Friday, 29 November 2019

How to take a cruise in an eco friendly way*

*this is a collaborative post on "Ice Cream" whispers Clara
These days it is so cheap to travel, and budget airlines allow us to jet around the world whenever we choose. However, the implications of the climate crisis mixed in with a common fear of flying mean that more and more of us are looking for greener means of travel and to see the world. After all, it is seeing the world and travelling it that really helps to educate us and become aware of surroundings outside our own. It really helps to alert us to the effects of climate change.

However, until completely zero waste travel machines come to be available - they are on their way! -    the most common way to still have an enjoyable travel experience, even with a fear of flying is to book a cruise trip with one of the greener cruise lines. I know, I know, cruises have earned a reputation as being little better than flying, but there are so many eco friendly changes a cruise line can make, as opposed to a plane, so many factors that can make a difference. With recent changes being made, it is reported that the average person recycles 60% more waste at sea than they do on land. Here are some ways to take a cruise in an eco friendly way.

. Choose a cruise line making the most of sail power - Star Clippers are one of the best ways to enjoy eco-friendly cruising, beautiful and tall ships that boast huge sails. Sailing around the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Asia, the ships rely exclusively on sail power around 25% to 35% of the time and often more. Onboard activities include traditional pursuits such as knot-tying classes and climbing the mast, such good value for money as you get to learn new skills too!

. Choose a cruise line using greener fuel - Hurtigruten is converting its ships to use biogas, a renewable energy source that is generated ashore from organic waste such as the leftovers of fish processed for food. Virgin Voyages have built an on board system that converts any passenger waste like sewage, food and paper, in to biofuel, which is then used to power the ship.

. Cruise lines minimising impact on the sea - Royal Caribbean International operates an environmental protection programme called Save the Waves, which aims to reduce the creation of waste material, recycle as much as possible and ensure the proper disposal of any remaining waste through water purification systems. MSC Cruises ships are being painted with new specially designed non toxic paint that doesn't release acidity and doesn't alter the bacterial makeup of the sea. All waste water on their ships is recycled and reused, with the last drop used to wash the windows.

. You get to visit multiple destinations on the same trip - One of the most appealing features of a cruise experience is the fact that you get to visit multiple destinations on the same cruise. When you fly abroad for your vacation, it is generally to visit a single location. Instead of booking flight after flight with all the disposable one use plastic that entails from going through security and picking things up in airport lounges again and again, a cruise is a resort in itself that stops at numerous countries on its way. When the ship drops anchor, you can get out and explore the location as you normally would. This way, you can see so much more of the world in one trip.

. Give back while on board! One of the most fulfilling and sociable experiences is giving back by volunteering around the world! Crystal Cruises won the Cruise Ship Environmental Award both in 2005 and 2011 for its mandatory conservation and environmental practises programs, energy efficient lighting in all cabins, eco friendly water filtration and dry cleaning systems, plus recycles its own unused toiletries. But its 'you care, we care' voluntourism program allows both cruisers and crew to participate in community based conservation projects in destinations the ships visit, for no additional cost to passengers. This can include restoration of native foliage in New Zealand, collaborating with animal rescue programs in places around Europe, volunteering at an Alaskan salmon hatchery and helping to clear up areas after hurricane devastation.

For many people, one of the highlights of travelling and going on holiday is the fact that you get to socialise with new people. And this is one of the ways in which a cruise offers you so much.

The freedom and flexibility that comes with taking a cruise is something that makes this a wonderful travel experience, especially now that there are cleaner, greener options to consider when taking a cruise. You can book a cruise experience with any of these greener companies at, there are so many options to choose from, it can be as laid back or full-on as you want, and this is something that a lot of people love about it. It’s a holiday experience with a difference and a way to see the world that is unlike any other. The multiple destinations and social aspect of cruises make them an absolute must for travel junkies, and there are a multitude of ways to make them greener at the same time. You could even get involved and find ways to assist the programs on your own!
Monday, 25 November 2019

Marie Antoinette inspired wishlist #2

Girly aesthetic wishlist, Marie Antoinette aesthetic wish list
I haven't done one of these in ages, I really love putting these kinds of posts together. This is a follow up on my Marie Antoinette nightwear wishlist, a fancy Marie Antoinette aesthetic inspired wishlist inspired by everything a little bit extra in poudre, pastel and chiffon inspired hues. Just pair with this adorable miss etoile mug and a box of laduree macarons!

Friday, 15 November 2019

Girly ways to feel put together in 35 seconds

Girly aesthetic put together tips, just girly things
Here is my own girly take on how to feel put together quickly. I tried to include some you haven't heard before, some that aren't widely known about on the internet and some that might surprise you. One or two might require a little previous preparation, but I loved them too much not to include them! I hope you enjoy, PS it's never too late to start the day! *inserts fist emoji*

1. Put together a dreamy wrapping paper collection - this is great to do at all times of year, simply collect all kinds of beautiful papers, ribbons, labels together, all things to wrap and make beautiful gifts. You can spend any amount of time organising them, it makes me feel so put together having beautiful wrapping supplies all organised and ready and it's so therapeutic at the same time. I thought I would include this as it's such a fun idea! I absolutely love Etsy for this, some gorgeous papers are this dreamy marble design, pink icing sprinkles wrapping papers (so lush!) this girly blush pink metallic deer design, very girly sugar sweet pink kitten papers and this adorable pink glitter Disney confetti.
Wednesday, 6 November 2019

A guide to be magnetic and get noticed

How to be eyecatching, how to get noticed girly tips
Here's how to feel extremely magnetic and dazzle like a diamond! A mini guide for anyone needing a bit of a midweek boost, this guide will get you there with real action tips on how to really stand out that will suit everyone, beauty trends to turn heads and get stares, for the fun of it. Ways to be eyecatching, to get eyes on your makeup you just perfected, to help you feel popular at school...

1. Channel film star vibes - a centre parting, wearing silky fabrics, a tulle skirt and heels, bardot shoulders and round necklines are all magic ideas, or try to channel the volumptuous hairstyles from a dreamy french movie. Make use of the season you're in, maybe a beret or white, pink or tan knee high boots, or a trench coat for autumn and winter, opulent textures too.