Nude nails, dreamiest winter designs

Nude nails exude sophistication and elegance and provide the best base for all kinds of dreamy nail art. There are so many nude nail art ideas to try, from ‘my nails but better’ looks, matching your shade to your skintone or using your shade to bring out the beauty in your skintone, to clever intricate designs that look incredible from far away and up close. I linked all artists – do check them out and go and give them tons of love!

There are even optical illusions to try for a 3d inspired nail! This year’s nail trends are uber glossy. It’s all about how they catch the light, with gold leaf, glitter and high shine gel finishes. Nude shades can consist of beige, ecru and creamy white, warm peach and pinks, to chocolate brown and rich toffee hues, and lilacs look wonderful on cool skin tones too.

Short nude nails

@dxhxix_ A lilac toned nude with embellishments – lilac is the new nude! A pale delicate lilac or milky mauve is the perfect cool toned nude shade and looks gorgeous with gold or silver accents. The embellishments are so gorgeous here, proof that nude nails can look just as glamorous as the other more standout hues!

@nailitmag Gold leaf grid nails – these look so classy yet are so simple to do. A gorgeous nude nail underneath becomes the backdrop for this gorgeous grid ‘tic tac toe’ design, so cute and stylish for every day wear, especially if you are a maths student!

Check out my wishlist of magical girl iridescent nail glitters! Click on each to discover them ♡

@nail_0408 Gloss and glitter – the perfect formula for nude nails! Perfect to brighten up your revision session if you are a student, to make thumbing through revision papers much more fun.

@naynicolethesalon 60’s details – accord your pink button up coat with these nails! They are so cute, simple yet chic. They are perfect for every time of year but especially autumn and winter.

@gypsytan Rose quartz – takes on a whole different vibe in the winter and reminds me of ice once it has been skated on, all the shards and cracks underneath. They look truly magical and delicate, a style that is just as beautiful on short nails as it is on long nails of every shape. Adorable sweater nails – these nude nails are easier to create than they look, they consist of two triangle sections with a fine tip nail art pen to achieve the diagonal criss cross lines. They are so cute and perfect to experiment with come autumn and winter! Bejewelled nails on a background of delicate silky pink. The idea is so simple, yet they are beautiful. The alternative french manicure – these nails are a burst of sunshine! The pink nude backdrop really shines with the pop of bold yellow.

@posh_nailss The perfect fall/autumn french manicure, using a rich, chestnut nude hue as an alternative take on the traditional french manicure.

@nailitmag Gold leaf nails – pink and gold is such a winning festive combination, these are the perfect chic look for everyday. This checked flannel nail design is perfect for autumn/fall and winter! The matte finish really sets it off and I love all the different nude shades together, it’s so unique and clever.

@chelslounails.x This is such a standout design that works beautifully on short nails as well as long and will be sure to catch the eye. I love the drama, it’s such a glamorous nail design. If you love this style also be sure to check out my ‘how to be a femme fatale‘ fashion and beauty edit! These glossy pink bejewelled nails prove that short nails can be very glamorous and extra on their own, they catch the light in all kinds of ways!

@verbenaparlor The bobbles on these nails remind me of jumper bobbles which makes me very happy. I also absolutely love the drawn on white sparkles that really lift the nail and give it such a modern and chic feel.

@isabelmaynails The perfect quartz glitter nail art – everything about this is just magical and definitely one to save for later to your inspiration boards. It’s like blossom frozen in ice, all in a nail design.

@nailartbyjen Bubble Bath by OPI is my absolute favourite of all time nail shade, it’s the perfect dreamy 60’s pink that looks stunning with every skin tone! It’s like the perfect 60’s inspired pink lipstick but bottled in nail polish form. This gorgeous design showcases how stunning it looks as a winter colour too!

@nailitmag Sew cute! This easy to create nail look is so standout and effective, so simple yet chic.

@sofiamaria.nails Festive nude nails of dreams – the silver glitter tips are so beautiful, accompanied by beautiful snowflakes and a dreamy pink nude background that sets the scene for winter. The perfect winter nail design!

