How to look pretty without makeup

How to look pretty without makeup… from wearing light coloured shoes, to changing the ‘shape’ of your face, from grooming the brow to knowing where to direct the eye to change your whole vibe, there are so many ways to look and feel powerful without needing to wear makeup.

We’re always hearing about how to look pretty with makeup. Makeup itself is so much fun but learning how to look pretty naturally is so empowering, the whole process of REALLY getting to know your power and the effect you have on people. Spoiler: the face is like a capsule wardrobe!

Learning how to look prettier instantly, using tricks like these alongside the super transformative ‘glossilky’ skin guide inside the AGH, means we can celebrate our status as a Goddess on our own terms and enjoy getting to hold the cards!

1. Create a sultry 60’s voluminous ponytail with this Pony Popper to get the illusion of longer, thicker hair! It is the best hair hack in the world and makes your hair look amazing, it creates a really poofed up thick ponytail that is everywhere on instagram. I love it so much!

How can I look beautiful and attractive?

The first key is confidence. When we admire someone, it’s often because they possess a specific type of confidence that we do not have. Confidence leads us to do crazy and beautiful things, it chucks us out of our box of ‘stagnation or stillness’. Try these for how to look pretty without makeup…

how to look pretty instantly

2. Wearing our hair right back away from our face, in a dutch braid. This opens up new angles of the face, which is incredibly powerful. Pull some sections by your ears if you like a soft and youthful touch.

how to look prettier instantly

3. Wearing light coloured shoes – especially with a shiny or patent finish, they take the eye down over your outfit and make you look glowing.

how to look pretty all the time

4. Baring your shoulders – powerful, pulls in attention and alters peoples perception of you.

simple ways to make yourself look prettier

5. Wear a smaller fit – that shows off and accentuates your powerful body and curves; instead of covering up, let them show!

how to look good everyday

6. Learn your palette – find your perfect hues! This is such a nifty trick we can bring out when dressing as well as when applying makeup. Maybe our perfect ‘red’ is really a ‘pink’ – or our perfect pink is a dark, chocolate auburn, maybe our signature classic black garment is a soft, charcoal grey hue. Things get exciting when we look at colours differently.

how to look gorgeous naturally

7. Let the –i—-e — take centre stage! (too many spoilers here – go to Absolute Goddess Handbook to learn it)

These are only a few science based tricks to get eyes on you and make you exceptionally powerful when you are not wearing makeup. This is because they adhere to a powerful psychological code that we can steal for ourselves to get Goddess status! It’s kind of like a power game, we can use it and harness it to attain Goddess status – there’s also a lot of juxtaposition involved which completely changes what and how people see, mindblowing psychological tricks that glittering limelight girls are using right now!

how to look naturally pretty fast

How can I look naturally pretty?

8. Opening up our outfit/look – this is a key trick to look pretty naturally as it means we’ll naturally begin to assert ourselves and start to unlock some new powerful vibes. A natural side effect is that we’ll naturally start to be noticed, admired by those around us. It’s all to do with opening up your outfit – it is doing the opposite of hiding – showing people where things are, we can start showing off parts of our body, telling people, showing people our bodies through clothes! It’s a way we can become our most irresistible selves without makeup. There are so many ways to do this with fashion but even changing up our hairstyle will reveal brand new sides to us, new angles and new radically beautiful, information rich aspects of our identity to explore.

how to look pretty for a boy

9. Wear the opposite of what you want to go for – this can be a really helpful tool to get us out of the ‘make do’ place we often find ourselves in and it helps to give us so much more choice and means we can start holding the cards when it comes to our clothes again. We are often opting to hide ourselves without even realising it. Often this tool can be just what we need to feel powerful, the things we are afraid to wear most are often the things that will communicate a totally different and cool vibe!

how to get pretty skin

How can I look attractive instantly?

