Friday, 21 September 2018

Shaving time off your garden upkeep*

Do you have a love of gardening? Maybe you do, but you’re a busy soul and don’t have a lot of time to get down on your knees in the garden! And seeing as it’s getting a bit wild and overgrown out there, you’re feeling pretty bad that you just don’t have the chance to dedicate your energy to it in the way you want. So, it’s clear we’re at an impasse; you want to look after your garden, but it’s a big project, and you’re not sure you’ll always have the time necessary to keep the greenery on its toes. What do you do? Here are some great ways to shave off the upkeep time! 

*this is a collaborative post
Create a meadow garden - why not find a way embrace your growing lawn by creating a lovely, lush meadow garden! Simply make a path through the middle and style up your beautifully unkept garden to look magical with lots of lovely wildflowers! It will mean you don't have to mow the lawn quite so often, and give you lots of breathing space to enjoy your garden, rather than feeling you have to constantly be on top of it. It will also help keep it less muddy in winter and help to give wildlife like bees and butterflies a lovely home or place to visit!

Invest in an outdoor loving pet or two! Outdoor, grass loving pets like bunnies and guinea pigs are amazing at keeping the grass down and saving you a job! All you will have to do garden-wise is move the run every so often and provide a lovely, warm and secure hutch for shelter. This could be the perfect solution for animal lovers as you can enjoy your pets and have a helping hand with the lawn at the same time, plus watch them when you are gardening!

Make Use of Power Washing - you step outside one day and find that the money you invested in a nice outdoor seating area has gone to waste, simply because it looks a bit like a wasteland out there! There’s a lot of growth all over your pathways and your patios, and you’re hating the look of all the lumps and bumps. But what’s to be done, without you spending hours with a broom or rake in your hands? Power washing. Power washing is key to keeping your yard looking clean and tidy, considering how easy it is for your decking and your patio to get grimey and mossy in the off seasons. Plug it in, turn it on, and watch as the dirt is blasted away in a matter of seconds. It might take you 10 minutes tops! 

Pull the Obvious Weeds Out - Gardens can become overgrown with weeds, but you don’t need to waste your time pulling them all out. Instead, just pull out and trim back the most obvious of them all - those daisies and clovers that grow in and out of the plant beds can wait until later. For now, simply focus on the weeds and roots that are pushing up through your pathways; it’s the most productive way to approach your garden whilst you have little time to spare. 

Getting Those Trees Out of the Way - If you’re someone who has some trees bordering your garden, or growing in the middle of your lawn, it’s time to do some tree care and prune, prune, prune. Not only is it beneficial for the tree to focus its energy on new growths and growing fruit and blossoms, it will help you access precious space in your garden, and look nice, neat and groomed too, which will transform the look of the space. Oscar calls it 'giving it a haircut' haha! 

If you're anything like me you have a tree that has just grown and grown whilst you’ve been living in your house. You have no idea how to approach it, and you’ve mostly left it to its own devices. Luckily there’s plenty you can do to make sure the tree doesn’t grow out of control - calling someone in to trim or hack it down, and then asking them to conduct some Stump Grinding, will make sure that tree mars your backyard no longer! 


  1. Interesting post!!

  2. I don't have a garden but I would love too! I would try to grow colourful flowers (and probably fail haha) and maybe have a little food garden as well. It must be so rewarding to grow your own food!

    Julia x
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