Monday, 5 November 2018

Super girly jewellery ideas for A/W 2019*

 *this is a guest and collaborative post on "Ice Cream" whispers Clara
One of the loveliest ways to celebrate an outfit or accessorise it are pieces of delicate jewellery to turn it into a pretty masterpiece. Here are some gorgeous, girly jewellery options to adore...

Low profile ear cuffs - ear cuffs can look so delicate and pretty. Thin and low profile style pieces are the way forward for both the top of the ear and ear climbers that use the main piecing in the lobe and then angle upwards to create a flowing line. You can even get cuffs and climbers with very tiny crystals and jewels that fit close to the ear. Even butterflies! Something that will give your look a little added sparkle while keeping things as delicate and minimal as possible. 

Layering rings - a fantastic method of accessorising your look in a super-girly way is to layer up your rings. Choose a set of rings that are different but belong to the same set or range, much like the ones you can get from placing like this piercing shop online. Then all you need to do is find the best finger for each one, doubling or even tripling some up as you go. This provides a very delicate and pretty vibe with a boho feel that can look gorgeous with outfits as diverse as jeans, jumpers or ditzy floral dresses. 

Crystals and natural cut stones - Another key trend in pretty accessories this season are raw crystal and uncut stones. Think tumbler crystals, before they are polished. Quartz is popular and affordable but you can find all kinds... agate, rose quartz, amethyst, carnelian, even wands of citrine! Also, keep an eye out for crystals edged in gold and suspended on delicate chains. You can even choose a type of crystal that is said to have a positive effect on your mood and wellbeing, too, just to enhance your wearing experience. Raw birthstones can look gorgeous on simple metallic chains, especially if they are rose gold ones!

Mini asymmetrical earrings - Finally, if you are looking for a delicate and pretty way to dress up any outfit, why not go for tiny earrings? The AW2019 twist here being that you certainly do not have a sport a matching pair. In fact, the whole idea is to asymmetrically mix and match here with different shapes, amounts, and styles which will look great when displayed all together. 

Happily, you will find that there are no shortage of earrings you can buy that meet these criteria. From multipacks in stores like Primark that cost but a few pounds to ones made from semi-precious materials and with more unusual finishes, like the brushed silver ones you find on Etsy. Experiment with different colour schemes, mix and max to make colours contrast and pop, or choose one cohesive colour scheme, the options are endless and something to have so much fun with all season long!


  1. I love the perspective on this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! So much detail! I really like it. I'm excited to read more!!!