25 Gifts for college girls they will love!

Here are some gifts for college girls ideas for friendsgiving, gift ideas for college students you might not have heard!

What is a good gift for a college girl?

Thoughtful and unusual gifts for college girls are a ‘drink more’ water flask, a personalised gift from their pets, a manicure, lots of their favourite cereal, or sleep soothing oils and a weighted blanket to help them unwind and sleep at night. Here are some more gifts that are perfect for college students. What should I get my college daughter for Christmas? Read on to find out!

1. Blueberry oil serum – the Bybi serum is magic and can help to protect skin from aging effects of the blue light from our screens. It is a wonderful, eco friendly beauty product that is made from the by-products of the juicing industry, using seeds that would otherwise be thrown away. It would make a perfect gift, especially for beauty lovers, for students as they are often looking at a screen for a huge portion of the day.

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2. A manicure – the perfect opportunity for your college student to enjoy a bit of me time to relax and unwind, the perfect special treat!

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3. Caffeinesleep deprivation is common amongst students in college and a quality coffee hamper will make the perfect gift idea, especially a hand roasted speciality coffee from Twochimpscoffee.com, so perfect. When I was a new mum, I remember the sleep deprivation being so intense and difficult, the only thing that would get me through was caffeine!

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4. Takeaway gift cards – a naughty gift for the ‘just in case’! This is such a thoughtful gift and will be enjoyed immensely by your tired and worn out college student.

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5. Their favourite cereal – you could try an amazing idea of filling a jar with different layers or tiers of their favourite cereals. Tie a bow around and voila! This is one of the best cheap gifts for college students that feels really special, as it shows you know them well from expertly knowing their breakfast preferences.

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6. An eco friendly razor – a gift of eco friendly toiletries will save them from keeping having to buy lots of disposable items and there are so many to find and choose from, bamboo toothbrushes, razors, makeup brushes, reusable cleansing pads – you could even gift them a little set of eco friendly toiletries to try!

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7. A silken sleep mask – such a luxurious and practical gift all in one! It will also aid sleep for someone who awakes easily and cannot sleep with any light in the room.

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8. Sleep soothing oils – sleep gifts are great as it is often incredibly hard to sleep in new places, especially in a high pressure environment with a lot of stress going on. They help your college student to feel more at home and relaxed in their new surroundings.

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9. A memory infused gift – make use of inside jokes within your gift, to make them laugh or smile whenever they see it.

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10. A piece of beautiful wall art – opt for a beautiful big piece for a special gift, there are so many affordable wall art designs on Etsy to suit every taste, the girly dorm room, the boho dorm room… there are so many to choose from!

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11. A weighted blanket – to help aid sleep and will also make your dorm feel super cosy. I love the idea of making your own weighted blanket and sewing in specially chosen gemstones to weigh it down.

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12. A game to play together – to unwind for some screen free time! Often when we have free time we like to spend it online, even when we have spent time working online throughout the day. This way, we often miss out on human connection and social interaction, which is so beneficial for us! A gift of a game to play together is such a special idea and makes a great ice breaker for your college student when making friends. Time together playing games by candlelight is so special!

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13. A notebook set – always so useful for jotting down anything and everything, the only thing better than a notebook is a series of them! This is one of the most useful gifts for college students or for students starting university.

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14. A subscription box – the gift that keeps on giving! There’s nothing better than having a mystery gift arrive at your door every month and there are so many different kinds to suit every taste, from food to beauty subscription boxes.

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15. A ‘drink more water’ flask – perfect to have on hand whilst studying, a helpful and cute reminder to drink more water. You can get eco friendly versions that are amazing – plus even a crystal infused water bottle!

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16. A personalised pet gift – a gift from their pets back home, a gift of preserved paw prints, a beautiful photo of their pet or even a blanket their pet has slept on a lot, or a locket with their fur inside if it is a long haired pet! This is one of the best going away to college gifts, as it means keeping your special pet close to you when you are staying far away from home.

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17. A meditation book or guide – perfect for the busy college student who is constantly carrying around so much in their mind, to rest, unwind and relax.

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18. A portable phone charger – perfect to pop in your bag when you go out anywhere and so useful if you go out without realising your phone is low on charge.

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19. Cosy pyjamas – always such a luxurious and practical gift, nothing beats the feeling of lounging in soft, comfy pyjamas that feel like a cloud. It feels so luxurious!

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20. Recipes with minimal ingredients – put together a little book of healthy food recipes that only require minimal ingredients. It’s something they will keep always, it’s so helpful to have the recipes laid out in front of you, tried and trusted ones where you can’t go wrong!

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21. Cosy socks – always a special and practical gift! Cosy socks will always be appreciated and well worn.

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22. A Spotify membership – this is such a perfect gift that we might not normally think of, but it’s so worth it – giving someone the gift of endless music is so special!

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23. Pink Himalayan salt lamp – to make their dorm feel all cosy and homey, one of the best gifts for homesick college students.

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24. Scented pens and stationery – such a fun gift that will make studying more fun! You’re never too old for scented pens and it will make your notes smell amazing.

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25. Baked home goodies – a care package full of home baked treats is a gift like no other! This makes a perfect gift for the homesick college student – you could even bake a whole hamper for them to share with their classmates and friends. It will make them the most popular student there and give them a taste of home at the same time.



  1. January 12, 2021 / 1:25 pm

    These are such wonderful ideas! Love the idea of scented stationary. So fun and yet still practical!

    • Elizabeth
      January 14, 2021 / 7:49 pm

      Thanks so much Shannon, that is so kind! 😀 ♡

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