How to smell like a baby

What does a new baby smell like? This is a follow up to my how to smell like vanilla post, this one is for those who love a fresh, clean scent, love the smell of baby lotion and always wish there was a new baby smell perfume out there to buy!

Here are some ideas for perfume that smells like baby powder and vanilla, a how to smell like baby powder all day guide with scents and products you will love! From clean smelling lotion ideas to pretty scents of lavender, white musk, warm woods and tonka beans, clean and fresh, soft and dreamy. I have packed it with good smelling body oils, perfumes and lotions, all the good smelling things! It turns out that smelling like a baby all day can be super affordable too. Here is how to smell like a snack all day.

1. Love Home Planet softener – Start with your washing for smelling clean and fresh, this yummy lavender scented softener is comforting and soothing and they do a variety of laundry products all in the same scent! It’s how to smell like a snack every day, with no extra effort!

2. Baby powder wax melts – we can use these to scent our clothes and make them smell extra nice! Just pop them in your drawers and closet to scent everything inside.

3. Lush Twilight perfume dupe – this is amazing! Lush Twilight and Sleepy lotion both share the same fragrance, so this smells exactly like Lush Sleepy, a soft and dreamy blend of lavender, tonka and ylang ylang. It’s so cosy and relaxing!

4. The Library of Fragrance baby powder perfume – this perfume is perfectly designed to emulate the scent of baby powder!

5. Lolita Lempicka Mon Eau EDP – the Lolita Lempicka original fragrance is thought of as being very similar to baby powder fragrance, primarily for its notes of creamy violet. This promises to be the ultimate lovechild between Lolita Lempicka original and actual baby powder itself!

6. Baby powder roll on perfume – a perfume that smells like baby lotion! If you are searching for a perfume that smells like a baby, this roll on is perfect for taking on the go.

7. Chantilly by Dana perfume – this smells exactly like baby powder!

8. Baby powder fragrance spray – this promises to emulate the scent of baby powder. There are so many scents on Etsy that are unlike anything else!

9. The Library of Fragrance New baby perfume – this is meant to smell exactly like a newborn baby, creaminess, cleanliness and warmth with that slight edge of lemon. It’s said to be light, airy, cosy and dreamy.

10. Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle – this soft, musky Daisy fragrance edition came out in 2017, it’s said to combine the notes of creamy white woods with multiple notes of violet and violet leaf, the baby powder fragrance secret ingredient!

11. Johnsons baby soft wash – the smell of baby powder as a body wash! Use in the shower to layer your fragrance and keep it lasting all day.

12. Johnsons baby soft lotion – this baby powder scented lotion has the same scent as the baby soft wash, it makes you so soft and silky and is perfect to layer with any of the above fragrances, helping your scent to last all day.

13. Johnsons Bedtime Baby bath – a body wash that smells good all day, for me it perfectly encapsulates that ‘putting baby to bed’ bathing and dressing smell. It’s creamy, calming and smells heavenly, like lavender and pear drops. I love how it’s multi-use so you can use it as a shampoo too as well as on your face and body.

14. Soap and Glory Scrub ’em and Leave ’em, body scrub – this is scented with the ‘Mist you Madly’ fragrance, a blend of bergamot, magnolia, blackcurrant, freesia and vanilla, that smells just like baby powder!

15. Soap and Glory Daily Smooth body lotion – this is perfect for if you want to smell like baby powder! It shares the same scent as the body scrub and will leave you smelling tip to toe like a freshly bathed baby haha, it’s such a soft and creamy, gentle, soothing scent. It’s the best smelling lotion ever!

16. Love and Planet Lavender body lotion – how to smell like lavender… this is the same scent as the Love and Planet fabric softener above, I think lavender is so calming and dreamy, it reminds me of the baby bedtime lotion and Lush Twilight/Sleepy lotion.

Why do I love the smell of my baby?

The clean, comforting, warm and milky scent of a baby could be some form of biological defense mechanism we have evolved over time, biologically wired in to us to detect and appreciate the scent of a newly born infant. It could be there to help bind a mother or community to their new baby, to encourage a mother baby connection, or could act as a defence mechanism to help protect the baby in uncertain circumstances around unfamiliar strangers – the scent is designed to communicate that it is helpless and needs protecting and to incite protective tendancies in those around it.

Why do some people smell so good?

Often by layering scents, that is the key to keep smelling good all the time! Start in the shower, using a nice smelling wash and apply a nice scented lotion afterwards, straight out of the shower, to lock in the moisture, stop your skin drying out and keep it smelling gorgeous all day. Use a dab of Vaseline to keep your favourite perfume in place and apply it near and around the neck. You could also use a hair perfume – or spray some on your hairbrush and keep it in your bag or purse to brush your hair throughout the day. Keep a mini of your favourite fragrance in there too, to top up your scent throughout the day.

How to have a lingering scent

Here is how to smell good all day – try using Vaseline to cement your perfume to the skin, to keep your scent concentrated and stop it fading throughout the day. A hair perfume is also an amazing trick as perfume lasts longer on the hair than the skin and you can distribute your chosen scent with every hair flick. Hair perfume is a great way to make your hair smell good after a shower and entrap your scent, meaning you can smell like a snack all day!

I never thought I’d go so in depth in to baby powder haha! I hope you like my picks, I’d love to know your favourite perfume below!

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  1. August 20, 2020 / 7:10 pm

    Girl you really know how to make such aesthetically pleasing posts!

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      Haha thanks so much Michelle, they really work! 😀 ♡

    September 2, 2020 / 8:58 pm

    Lovely post. Another nice fragrance to smell like a baby is Bulgary, Petits Et Mamans. I can’t get enough of it.

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