How to look and feel beautiful everyday

How to be eyecatching, how to get noticed girly tips

Here are some unique self loving ways to improve your appearance, from channelling old hollywood vibes, to showing different angles of your face, to wearing a one colour outfit, to tricking the eye with jumbo braids and a super dreamy blush. It’s how to look beautiful, feel extremely magnetic and dazzle like a diamond – also check out my how to get pretty overnight beauty hacks!

A mini guide for anyone needing a bit of a midweek boost, this guide will get you there with real action tips on how to really stand out that will suit everyone, beauty trends to turn heads and get stares, for the fun of it. Ways to be eyecatching, to get eyes on your makeup you just perfected, to help you feel and look gorgeous at school…

1. Channel film star vibes – a centre parting, wearing silky fabrics, a tulle skirt and heels, bardot shoulders and round necklines are all magic ideas, or try to channel the volumptuous hairstyles from a dreamy french movie. Make use of the season you’re in, maybe a beret or white, pink or tan knee high boots, or a trench coat for autumn and winter, opulent textures too.

2. Old hollywood touches – embellish your look with a dreamy opulent headband or choker neckace, take cues from Swarkosvi ads but emulate the look with affordable pieces from Accessorize, Asos and Primark too to reflect the light and own the light. Borrow pieces from different eras, the white 60’s gloves are a gorgeous option!

How to be eyecatching, how to get noticed girly tips

3. Show different angles of your face – show off a different side of your face by trying out different hairstyles that you wouldn’t normally wear, a great way is to french braid little sections to take the hair back from your face, or twist sections in to a half pony.

4. Cherry lips – the perfect red lip looks very different for different people, it can be a gorgeous deep burgundy for darker skin tones and even a rosy pink hue for lighter skin tones. Find your unique red shade that really elevates and lifts your face and makes you feel amazing, it steals the show but doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable or wash you out. Think about texture too, how the product sits on your skin, what is most comfortable for you, maybe a more moisturising formula if you have chapped lips or whether you prefer a colour intense lipstick or a tinted balm.

5. Emphasise the cupid’s bow – such a magical part of the face to enhance, sharpen it up with your favourite red, an angled brush or lip liner and define around it with a little concealer to keep the sharp edge, with a little touch of highlight to finish.

6. Wear a one colour outfit – for supremely cool, put together vibes embark on a uniform one colour outfit. It can be extremely powerful, it creates one seamless shape that looks super sleek and chic and it means you can wear any colour you love and effortlessly stand out! Even nude, pinks, blacks, greys, who says only bright things stand out? A really great trick is to craft an outfit around a specific colour, coordinate your shoes, scarf, coat, matchy matchy!

How to be eyecatching, how to get noticed girly tips

7. Get waterfall hair – really go to town with your locks, go for princessy, waterfall hair and don’t hold back. I really ship long layers, I just love the shape and volume they create.

8. Big braids – go big for extra oomph! Giant braids can look so beautiful and ‘extra’, you will be sure to turn heads wherever you go and they make your hair look super thick and volumptuous too.

9. Go high waisted – creates a streamlined shape that will ensure eyes are on you, attention grabbing and figure flattering, we can redefine where our waist starts and legs begin, enabling us to sculpt our dream body shape with clothing! This is so flattering with all sizes and will make you feel utterly magnetic as you can exaggerate your favourite features. Think outer wear too, a cute cropped coat or jacket will allow you to redefine your waistline and make your legs extra long!

10. Exaggerate your lashes – for thick, long eyelashes use a mascara brush vertically on the lower lashes to go big and bold and make your eye look super chic, or trim faux lashes down to size to fit your eye the best. Set them off with gentle makeup, a little silky shimmer to make them pop.

How to be eyecatching, how to get noticed girly tips

11. Wear formal wear, informally! – try wearing the effortless chic ‘undone’ trend with lingerie inspired pieces, formal and strappy slip style dresses over casual tops, contrasting colours to make them pop to look quirky and incredibly chic.

12. Pearl earrings – or any kind of pearlescent earrings will catch attention, even budget or plastic varieties will have the same effect! Instant glamour vibes.

13. Over the knee boots – or even knee boots are really big this season, for real kickass vibes, or to feel like an actual power ranger, opt for a lighter hue. Perfect to accord with your winter outfits, to wear with cosy jumper dresses or tights and long socks.

14. A low pony complete with a satin bow or scrunchie – for insane off duty glamour, plus pull down little sections by the face to soften the look for extra prettiness.

How to be eyecatching, how to get noticed girly tips

15. Wear something chiffon – be unexpected and draw attention with dreamy, ethereal fabrics like chiffon and infuse them in to every day outfits to turn heads easily.

16. Small ways to cosplay – a really great trick is to infuse your outfit or look with little emblems reminiscent of a character that may be familiar to people. People love and are attracted to familiarity, create a modern take on a character’s outfit like a famous Disney character, channel the colours of their outfit, little details like the satin blue ribbon for Belle.

17. A super dreamy blush – will take you far and give you that just outside glow, really lifting and brightening your whole face! I love a cream blush as you can achieve a really natural look and a beautiful silky texture, or you can dab a bit of satin lipstick on the apples of your cheeks.

I hope you liked my tips and this has given you a little midweek booost! What makes you feel super confident and powerful? Let me know in the comments below! ♡



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    These are great ideas! It's on of my bucket list to walk in NY wearing tulle skirt and high heels with exaggerated lashes! Haha!


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    Great tips hun!
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