19 Boho dorm room checklist ideas

Boho style is a colourful and delicious escape from the world, a borrowing of different pieces from all different cultures. Here are some boho dorm room decor ideas for your dorm room checklist!

1. Fill your space with things that make you happy – make your room a manifestation of everything you want to achieve. Fill it with happy memories and special treasures like an Aladdin’s cave. A boho style is a maximalist approach but you can also approach it in an eco friendly way by using and buying in recyclable and recycled materials, recycled plastic benches are perfect to use indoors and outdoors and eco friendly materials like bamboo, plus upcycling thrifted furniture to make it look gorgeous and brand new again!

2. Fill it with lights – a wall of hanging fairy lights is a beautiful idea, or you could set up some cosy lamps to create a magical and comforting atmosphere. To make it eco friendly, you could even use solar power to fuel your lights – get some solar powered fairy lights, one of the best dorm room checklist ideas! – and pop a couple of mirrors in your room to reflect the light.

3. Lots of different textures – think chunky knits, velveteen fabrics, rustic wood, metallic touches, all kinds… a variety means the light hits and bounces off in different ways.

4. Tassels and pom poms – fill your room with festivity, creating a celebration in your room. Boho style is about festivity and having fun, having a party through your decorating.

5. Funky and brilliant art – have fun with art in your space; you could even create some beautiful art of your own to give your space any feel of your choosing, replicating tile designs using stencils, creating mosaics, fashioning wooden signs and using colourful and earthy hues.

6. Ornate frames – a little piece of 17th century French majesty

7. Quirky and colourful candles – even if you cannot light candles in your room, they still make beautiful additions to your room. A big element of a boho room is making it multisensory, you can feel, smell, see it – hear it too if you pop a set of bamboo wind chimes near your window!

8. Set up a little chill out zone or den – with colourful rugs, soy candles and safe incense. If you apartment share you could even create a little ‘she shed’ space in your garden, a little escape from the world, a perfect place to take a mini vacation whenever you need one.

9. Quirky pots, plates and mugs – a great way to exude flair is through your cups and plates, choose those with a tie dye pattern or effect, or speckled earthy effect; there are so many pretty and dreamy patterns to choose from.

10. Recreate a hot, vibrant and colourful place in the world – this is easier if you are situated in a warmer climate but colder places can mean you can have fun with lots of layers of different textiles and furnishings. Have fun borrowing styles and looks from different cultures and locations, such as Greece, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico and of course, the rich and wonderful cultures belonging to South East Asia… there are so many inspiring styles to soak up!

11. Indoor plants – there is such an array of dorm room friendly indoor plants to choose from! If you are nervous about caring for them, first try out a mini cacti family on your desk, or other hardy plant varieties that are the easiest to care for and keep alive!

12. A travel jar – fill it with odd pieces of change and pictures of all the places you are longing to visit, plus any shells and a little sprinkling of sand from each place as you visited it. It’s a wonderful way of manifesting travelling to all the places you want to go, by making a real, physical object that represents your dreams, that you can touch and feel and look at.

13. Wall hangings – macrame woven wall hangings are a common feature of a boho style dorm room and make one of the best dorm room checklist ideas to decorate your walls in a safe and dreamy way, while making the space feel more cosy. You can even make your own, adorned with beads.

14. A beaded door curtain – such a fun idea that can add an earthy, boho vibe to your room.

15. Mystical and mythical symbols – infuse them in to your decor and art, symbols such as the moon at different stages of its cycle, spiritual hand gestures – or your Harry Potter Patronus animal!

16. Crystals and gemstones – little pots of specially chosen gemstones can look so pretty in your space, as well as aiding good feng shui! Just keep the space around them nice and clear and decluttered, maybe put them in the cleanest corner of your room, or the favourite corner of your room.

17. Make a mini shrine – to something that is deeply important to you. This could be figures of faith, or it can represent your faith, or it can be about you, yourself! If you are not religious, mythical Gods and Goddesses, such as Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love are wonderful figures to pay homage to and channel in every day life.

18. A zen garden – if you have the space, why not create a mini zen garden in your room. You could even use a biscuit tin! You will only need a small, shallow pot or container and a small amount of sand. You can buy fully furnished special mini zen garden kits that come with their own mini rake, to rake the sand in different, whimsical patterns, or for a DIY zen garden a fork will work perfectly! Adorn it with some gemstones or special objects to infuse your space with intention and contribute to healthy feng shui in your room.



  1. Amaris
    January 24, 2021 / 3:27 am

    These are great ideas! I’m trying to make my room more boho and will definitely try incorporating these ideas.

  2. February 15, 2021 / 6:00 am

    Looking amazing , i just wanna use these products

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