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Simple ways to create a calm and relaxing home*

*This is a collaborative and guest post on "Ice Cream" whispers Clara
After a stressful and difficult day at work, your home should be the place you return to in order to rest, relax, and calm your frazzled mind. It should evoke feelings of happiness and joy, love and contentment, and a sense of zen-like peace. Here's how to make your home feel like home...

#1: Find your go-to place - For some people, it will be the living room. For others, it will be the conservatory. And for many of us, it will be the bedroom. These are just a few of the places that are commonly used for rest and relaxation purposes. Think about your downtime - what do you love to do? Head to your go-to place; that area of your home where you can retreat to each day. And in that area, bring in those things that are guaranteed to boost your mood and soothe your mind and body. In your bedroom, you might set up an area with a dressing table. Here, you can pamper yourself with your favourite beauty products, perhaps experimenting with make-ups or soothing your tired skin with your creams and lotions.

In your living room, you might want to focus on entertainment. Sitting back on your sofa while listening to music provided by Alexa, or watching your favourite shows on Netflix, you will be able to transport your mind away from the stresses of the day. And if the sun is warm but the air is still a little too chilly to sit outside, the conservatory might be your place of choice. Here you can sit with your favourite book or magazine while looking at the beauty of your garden once in a while. A lit candle and a plate of delicious biscuits might compliment your relaxation time too.

#2: Focus on your garden - If you're lucky enough to have a garden, make the most of it for relaxation purposes. So, you might bring in patio builders to give you an all-weather space so you can enjoy your garden all year round. With an outdoor heater at the ready in cooler weather, or with the state-of-the-art heat-resistant tech featured in the link on really hot days, you could spend time on your patio for hours in your downtime. To prettify the garden have a browse through these design ideas and consider how they might fit into your outdoor area. Even small changes can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the space, listening to the trickle of a water fountain will make a whole space feel more beautiful and calming.

#3: Find a place to engage with your hobbies - There are all kinds of calming hobbies you can try out at home. You might achieve a state of zen-like peace while pottering around your garden. If cooking gives you a sense of calm and happiness, then you might spend some of your free time in the kitchen pursuing your (hopefully) delicious hobby. And if you love nothing more than a good book, then you might want to set up a special little nook in your bedroom or living room. If you have a spare room in your home, you could convert it into an area for your hobbies too. This might be somewhere in your house, but if you have a garage or a summer house, you might use these areas as well. An art studio? A music room? A craft zone? Think about the hobbies that enable you to relax, and transform your available spaces into something fit for purpose. 

#4: De-clutter your home - You are hardly likely to find a place of tranquility if your home is littered with clutter. From messy closets to floors piled high with items without a home, you might feel stressed when entering certain rooms. If there are outfits in your closets that you no longer wear, consider giving some of them to a friend. Channel your inner Marie Kondo! And if you have items that you just can't bear to let go of, try some extra storage furniture to give them a home of their own to nestle in. You will then be able to engage with your hobbies without having something distracting you in the corner of your eye. Oh, and you will be less prone to bumping into and stepping on things too, meaning you won't suffer any painful breaks in your tranquility. 

#5: Mix and match your colours - There are some colours that are conducive to a relaxing mind. From blues to velvets, take a look at these peaceful paint colours for some examples, and consider how they would look in your home. After deciding on the colours you enjoy, use a colour wheel to guide you into making the right choices for the rest of your home decor, from rugs for the floor to throws for your sofa. With the right colour and design combinations, you should then feel a deeper sense of relaxation when stepping into individual rooms.

To give you some inspiration, take a look at these calming bedroom designs. If getting to sleep has ever been a problem for you, it might be that you finally manage to get some shut-eye by giving this area of your home a few extra touches of colour to relax you. 

#6: Get on top of any repair jobs - It can be hard to relax in your living room if there are cool drafts filtering in through your doors and windows or your sleep is disrupted due to the drip drip drip of a leaky tap. Other nuisance issues can include creaky floorboards, damp walls, and boiler noises. To create a calm and relaxing home, and to eliminate these problems, either bring in a professional for those jobs that you can't handle or have a go at a few DIY fixes that you should be able to manage yourself. You will then be able to read your book without a cold shiver running down your spine, and you will be able to settle in to a peaceful night's sleep or telly watching!

#7: Bring in more natural light - The more natural light you have coming into your home, the better. It can improve your mood, give you cause to relax, and shine a light on the efforts that you have already made to create a relaxing home environment. Try cutting back any bushes or trees outside that might be blocking your light. Replace heavy curtains with something made of lighter material, and pull them right back during the day to let the sunlight in. Incorporate reflective surfaces into your home, so the light can double in each room. Here are some other ideas that are so helpful for bringing more natural light into your home. 

Imagine having the opportunity to come home to a calm and relaxing environment! Then stop imagining it, and get to work on transforming your home, so you actually have the opportunity to do so!! We hope our suggestions were useful to you but continue your research online, as you are bound to find plenty more ideas to give you a home that is suitable for relaxation purposes!


  1. This is such a wonderful post! I am definitely trying to focus on decluttering a bit. It's so hard to do but always makes me feel better afterwards.

  2. Natural light is so important! Especially in autumn and winter, when you have less of it. It can really change up the atmosphere in a room. Cosying things up with throws, pillows and candles also helps a lot I think!

    Julia x
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  3. I have always wanted to have my own magical garden ☁ ☂

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