Thursday, 12 September 2019

Look like an angel for work or school

Look like - and feel like - an angel for work or school! From the Lakes, we travelled way down to Birmingham at the weekend to visit Mitch's family and shopped for Oscar going back to school, in the biggest Primark I've ever seen - ever! I picked up a few things and this beautiful top I found in River Island. I absolutely  l o v e  going to the city as you can find all kinds of crazy things...

I picked up one of the silky chai scented facial mists by ohii, it smells just like popcorn and gives you baby soft skin all day. I am a sucker, I smelt it and was sold straightaway, it is a dream. I wanted to bottle that sense of feeling soft and pampered, in your favourite scents and clothes, and so here are some steps to take to look and feel like an angel all day long, at work or school!
Finding innovative ways to work around a dress code! Does your school or workplace have a uniform policy or dress code? Here are some fashion tips for school uniforms and work uniforms alike, and how to look angelic wherever you go. Let's get going!
1. If you are commanded to dress conservatively, try a flowy maxi or midi skirt. This can be a really cool, delicate and stylish look that keeps within the constraints of a formal dress code. I absolutely love satin and silky textures, they give a skirt that really cool and soft 'slip' feel. Some have hidden slits in the side to break up the length, helping to give it more movement.

2. For all black or colour specific outfits, find freedom in your choice of texture -  dreamy silky or satin fabrics can create the perfect femme fatale look, will reflect light and make you look glowy and super put together at the same time. A glossy texture contrasted against a matte texture looks amazing and brings out the beauty in each fabric. Little sheer touches in an outfit can look magical too, like the sleeves or cut out sections... or tights! Sheer tights with boucle skirt are just mmmm, so gorgeous and perfect for A/W! Textures are a lot of fun. My top has a fluffy knitwear texture that is so fun to wear and makes autumn and winter seem that little bit sweeter!
3. Little matching sets and all in ones - can be the smartest thing ever that you actually enjoy wearing! My favourite things at the moment are skirts with suspenders, cute pinafores, they are adorable all in one pieces that will look super smart too. They are perfect for work or office wear and accord with any non uniform dress code. For extra smart points, or to accord with a stricter dress code, pop a black pinafore over a black top or turtleneck, so sleek and cool!
4. Look at the neckline - there is so much freedom within a neckline, you can completely change your whole look or vibe with just a different neckline! A high neck can look very stylish and sultry. A peter pan collar looks super smart and offers connotations of innocence and also a little 60's flair. You can even get detachable ones, if you ever have to quickly adhere to a stricter dress code (aka your boss walks in) or you want to make your outfit more fun for lunches and brunches.
5. Little accessories, little details - like satin scrunchies, the innocence of thigh high socks, tiny, delicate jewellery, a silky ribbon in your hair. Sometimes the tinier the better, diamontes in fashion are coming back in a big way. You could even fix some to the edge of your collar. For a strict school or work dress code try a black satin ribbon in the hair for an unquestionably formal look. Also try tying it as a neck tie, a very cute, formal look that is fine for formal dress occasions. A belt can also be an  a m a z i n g  addition as nobody can question a belt, it's there for a purpose!
6. For the strictest dress codes - little details like ruffled sleeves or hemlines, or pleats can work wonders. If you can, change the whole shape of your uniform by creating a high waisted look. Just tuck any top or blouse in to your bottoms and shift those up quite high, securing with a belt. This will look smart and sultry and flatter every figure beautifully! If your uniform is baggy, sizing down one size will also work perfectly with this look, creating a streamlined shape. Also, follow my tips below to look totally angelic, even if you feel totally confined to your uniform!

7. Have fun with your outerwear too - There is nothing sweeter than a pink bobble knit scarf, gloves with diamonte touches, okay I'm embarrassing myself now I'm definitely five haha. A flare, wrap coat is so cute, it's sleek and smart and emulates the cross over style of ballet wrap jumpers. Replace the buttons on a coat with extra pretty, glossy or matching ones. Find a coat with gathered poofy shoulders. Even the girl with the sultriest style might enjoy a chic, satiny blazer.
Angel inspired beauty ideas for work and school... consist of ways to look simultaneously naturally beautiful and glowing. Plus smelling like a marshmallow.

8. Body and face sprays - I am so in to facial sprays right now! They smell delicious, make your skin so soft, refresh your face and are the perfect way to pamper yourself on the go! Spritz after the shower and top up whenever you fancy throughout the day, for skin that smells beautiful and glows. I love how the scent settles to your skin, it mingles with the skin in a way that makes it seem like your skin is authentically producing the scent. You can buy rose scented and rosewater sprays but I absolutely love the Chai scented serum mist by ohii, it produces the most delicate, fine and beautiful mist and feels really luxurious. It smells like popcorn and autumn!

