning. I love the pink marble and the shades she used, it is also adorned with opalescent flakes and pink lace foil *swoon*

18. By @fairynaillusion – I love the matte finish of these nails, the marble nails look so smooth, just like authentic marble! I love the idea of having the last two nails as accent nails and the pink is perfect.

19. By @gemmalouisebunting – Something a little different, I love the matte cracked marble stone effect and the tan nude hue goes beautifully.

20. This look is so striking, I especially love how they’ve gone for a matte nail effect here, so the finished nail looks smooth like real marble. It’s so clever and convincing! As much as I love an uber glossy nail, I absolutely love a smooth, matte texture with a marble effect. The black is so striking, edgy and different.

21. By @miss_m.nails_liverpool – a really cool double accent nail with pink touches woven in to the marble to tie it together with the beautiful pink.

22. By @polishedbynhia – I think this is my favourite marble art nail design of all, it’s a snowy quartz that looks absolutely beautiful and reminds me of skated on ice. It’s the most perfect wintry nail and I wish I had the honour of seeing it in person as the pictures don’t do the dreamy nail effect justice. This is one that looks stunning upon catching the light. It also has some gold adornments which complete it perfectly.

23. By @baenailedit – a dreamy white marble nail look on longer nails, slightly resembling freshly skated on ice. This is such a beautiful look, especially for winter.

24. This creamy off white marble nail look is everything, I love how the edges are very finely picked out with white to make them stand out more.

25. By @magaly_beautycorner – this dark blue marble nail art reminds me of the night sky, they are a work of art in themselves! Note the little white flecks which kind of resemble stars.

26. By – more of a classic pink nail that resembles marble a little more than quartz this time for real princess nails. It looks gorgeous on long nails.

27. By @polskiepaznokzie I love this take on marble, it’s so clever and really makes use of the gorgeous shape of the nail, I love the clever gold adornments too.

28. By – this is almost a white marble nail art take on the classic french manicure, I love how it is sheer but the tips are still kept so crisp and white.

29. By @leinailstulsa – a really cool transparent white marble nail that looks stunning on longer nails – I’ve never come across a transparent marble before and this is done beautifully.

Marble nail tutorial (by @nailtheegram)



  1. January 31, 2021 / 4:36 pm

    Oh my goodness, I love this! So subtle but still has a lot of drama. What a fantastic idea!

  2. February 8, 2021 / 9:59 pm

    These nail designs are so cute! I especially love the rose quartz ones! I used to do marble nails all the time when I was in high school using the water cup. Maybe I♥

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