How to be girly and feminine, tips and tricks

Here are some fun tips and tricks as to how to be a girly girl, how to become more feminine and girly. We often associate feminine with a cute and girly style – dress in pink, wear florals, wear makeup and heels – but feminine comes in so many different shapes and sizes. Here is how to be a girly girl, some fun tips and ideas!

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1. Indulge and treat yourself – take care of your skin, hair and nails, nourish your body, take time taking care of you. Use sweet smelling soaps and lotions to smell delicious and experiment with a skincare routine. It’s so much fun finding new ways to look after and care for yourself, being extra kind to, and making things extra nice for yourself.


2. Indulge in gorgeous girly wall art – and girly home decor to create a dreamy space around you. Here are some of my favourites, I absolutely love browsing on Etsy, once you start you can’t stop, it’s like a treasure trove of gorgeous bits and bobs to create a super girly space aka cave that is perfectly attuned to you.


3. Form a girly self care routine – to make you feel put together, following a specially crafted self care routine is one of the best ways to feel feminine and girly and get in to your girliest self! You could make a whole pamper movie girls night for yourself – and your pets too – and pamper yourselves. Here are some of my favourite girly morning routine ideas and soothing bedtime routine ideas, built especially for tired people.


4. Fill your bag with cute and girly stationery – and accessories to help you feel all organised and put together, like Daphne from Scooby Doo. I put together this little how to be super organised post with lots and lots of adorable stationery and gadgets and where to buy girly stationery. You’ll never get trapped in a haunted house!


5. Make a girly wishlist – here are some girly products on my wishlist at the moment! I absolutely love adding to it on Pinterest, there are so many girly wishlist ideas. I can add bits and bobs while I’m waiting for the bus and swoon over dresses wherever I go!


6. Make a feminine power board – it can be a girly moodboard or Pinterest board, filled with all your favourite things, girly products, powerful feminine figures and feminine style icons, inspirations you like to channel in everyday life, girly aesthetic and soft and feminine and romantic energies. We can use it to feel free and get super creative. A place where we can enjoy being girly, you can make it private or share it with others.


7. Dress feminine at home ideas – to get an idea of what outfits you love to wear, experiment with some girly casual outfits and lounge looks at home! Try matching underwear, satin and silk pyjamas, fluffy socks and cute nightdresses are all really great ways to feel feminine at home.


8. Wearing light coloured shoes – this is a personal tip that I found – every time I wear light coloured boots or shoes, like dusty pink or ecru over usual darker shades it elevates my confidence, makes me feel more girly and attracts attention. It also relates to an extraordinary series of techniques you will find in the Absolute Goddess Handbook and its science based tricks you’ve never heard before!


9. Experiment with girly fragrances – there are so many to try and so many ways to wear perfumes to smell good and feel super girly all day. Try a hair perfume to make your scent last longer – and distribute it with every hair flick! – and body oils and butters are amazing too. Layering girly scents is an amazing way to ensure your fragrance lasts all day!


10. Relish sensory joys – enjoy little things like the feeling of fresh sheets, even dipping plates in to water when washing up, and the way a bubble bath can make you feel feminine and soft. This is a great way to feel more girly and getting in to treasuring your belongings.


11. Try out the powerful waist to hip ratio – it’s something we can experiment with, explore, have tons of fun with, by experimenting with clothes. It’s a wonderful experience to try in store, so that we are finding clothes that we feel amazing in but not wasting any in the process!


12. Decorate using crystals with feminine energy – Rose quartz, Moonstone, Selenite, Larimar and Amethyst are all crystals said to increase feminine energies and help you tap in to your we can use these feminine energy crystals to decorate our homes or take with us on our person.


13. Dressing up your phone – it’s easy to make your phone look girly and dress it in feminine style using the shortcuts tool to create fabulous and amazing girly icons for all your apps! The wonderful Catherine explains the whole process here, it makes it so easy to dress up your phone all girly – plus there are so many cute and girly wallpapers to choose from to deck out your phone!


14. Reach out to others – sharing in your love of girly things makes it all the more fun! Find your tribe on social media – but reach out to them as well as following, it’s so much fun starting a conversation!

We often wonder what makes a woman feminine? Whether that’s adorning ourselves with steotypically feminine items, or whether it is a love of feminine style, clothes, hairstyles – or even our collection of girly mugs! It is different for everyone and there are so many types of girly to learn, explore and enjoy to our hearts content.

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