9. Soft illuminating makeup - the 'no makeup' makeup look is perfect for work and school. The goal is to craft a smooth, dreamy, illuminated complexion and fool people in to thinking you woke up like that! I'm thinking about creating some full tutorials in later posts but for now, I one hundred percent recommend trying Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Away concealer if you can get your hands on it, it is like nothing I have ever tried! It gives you flawless skin, that coveted glow you always see on Pinterest, no extra steps needed! Apply an SPF to protect the skin and some rose coloured blush up high on the apples of your cheeks. Emphasise your cupid's bow and try brown eyeliner for a softer look and to get away with wearing eye makeup in a school or strict work setting!
10. For nails that must be plain, try a french manicure or clear with glitter polish for glossy and glassy nails that catch the light. Furnish your nail collection with beautiful nude and ballet esque shades. Buying new makeup can definitely count as back to school prep haha!

11. Braiding your hair - can be an amazing and creative way to appease a stricter dress code, by keeping your hair out of your face. Some angelic hair ideas I love the most are the fishtail braid or side braid, the french braid, you could also weave in a sheer ribbon or scarf.

12. Achieve fluffy hair - sometimes 'rolled out of bed' hair and bedhead curls can be the perfect accompanyment to a dreamy outfit, for example pairing a thrown together messy bun with an adorable silky slip style midi/maxi skirt. The tousled hair look can be really cute! Try to keep the ends glossy if you can and work the roots to give your hair extra poofy volume, maybe with some texturising product. You could also try putting in a pony and pull on different end sections to 'poof' it up haha, to create instant volume and a really cute 60's style look.

13. Achieve glossy hair by - condition, condition, condition - I absolutely love the Dream Lengths hair range for this - and applying a shine serum fused heat protector spray before you straighten. Alternatively, invest in a great hair oil and apply to mid lengths and ends before blow drying. Blow dry with a nozzle on and always pointing down the hair to smooth down the cuticle, which helps your hair to reflect light. When finished, spritz a lightweight shine spray from an arm's length away. A great tip is to think of your hair as part of the makeup, how the look comes together!
14. Focus on the lashes - choose makeup carefully to really play up the lashes. Keep them lovely and conditioned with some castor oil or lash serum. A faux lashes without faux lashes trick, first coat the lashes with cornstarch baby powder before applying your favourite mascara. If you can get away with it, pop some shimmer on the lids to draw attention and catch the eye, plus keep the rest of the face soft, silky and natural. If a shimmer is outside your dress code, you can still create this look! Just swap it for highlighter or create a dewy, glossy look with a dab of lipbalm, maybe keeping the rest of the face soft, matte and smooth, creating some gorgeous contrasting textures within the face.
15. Have so much fun with scent - scent is an area you can really have so much fun with as you can get away with almost any! Really think about which scents you genuinely enjoy. I realised I have a lot of scents I've been trying so hard to love haha, I just don't reach for them! Think about going in to your favourite shop, what you can smell and scents that appeal to your inner child and what it demands... rose scents like turkish delight, coconut smells like holidays, vanilla like ice cream. Check out my ultimate angel scent guide here!

16. A little sparkle here and there - sparkle is the secret. To wear a visible glow try a shimmery dusting powder and pat it all over your body before getting dressed. This will give you extra confidence, make you feel ethereal and ensure you glow from the inside out! Also try a liquid or creamy highlighter on the face, as it will create a dewy finish, rather than a powder highlighter, which can leave a matte and more chunky glittery finish. 

17. Your dream skincare routine, simplified! For me, angel skin means condition, condition, condition! It feels amazing to have a lovely base to work with, but I'm not even at school and I barely have time for any skin care routines haha. A really easy trick is to invest in some skincare minis and keep them by your bed so you always remember to pop on before you go to sleep. I do a gentle cleanse and soothe and condition my skin with skin friendly products - I call them 'skin food'! - to keep it nice and well hydrated. When I pop them on at night, I wake up with pillowy soft skin. I absolutely love investing in minis as it means I can try out a whole range of products at minimal cost and they take up less space, I can fit them in my drawer or bag!
I hope these will make getting ready in the morning more fun, and help you to feel more confident in your work or school outfit. Sometimes fashion constraints can be good as they force you to really get creative with your outfits and the ways you can work with it. I always think matching underwear makes you feel amazing too, but I swear I put that in every post haha. Happy going back to work or school time for those who are! Do you enjoy posts like this? Let me know below! 


  1. So much great advice here! I love wearing midi skirts and love how versatile they can be. Nude/ pink nails are my favourite too, they're always so pretty xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I would love to see a post on a lovely no-makeup makeup look! I've been sporting less makeup lately and would love to know if you have any tips or more producr recommendations. ♥

  3. Beautiful pictures, dear! I love your lovely blog so much. I followed you, if you want, follow me back. xoxo

  4. Ooh there are some excellent tips here!
    I love keeping my hair in a braid - by the end of the day it's started to fall out and there are wisps of hair everywhere, but I think it looks pretty cute.
    Also that top is beautiful.
    Cora |