Dorm room feng shui ideas

Fun feng shui dorm room ideas can mean creating a pretty shrine at your desk, decluttering your whole space to release any stagnant energy, experimenting with crystals and falling for your belongings all over again, there are so many fun ideas! It is all about creating a nourishing space of intention and restoration, where you feel calm, soothed and safe, or inspired and powerful. You can also try these out in your own small room, home or office, or even just feng shui your desk!

dorm room feng shui essentials

1. Make the entrance pretty and cosy – make the entrance super cosy and welcoming with a little welcome mat and even a pretty homemade wreath, unleash those cottagecore vibes!

Keep the passage to the door nice and clear to keep good energy moving freely and for your space to feel inviting. If you have a little more freedom, in your own home or parents home, opt for some handy wheelie bin storage to hide your ugly bins and keep them looking extra smart and opt for a pretty pastel pink door or a stunning blue or red wooden door, whatever you find is most welcoming. Even popping a lovely wreath on your door is a great way make it super homey and welcoming, and make your dorm room feel like home!

dorm room feng shui essentials

2. Pop your bed pointing away from the direction of the door – if possible, arrange the bottom of the bed to be pointing towards the wall. This makes for a better flow of energy and makes your room seem super put together!

dorm room essentials

3. Guard your bed and sleeping area – treat it as a precious area and try to keep technology, plants and busy books away if you can. Keep your bedside table clear and indulge in delights like a delicious scented facial spray or pillow spray and calming, soothing body lotion, maybe a dusting powder along with a silk or satin sleep mask and a lamp that creates a restorative ambience. The key is to create a space of nourishing, relaxing and sensual energy, a sacred space that promotes the warm, safe, restorative feeling that comes with a period of deep sleep or hibernation.

Think of a refuge or a sleepy cave and keep a little dish of restorative crystals like Celestite and Angelite, Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz or Pink Mangano Calcite near. A magical idea is to make a crystal quilt – sew gemstones in to your quilt. This will also make it nice and weighted, which is said to help you sleep much better!

dorm room essentials for girls

4. Get smart with storage – keeping clean and organized means that energy can freely circulate in your room, without any blockages. It’s all about how the elements within your room are energetically influencing and interacting within your space. A great idea is to hide the wires, as they can often create clutter and accumulate dust and bits and bobs without us realising it! There are plenty of simple solutions that’ll keep them tidied away, without affecting the performance of your tech.

dorm room decor ideas

5. Look to the corners of your room – and all the nooks and crannies to make sure there is no secret clutter here and there that could be blocking passages of air and energy from circulating and keeping energy stuck and stagnant. A great place to check is under your bed and make all your under bed storage is all neat and organised!

dorm room cheap decor ideas

6. Mirrors to reflect the light – and make your space light and airy. Sparkly and light reflecting decor is great too! If you like soft, cosy lighting mirrors are golden to reflect the pretty lights and add to the cosy atmosphere. Mirrors that you can hang on the wall or over the door are perfect as they save space and free up more floor space. A couple of screws will keep them on the wall, but you could also use an over the door hook . Some rope and glue can make a mirror into a decoration, and all you’ll need is thirty minutes or so. 

dorm room boho theme

7. Your desk is a shrine – this area can be as big or as small as you like, a culmination of special and designated items with a special meaning to you. This area is all about arranging items to honour your intention, whether that is wealth, commitment, or passion, or all three! Think about which items symbolise those things to you and embrace pieces that you have a strong energy connection with. A cool concept is that the pieces, the belongings that you love, love you back, they are good for you and the pieces you love will reflect back that same energy. Implement pieces that have strong meaning to you, it could be wall art or special ornaments with great meaning and then items such as crystals and plants will help to activate and magnify that energy and intention.

Exciting plants to try are the lucky bamboo, the Jade plant or the Areca palm, whereas crystals that are perfect for this area include Pyrite, Citrine and Amethyst as they are the crystals of wealth, power and creativity. Carnelian is also great for manifestation! Just be sure that your Citrine is a pale yellow hue and not orange-golden. Heat treated Amethyst turns a honey golden colour and is widely sold claiming to be Citrine – but it is not! Real Citrine carries a pale yellow hue and often comes as a long ‘wand’ shape. Just google ‘Citrine’ and the majority of images that come up are actually heat treated Amethyst.

dorm room desk ideas

8. Embrace flowers, shells, plants and crystals – emblems of nature and natural materials are wonderful to include! You could make a hanging moon decoration from clay and natural materials or try bamboo wind chimes, little seagrass mats and fresh flowers, there are so many fun ways to connect to the outside. Living green plants introduce wood energy – said to be healing and cultivate kindness and flexibility.

girly dorm room ideas

9. Make your room a place of intention – make it a place of intention, whether that is adventure, wealth, performance, reinvention, to feel powerful – set an intention and tell it through your wall art and works of art, the gemstones you adorn it with, the materials and textures you choose. How do you feel in that space? It’s all about creating a space of good feeling that reflects your intention.

boho dorm room decorideas

10. Make it cosy and inviting with fun, homey touches – create a homey feel with a cosy, fluffy rug, elements of nature in the shape of rustic pieces that recreate a feeling of logs on the fire, flickering LED candles and fairylights are great for creating soft lighting if you are not allowed to light candles, and adorning your space with gemstones such as Amethyst and Moonstone provides a sense of reassurance and makes it feel homey, comfortable and relaxing. Cosy throws and cushions are also perfect to make a space that is perfect for those long winter evenings.

I hope you liked these ideas! Check out these girly dorm room ideas too! These will work well for any space or any room, no matter how big or small. The best part for me is that it is an ongoing process and exploration, which I love ♡



  1. Emilia
    October 20, 2020 / 10:07 am

    These are some really great ideas that I definitely want to try. Thank you for sharing! xx

  2. October 22, 2020 / 10:46 am

    I love these! I am all for soft, warm, healing, protective and cozy places in our house.

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