We start by knowing that beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder, it serves a great purpose and is hella powerful. It means we can begin to hold all the cards and enjoy our bodies and selves so much more. There is so so much joy to unlock with so much pretty to attain! Here are just a few tips, great for if you want to look pretty at school or work and have to follow a strict dress code or no makeup code.

how to look pretty

10. When you apply moisturiser, massage it in – press and massage instead of slathering or swiping it on to the skin. it’s stimulating and creates a beautiful radiance and your body heat will mean it absorbs faster and creates the most beautiful base.

how to glow up in a month

11. Use that super strong gel that fourteen year old boys love and use it to groom your brows and hold them in place.

how to look pretty fast

12. Use a high end eyelash curler – they really do work, especially those from higher end or professional brands, they are wonderful to have!

How to glow up in a month

13. Shape your brows to open up the face – an amazing tool for this is some small, sharp scissors like hairdressing/craft scissors as you can be really precise and exert a lot of control over the area. Towards the end of the brow, brush the hairs down and towards the opposite direction to make them all bushy and crazy. 

Then, along the inside of the brow, trim any hairs that are sticking outside of the brow and neaten them all in a straight line. It might take several goes to trim the hairs that are ‘misbehaving’ and never clip too much at once. Take breaks to reassess and keep a brow pencil handy, just in case of emergencies!


How can I get pretty overnight?

14. Using gentle skin exfoliating serums to make your skin baby soft. They contain natural and gentle skin exfoliating acids that will help to shift and shed away the top dull layer of dead skin cells on the top of the skin, to reveal the glowing new baby skin underneath. Work this in to your skincare routine once or twice a week.


15. Wear an overnight nourishing sleeping mask or lotion when you go to bed – for pillowy soft skin in the morning.


16. Use dry shampoo before you go to bed, for the best hair day ever the next day.


17. Alongside a good diet, take Omega3 supplements – they create a noticable difference about your skin and your hair as well as being pure brain food, Omega3 is pure gold for the body, it conditions you from the inside out! There’s an amazing trick in the Absolute Goddess handbook that will help you get the best from your food, to see the most incredible difference from your diet, ever.


18. Keep your pillow, phone, face mask and anything else that could collect and transfer dirt to your face super clean! Even invest in a silk pillowcase for wrinkle free skin.


All of these style and beauty tips will make it easier for you to be confident and open up your outfit, which is key to looking pretty without makeup. There’s so so so many things to learn, tricks to master and you’ll soon start to get a sense of the Goddess behind the screen. It feels so much better than you ever thought!

How do I look more attractive? How do I make myself prettier? Spoiler, you are already b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, you just don’t know it yet.

What makes someone pretty? Head over to the Pretty Perfect Project – I have been offline for a week as had very bad Labyrinthis but I’m getting your stories in and this little place will be furnished super gorgeous very soon! ♡



  1. Candice Sandler
    September 14, 2020 / 5:59 pm

    These are all some great points!


    • Elizabeth
      September 20, 2020 / 11:14 am

      Thank you so much Candice! ♡

  2. September 15, 2020 / 1:53 pm

    What a great post with so many lovely tips. I really want to learn how to braid my hair, as braids seem like such a beautiful classic style xx

    Hannah |

    • Elizabeth
      September 20, 2020 / 11:15 am

      Thanks so much Hannah! Braids can look so beautiful and attention grabbing, they are perfect for any bad hair days too! 😀 ♡

    • Elizabeth
      September 20, 2020 / 11:15 am

      Thanks so much Natalie! ♡

  3. September 17, 2020 / 9:45 am

    So many great tips! You always are a treasure chest of information and tips to make us feel and look great. Posture is a big one when it comes to looking more confident in my opinion!
    Thank you for sharing Elizabeth, and have a great day! 😀

    Julia x
    Last Post: How To Keep the Summer Around For Longer (+ Bali Body Review!)

    • Elizabeth
      September 20, 2020 / 11:16 am

      Thank you so much Julia! That is so kind – ah posture! That is a brilliant one 😀 hope you’re having a lovely weekend! ♡

  4. ashna
    September 25, 2021 / 6:42 pm

    wow thank you so much for this …i absolutely love every tip that you gave me and can you pls give tips on how to feel more and more confident….thank youuu xoxo

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