Monday, 31 December 2018

Out of the box vacation ideas!*

Think how excited you get when you think about going on holiday. From the moment you book it, it's always in your mind, how excited you are to go, counting down the days. Everything you do for months in advance is based around the holiday, saving for it or figuring out what you're taking with you. Here are some ideas to make it extra exciting!

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We often think the more extravagant we go, the more fun we're going to have. But extravagance doesn't mean staying in fancy hotels and jet setting around the world. Extravagant can be anything from doing something totally spontaneous whilst you're on holiday, to stopping in a quirky B&B that you wouldn't usually go for, to seeing your new destination from a whole new angle. Here are some ideas to help you to plan an even better than average holiday, like nothing you've tried before! 

Van Conversion Excursions - Van conversions are great. They're becoming so much more popular at the minute, with thousands of people all around the world taking to the idea. It's the idea of converting your average van into a portable home that you can take around the world. You can either have them custom made for you by a bespoke designed campervan manufacturing company, or you can take to doing the work yourself. We would like to say that one is cheaper than the other, but when you add it all up it would be around the same price to build one as it would to buy one ready done for you. But whatever your choice, this is going to be an excellent way to get around the world. All you need to bother about is the fuel in the tank and the maintenance of it all, and you're away. There are many places in Europe that you could easily take a camper van! 

Glamping In The Wild - Glamping has definitely become more popular in the last few years. That's why there are now so many glamping sites around the world, all of which are becoming more snazzy. You can find beachfront locations, as well as forests which set an incredible scenery. These are usually always self catered, but that makes the adventure even more fun. If you can, try and secure yourself one with a hot tub! 

Thrills Galore - If what we've said hasn't floated your boat yet, then what about an all thrills holiday. Going skiing or snowboarding when you haven't done before is a scary thing to do. But it's definitely full of thrills and beautiful scenery. All you have to do is have a few lessons before you go to find your feet, then you're away! There are locations in France and Switzerland that prove highly popular, or Canada too for a mixture of skiing and sightseeing!

Sailing holidays - Taking a sailing holiday not only makes for an incredible experience but, when taken on smaller ships that can make the most of wind power, is an amazing eco friendly way to take a holiday! It's such an exciting alternative to flying and will definitely make for an unforgettable adventure.


  1. Oh I'd love to go glamping! I'm no stranger to super basic camping, but I think I'd like a more luxurious touch.
    Cora |

  2. I'd love to do glamping. It's the only type of camping that I'd do!