How to look girly, capsule wardrobe ideas

Many of us are shopping less at the moment. It is a time where we are trying to rebuild, especially if COVID-19 has affected your financial situation, or you might be avoiding fast fashion for the good of the environment. Yet we still want to dress girly and express ourselves, to feel more, be more feminine energy at work or how to dress girly at school. Here is how to be super feminine without investing in much – or hardly anything!

Curbing our shopping habits is better for the environment and our wallets, but can leave us feeling a little stagnant in our choice of clothes. If your summer wardrobe is fairly limited, and you’ve been wearing it since March, you might be starting to crave a shopping trip. It can be a bit like dieting, limiting what you eat is great for a few weeks, but then suddenly you are desperate for cake, cookies and chips. We may love the idea of a capsule wardrobe but want to know how to dress girly at the same time!

Accessorise – Accessories are a fantastic way to change up your outfits, to make simple styles more interesting, and to give yourself a new look, without having to invest in new clothing. If you are short on accessories and looking for key pieces to spice up your wardrobe, these belts are trending right now. The luxury Gucci belts from SSENSE can transform any outfit, giving you far more options and ways to wear the clothes that you already have, they are so chic! At SSENSE, you’ll find plenty of designer accessories, but these belts will last a lifetime, making them the perfect addition if you are looking for sustainability, the perfect key wardrobe piece for simple feminine style. It’s perfect for spicing up feminine casual outfits!

Change Your Buying Habits – One of the best ways to avoid wardrobe boredom in the long term is to change your shopping habits. Invest in quality pieces that last, and that work well with everything else in your wardrobe, instead of buying outfits filled with individual items that only work with each other. This way, you’ll have fewer clothes yet more options.

Try things on in store – as long as we don’t damage the clothes at all, we can try on however many we like! This will give us a chance to indulge in clothes to our hearts content, try out every single trend, to see which pieces go together and make the best decisions when it comes to our own wardrobe. We can put together a whole load of cute and innocent outfits and it can be super helpful for those seeking to look more feminine or figuring out how to look more like a woman, and what it means to them.

Take Some Risks – If you are bored with wearing the same things all of the time, change it up and take some risks. Wear clashing colors and prints, try out the most feminine dresses with puff sleeves and maxi skirts! Don’t be afraid to break the rules, and start wearing different cute and girly items together that you wouldn’t usually.

Make Other Changes to Your Style – How you look and how you feel about your look isn’t all about your clothing choices. If you are bored, change your hair, in either color, cut or style, make a statement with your makeup, and try something new.

Enjoy a Clothes Swap – Why not ask a friend or family member if they fancy a clothes swap? If this isn’t an option, try to arrange one via social media. There are bound to be other people feeling just as eager for change.

Trying to stick to a more capsule wardrobe has many advantages. It can save you money, help the environment, and even make your mornings less stressful. Everyone feels stagnant in their style every now and then. Hopefully, these tips will help you to defeat it!