Monday, 19 November 2018

Mate date ideas that don't involve alcohol*

*this is a collaborative post on "Ice Cream" whispers Clara
Spending time with friends can be important to us, a ‘like’ or a comment on social media just isn’t the same, compared to being in the presence of your loved ones. Scheduling time together in person can be tricky as all of us lead busy lives, we’re often on opposite shifts, free on different days and getting something in the diary is difficult. But when you do figure out a day that suits everyone, what can be even more tricky is finding something you all enjoy doing. Here are some ways alcohol free mate dates can be the most fun ever, things to do that are fun and don’t involve drinking. 

Host an afternoon tea - If you’re meeting for lunch then hosting an afternoon tea is a nice idea, it’s elegant yet easy to do and you can create a selection of sweet and savoury finger foods that everyone will love. From finger sandwiches to mini pastries and scones, you could always buy in some of the more fiddly desserts. It’s a great way to spend time on a warm day as you can sit out in the garden, but now it’s cold it’s still fun indoors and you could even make it festive themed in the run up to Christmas. Invest in some top restaurant quality tablecloths from Richard Haworth and purchase some tiered cake stands and some cute mismatched china cups, scour charity shops for these kinds of things. 

Book in at a restaurant - If you want more of an evening occasion, why not book in at a nice restaurant? If you go with a place that serves a wide range of dishes it will be easy for everyone to find something they like. You could always order a selection of different dishes and have fun trying different things while you all catch up. Sites like Groupon and Meerkat Meals are handy as they can massively reduce your bill so it doesnt need to cost a bomb.

Go to the theatre - The cinema is fun, but there’s something magical about the theatre. The live acting, the atmosphere, even if you and your friends don’t think it’s your ‘thing’ its definitely something to try and you might be pleasantly surprised. You could always go festive at this time of year and go to a panto. 

Try a class or course - There are all kinds of fun one off classes or courses that you attend each week which could make the perfect way to spend time with friends. From cooking to baking, arts and crafts, wine tasting sessions, chocolate making classes - the list is endless! Whether you want a fun, unique one-off meetup or something you can do on a regular bases, look into courses in your area.

Enjoy an animal petting day - maybe a day trip to your local zoo or visiting the nearest animal rescue centre or petting centre, or even heading to a duck pond or river to see ducks and swans, this can be so much fun. Instead of bread, take along some vegetable and potato peelings for our feathery friends, it's much better for them and easier for them to digest too!

Consider something active - Exercising together is an amazing idea as you get to stay fit and socialise at the same time. It’s an amazing way to keep motivated, and there are loads of fun activities, you could go ice skating, roller blading, trampolining or swimming, you could go on hikes, or go surfing. Incorporating something like this into your routine means you’ll get to regularly see your friends, work out and have fun. The options are endless! It doesn't have to be boring workouts at the gym or running in the rain. It’s possible to actually have fun while you exercise. 

What sort of mate date ideas do you most like doing that don’t involve drinking or partying?

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