Thursday, 31 October 2019

Girly hygge tips, a girly guide to hygge!

Happy Halloween! Whichever season it is that you're arriving on this post, there is always room to embrace the concept of hygge and install it in everyday life, a gentle, cosy lit space of home, warmth, honey and spices, community and coziness, touching on Mori girl style. Here are some girly ways to embrace it, a dreamy and girly take on hygge... get snuggled up and stuck in!

1. Go on a sensory trip! It's about treating and delighting every one of your senses,   delighting a symphony of senses, with delicious feeling fabrics, textures, scents. We always go about seeing and thinking without using much of our other senses. Treat yourself to some scented pens!     

2. Minimal but intentional - making sure the things you own have a purpose and/or bring you joy can bring incredible satisfaction. Using Marie Kondo's method, we can thank each thing we have used but have no use for anymore, thank it for the joy it brought to our lives and pass it on in the kindest way, whether that's a charity shop or store or special recycling bin in your neighbourhood. Dispose of it in a kind way to thank it for its service and avoid leaving waste behind.
3. Don't feel guilty about indulging - craft a deluxe tray of cinnamon buns and absolutely slather them in incredible icing, for the sheer reason of always wanting to do it. 
Wednesday, 23 October 2019

How to make your outside space more appealing*

*this is a collaborative and guest post on "Ice Cream" whispers Clara
When it comes to our garden, it’s likely not to see much use as the months get colder or the days get rainier. Here are some ways to make your garden super appealing, to make it easier and nicer to pop outside every now and then to enjoy your outdoor space, come every season...

Invest In Outdoor Furniture - one reason why someone might not spend much time in their garden could be that there’s no outdoors furniture to kick back and relax on. As far as outdoor spaces go, investing in some outdoor furniture might be just what you need to encourage you to make the most of it. Look at getting some chairs and sofas that are suitable for outdoor use. There’s plenty that comes with cushions that you can pack away inside of the furniture itself. A lot of this furniture is also made out of durable material that won’t rust and is easy to wipe down. If there’s somewhere to sit then, it’s much more appealing to take your guests outdoors.

Think about shelter - on rainy days having a sheltered outside area can be bliss, you can go and sit outside with a hot drink and listen to the rain pattering overhead. It's so soothing, relaxing and and a cosy way to spend your free time, especially if you get a lot of rain in your area!

Light Up The Space - all that darkness and no wonder you want to stay inside where it’s nicely warm and lit up. Sure it might be colder outside, but there are ways to light up the space. Think about getting a fire pit to put in the middle of your seating area. This provides lots of warmth and natural light when lit. For more permanent lighting, think about adding fairly lights to the trees and tall shrubs. You can also get solar powered lighting that you can fix into the ground and light up from the sunlight that they collect throughout the day. 

Plant Some More - if gardening might not be your strong suit, worry no more! Hedgeplants Heijnen has plenty of hedging that you can get to shape your garden if it hasn’t got much shape or structure about it already or if the existing plants have died and need replacing. Taking care of plants can take so little time, there’s plenty of them that don’t require much attention at all. Simply replant any dead ones and let nature do its thing in keeping them alive. Just be sure to keep an eye on them whenever you have spells where you’ve not had rainfall in a while. 

Feed the birds - hanging up some birdfeeders outside and around your home can mean your garden, balcony or outdoor space can become host to a whole colourful flock of friendly birds. You might spot different colours at different times of year, it's so satisfying to watch them.

Keep On Top Of The Mowing - when the grass in your garden gets too long, it can become messy, and it’ll look as if you’ve not paid much attention to it recently. So try to keep on top of the mowing where possible, even when it’s cold. Try to find a relatively dry day where you can mow the grass and keep it short. The more often you do this, the better and think of it like your own hair. That needs grooming and maintaining every so often, it’s the same for your grass. 
Tuesday, 15 October 2019

A fairytale esque bedroom on a budget, DIY tricks

 The bedroom is an important space, somewhere to relax, to dream, to hide away from the world after a difficult day. It's fun and can be therapeutic spending some time and effort to making it look nice, making it somewhere that you genuinely enjoy spending time. Even with a small budget you can switch things up, make it unique to you and give your bedroom a new lease of life! Here are some DIY tricks to give your room that ethereal, princess castle style look, instant Cinderella vibes.
Saturday, 12 October 2019

10 pamper activites you can do whilst in bed

girly self care ideas to pamper yourself in bed
Happy October everyone! I made a list of pampering rituals you can do while in bed, when you are ready to unwind after a long day but are also perfectly poised to face plant a bed aka me. They are perfect for the end of a long day, they feel extremely delicious but you won't have to move an inch (well, nearly) do anything or even get out of bed... yes I went there.