Monday, 6 January 2020

A few 2020 glow up checklist ideas

A 2020 glow up challenge, glow up checklist ideas
Here are my own 2020 glow up challenges. After seeing them about, I thought I would try making my own! Here is everything I would love to do in order to 'glow up' this year. I hope you enjoy and let me know your own ideas below. Here's to...

1. Switching to a bamboo toothbrushthis lovely one on Etsy

2. More feeling blissful and pink bubble baths 

3. More healthy eating, chickpeas and roasted carrots with parmesan

4. More perfume and adopting a signature scent 

5. Wearing tiny dainty earrings - I absolutely love these dainty heart shaped earrings, they are shaped exactly like the '♡' emoji, so perfect!

6. Mending, restoring and caring for clothes - and debobbling them, making them look totally new again with this debobbler tool that is everything!
A 2020 glow up challenge, glow up checklist ideas
7. Wear a silken sleep mask at night, a dreamy ritual and so good for the skin

8. Popping scented wax melts in drawers to make fabrics smell like a dream. My favourites are the Miss Dior scented melts and the Lush scented melts

9. Trying on clothes in popular or overwhelming shops

10. Wearing more co ords and matching outfits - an amazing way to look put together on tired, sleepy days, I love cosy knit combos and dressing head to toe in ecru

11. Sampling dreamy makeup in glittery department stores

12. Nourishing my nails and cuticles - and painting with a glossy coat of sheer polish in ballet pink, that cares for them at the same time, Essie's Treat, Love and Colour is perfection. It's only £2.99 here, for all four shades, an absolute steal!
A 2020 glow up challenge, glow up checklist ideas
13. Practising eyeliner and even longer flicks 

14. Wearing an anklet because I feel like you can never not be a cool girl with one. I absolutely love this loveheart anklet, or this dainty little heart, treating yourself to one of these is a heavenly idea

15. Switching from sweetened squash to fruit infused water - this girly fruit infuser water bottle is the most perfect thing

16. Practise making beautiful cascading curls like in vintage films

17. Using essence of rose in my cooking 

18. More big, close, fluffy towels, warmed on the radiator

19. More stretching and moving 

20. Lighting more candles and enjoying soft mood lighting 
A 2020 glow up challenge, glow up checklist ideas
21. More feeling calm and composed 

22. Wearing pretty silky pyjamas more often 

23. Wearing a hair perfume or fragrance and become known for it

24. Master the high sleek ponytail

25. More eating fancy and elegant desserts, with a fork

26. Visiting a hotel with fancy architecture, like pretty ceilings and fireplaces

27. More gentle skincare like trying avocado and vitamin E oils and soothing, caring for my skin with the kindest cleanser

28. Making a pink crystal collection for self love with a perfect pink crystal kit, I absolutely love these on Etsy as they have already been lovingly put together for you, it's like receiving a special gift. Here is a kit for self empowerment, containing sunstone that promotes independence, a love potion, containing emerald, and one to soothe and nourish your soul, containing adventurine.
A 2020 glow up challenge, glow up checklist ideas
I think any of these would be a lot of fun, it's about abandoning the idea of restricting things and denying yourself things and just adding things instead! I really like the idea of 'glow up' challenges instead of resolutions, they are things to have a go at, rather to stick to haha. I'd love to know your favourites and thank you for reading! 

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  1. This is such a great post with so many great ideas. When I started to wear perfume more often I didn't know how I coped without it, it's such a staple xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you so much Hannah! Haha I am definitely like that with things in my little routine :D ♡

  2. I love this, it's all about the little things!
    I love those earrings, they're adorable. I'm thinking of getting a pair of tiny silver moon studs.
    I love it when past me thinks to put towels on the radiator for when I get out of the bath or shower. Feels extra luxurious too.
    Cora |

    1. Thanks so much Cora, that is so kind of you! Haha that is the best! :D ♡

  3. I absolutely adore all of these ideas ♥ I definitely think that taking care of yourself is so important! Last year was rough, it definitely makes perfect sense to show ourselves more love this year.

    1. Thank you so much, that is so kind of you! :D I definitely need reminding to take it slow and rest when I need to! ♡

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  5. These are lovely ideas, especially getting a bamboo toothbrush- that's on my list in terms of being more sustainable as well! I hope you have a great week ahead xx

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Thanks so much Diana! I'm so glad you liked it, I hope you had a lovely week too! :D ♡

  6. Great tips! Definitely more sleep for me and more self-care in general.


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