@nailitmag The Twilight bath bomb as a nail design! The cut outs of this pink milkyway nail design are so abstract and pretty and the finish is uber glossy, to stand out a mile.

@paintbucketnails The ultimate chic nude nail – a gorgeous vintage inspired look for your nails!

@paiwaloves The perfect Christmas nude nail art! I adore the sprigs of fir or pine here, with the delicately placed dots of snow and the touches of festive silver too, the perfect nail art for the holidays!

@_beaautynaails They are the picture of elegance and sophistication, the perfect girly nails for winter. I love the simple little adornments, they are so chic and stylish and the milky hue is perfect.

@nailitmag So chic and understated – such a cute modern nail design that showcases the beauty of the nude nail with only two tiny well placed dots by the cuticle. These are perfect for the office, the perfect minimalist nail to make a statement.

@nailitmag These nude zebra nails are almost an optical illusion – the stripes and swirls making them look uber glossy and irresistable. These look stunning on dark skin tones!

@annabeljanenails How cute is this candy cane nail art? This is so quirky and cute for the festive season. I love that the background is kept as simple and natural as possible so the mini candy canes take centre stage and have wow factor.

@dh__nails_danielle The perfect simple baby pink nude nail, gorgeous for the holidays and will make winter that bit sweeter.

@nailitmag Avocado nails – for the avocado lover! I love that these are done on pretty short nails, so they will be perfect for those looking for quirky short nail art ideas

@nailitmag The perfect festive geometric nail – the little embellishments are adorable!

@nailsby_dorina This design reminds me of a Christmas decoration or pretty bauble. I love how it looks on a nude nail, instead of gold or silver, it makes for the perfect classy festive nail.

@nailsbykatleya The perfect milky pink marble to go with your cute festive sweaters this winter. This is ultra girly and something that you can wear the whole winter long, the white marble looks like frozen snow and compliments the pink nude perfectly.

Long nude nails ideas

@terrieaton Rose quartz nails on long nails – proving this design is just as beautiful on long and short nails, this makes the perfect winter nail as the surface almost mimics the surface of a frozen pond used to ice skate on.

@jhohannails This geometric design is so simple, the sharpness of the lines steals the show and showcases the nude hues beautifully

@nailsbydavid_ This geometric design is so simple, the sharpness of the lines steals the show and showcases the nude hues beautifully

@polished.bybri Gorgeous hues, adorned with festive gold, these are such a work of art

@asunhasmaisperfeitas The perfect ‘how to do glitter’ nail! These are so beautiful and perfect for the holidays.

@nailsbymelanie1 This look is just gorgeous, how the colours meet each other and the gorgeous gold touches too. It’s so edgy and proof that you can achieve incredible things with a nude nail.

@red_iguana A nail design that looks straight out of Disney’s Frozen! I love all the little details and the embellishment works perfectly. I love the white icicles and snowflake design. These are so intricate and clever.

@beautybyelee Beautiful and chic handpainted nails, how stunning are these? The attention to detail is insane and they are so incredibly chic.

@nyonbywhitney Abstract nudes – one of the best designs I have seen, this is so creative! I love all the different nude shades, representing all the different skin tones and all the different kinds of bodies being illustrated.

@lexibnails Beautiful and chic handpainted nails, how stunning are these?

@chelslounails.x These are so striking, the contrast of the black and nude looks so chic, the perfect way to make a nude nail hue look glamorous and extra.

@pixienailco This is the coolest nail art, from a distance it will look like your nails are 3d crystals, with golden light filtering through them, it is so clever!

@chelslounails.x Inspired by the Bottega bag of the moment, this designer brand nail art is amazing, complete with the signature criss cross interwoven pattern of the bags.

@flexinailspa The perfect way to jazz up an understated nail or a beautiful way of letting the colour shine through. This works so well on a longer nail! Its simplicity is what makes it look stunning.

@chelslounails.x This is such a standout modern nail design and easier to achieve than a look that requires poker straight lines, yet is just as beautiful. The soft shape of the lines give it an ethereal quality.

Nude nails are my favourite because you can have so much fun with them! Thanks so much for reading and do leave me your link in the comments – I’d love to check out your blog or project! Happy December!! ♡


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