Easy ways to look glamorous

How can I look more glamorous?

1. Old hollywood touches – embellish your look with a dreamy opulent headband or choker neckace, take cues from Swarkosvi ads but emulate the look with affordable pieces from Accessorize, Asos and Primark too to reflect the light and own the light. Borrow pieces from different eras, the white 60’s gloves are a gorgeous option!

how to look put together

2. Show different angles of your face – show off a different side of your face by trying out different hairstyles that you wouldn’t normally wear, a great way is to french braid little sections to take the hair back from your face, or twist sections in to a half pony.

how to look glamorous at home

3. Emphasise the cupid’s bow – such a magical part of the face to enhance, sharpen it up with your favourite red, an angled brush or lip liner and define around it with a little concealer to keep the sharp edge, with a little touch of highlight to finish.

how to be glamorous

4. Wear a one colour outfit – for supremely cool, put together vibes embark on a uniform one colour outfit. It can be extremely powerful, it creates one seamless shape that looks super sleek and chic and it means you can wear any colour you love and effortlessly stand out! Even nude shades, ecru, greys, who says only bright things stand out? A really great trick is to craft an outfit around a specific colour, coordinate your shoes, scarf, coat, matchy matchy!

how to be glamorous on a budget

5. Big braids – go big for extra oomph! Giant braids can look so beautiful and ‘extra’, you will be sure to turn heads wherever you go and they make your hair look super thick and volumptuous too.

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6. Pearl earrings – or any kind of pearlescent earrings will catch attention, even budget or plastic varieties will have the same effect! Instant glamour vibes.

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7. A low pony complete with a satin bow or scrunchie – for insane off duty glamour, plus pull down little sections by the face to soften the look for extra prettiness.

how to look glamorous at a party

8. Wear satin or something chiffon – be unexpected and draw attention with dreamy, ethereal fabrics like chiffon and infuse them in to every day outfits to turn heads easily.

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9. A super dreamy blush – will take you far and give you that just outside glow, really lifting and brightening your whole face! I love a cream blush as you can achieve a really natural look and a beautiful silky texture, or you can dab a bit of satin lipstick on the apples of your cheeks.

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10. Create super sharp eyeliner – by using a concealer with a doe foot or easy applicator, to sharpen up any blurry lines. It’s so much easier to use than eyeliner, which tends to drag and blur around the sensitive eye area, as it has a much creamier consistency, we can cover up any blurry bits and then blend any excess concealer upwards and outwards, away from the eye. Use brown eyeliner for a glamorous look and try extending the inner corner of the eye with eyeliner for a standout look.

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11. Wear light and patent shoes and boots – the lighter the better! They will elongate the legs beautiful and make every outfit look incredibly glamorous.

how to look pretty

What makes someone glamorous?

12. Most often it is confidence that steals the show! Some confidence boosting tips we can try here are to practise a confident persona – boosting your confidence by channeling powerful role models. Think of yourself as an actor and that you can set yourself rehearsals. Take on a powerful persona and act out what that character would do in that situation.

There is Freyja, the Norse goddess of beauty, sexuality and fertility but also of sorcery, war and death. She is meant to ride a chariot pulled by cats. Find beauty in your strength, learn and read and be quick witted and kind.

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13. Trying new things you always wanted to try. Start doing the things you cannot do. Make a list of ‘it girl’ things you secretly wanted to try, if only for a moment, but were too scared to. They might be as small as trying mascara or a new fake tan, or something big like getting a wax, salon treatments, a facelift you’ve wanted for years. One of the most empowering and exciting things is realising that anything someone you admire can do or try, you can do too!

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14. One of the best ways to gain confidence is allowing yourself to breathe, giving yourself allowance. Practising the belief that you can never go wrong, that every little thing you can do, trip up or not know what to say or make any kind of ‘mistake’ is totally fine and valid and normal. Excuse yourself just as you would be fine with others doing these things!

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Practise and practise all these techniques, practise is the best way to become successful in feeling powerful and confident!

It is so true that on a surface level everyone struggles with their confidence – it’s so true that people aren’t focusing on you but thinking about how they are behaving and how they themselves will be perceived. Take time in practising putting yourself first, think of your feelings first and feel confident about the decisions that you make. You deserve more – so go and grab that confidence with both hands.

How do I look glamorous for a party?

15. Over the knee boots! They are perfect to wear with a slip dress and blazer, they ooze instant glamour and you can even take them in to daytime as well.

I hope you liked my tips and this has given you a little midweek booost! What makes you feel super confident and powerful? Let me know in the comments below! ♡