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 Hey all! Here are some real Sleeping Beauty inspired tips, how to sleep deeply and soundly at night, some serious sleep hacks and tips to have better sleep and feel less stressed at bedtime. You know I love my ‘fluffy bunny’ posts but I wanted to include some real, unfussy, actionable tips to get you going and offer some real help to make bedtime a happier, more stress free experience.

Although, please note! These tips do not replace medical advice and do not reflect the severity of symptoms that afflict those suffering with forms of mental illness or sleep disorders.blank

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1. Trying a sleep mask – might just be the ultimate sneaky hack you’ve been looking for! Maybe it’s something about being able to pull fabric over your eyes (but still being able to breathe haha), totally shutting out the light or losing sense of your surroundings that helps to soothe you back to sleep when you wake in the night. I really recommend trying it! Some eye masks are even lined with silk to aid the skin in its restorative process and prevent signs of aging.


2. Don’t aim to sleep – just any kind of relaxing will be fine! Aiming to relax rather than sleep, or even trying to stay awake, will take pressure off getting to sleep. Resting is just as beneficial, you’re resting and relaxing and giving your body that essential downtime. Think how nice the fabrics feel against your skin and the mattress supporting you and taking all of your weight as you wind down from the day, think about being swallowed whole by a huge cushiony duvet… 

3. Make your bedroom a place of indulgence – make a little paradise to rest and relax in, with silky textures, plush hotel style pillows, think mood lighting, mood lighting, mood lighting and use mirrors to reflect the light and scatter it around, giving way to soft emblems of glow everywhere. A super light, soft and fluffy throw, or even a thick cosy quilt for winter will make bedtime a pleasurable experience and something to eagerly look forward to, maybe pop a pillow spray in the fridge beforehand, so your pillows feel cool and smell dreamy.
4. Make bedtime a luxurious and enjoyable experience – to make it less of a chore, more of something you look forward to with absolute delight. Have some really cute, dreamy already ironed pyjamas on standby or invest in a seriously delicious night drink to have every bedtime. Purchase some flavoured toothpaste or an electric toothbrush, save up for some lovely, luxurious bedding, anything to make it a special and fun occasion. 

5. Work in some little mementos from childhood, or any time at all where you felt cosy, warm and safe. I have this funny memory of sleeping in my grandma’s art room in her old house and she peeling potatoes or apples in the living room next door, with the great dark wilderness outside and the smell of new and damp chopped logs near the fireplace.

It smelled of soot and warmth. Think about smells, textures and patterns, memories from childhood or what you automatically tend to gravitate towards when seeking out a place of rest and relaxation, where you feel safest, and try to incorporate those in to your space. Maybe a scented candle to recreate the smell of baking or even Zoflora, these soy wax melts that will genuinely make your room smell like a Lush store! Just be sure there are no candles still lit before getting in to bed. 

6. Leave a window open – to keep fresh air circulating about the room, which can feel nice and soothing, especially if you can hear and smell the rain falling outside too.
7. Read an old fashioned book – or novel from a different century, a Shakespearean play, like the Tempest, or even some good old Tennyson poems! Attempting to wrap your mind around the archaic language patterns or tackle the old fashioned prose can work the mind in to a sleepy state and help to lull you in to the arms of sleep.

8. Keep the bedroom nice and organised – whenever you get a moment, take some time to declutter and clear out under the bed, the closet, make your drawers nice and clean and everything folded. It can help your space feel restful, organised and clean and also even increase and improve air flow about the room. I love to pop little scented melts in my drawers so my sheets and towels smell clean and dreamy; you can even find Miss Dior scented ones here

9. Notice which times in the day you feel sleepiest – maybe keep a diary or just jot down when you feel sleepiest, whether at 3pm or 9am. Make a note of your surroundings and where you are, sensations around you and try to recreate them at home, even if that means the sounds of a photocopier haha! Or maybe you’re on a train or bus, in which case grab yourself a travel pillow and opt to take a longer route around to get to your destination, during which you can nap to your hearts content – just be sure to set an alarm to wake you so you don’t miss your stop!

10. Work with your sleeping patterns – instead of fighting erratic sleeping times and hours, it can feel like a relief to be able to work with them and roll with them. Embrace what they want you to do. Often, fretting about sleeping can lead to more adrenaline and discomfort in the body, which can keep you up for longer. The trick is to not worry about it, it’s no big deal – and maybe set yourself a time for sleep in the day, even before tea, when you get home from work.
Maybe even see if you can uproot and rearrange your meal times to accommodate this, to give you extra freedom. A more relaxed sleep schedule will take pressure off getting all your sleep at night between a certain set of hours and you can relax a little more, helping to break the vicious circle.
11. A restful, relaxing yoga routine – can be a really cool way to just unwind, plus justifies buying cute yoga wear haha. Why is that my first thought?? A restful yoga routine can aid sleep in helping to adjust and improve your breathing and connects with mindfulness and meditation, which helps to slow down the body and brain. Even my gerbies have their own little stretch and yawn routine, before tucking their heads under to form a furry ball, so cute.

12. A biphasic sleeping pattern is okay – and might work better for you day to day! It simply means a sleeping pattern broken in to two parts, where the sleeper awakes mid way through the night to accomplish tasks, to then settle back in to slumber for a secondary phase of sleep.

Funnily this is what we traditionally evolved to do, up to about industrial times. Before electricity, one might bed down not long after nightfall and often rise about 3am or so to get the fire going, before settling in to a secondary phase of sleep. We can adapt this in to modern working life by going to bed earlier, allowing for more freedom to sleep how we like.

13. Don’t sleep naked – sleeping in clothing can actually work better to control and regulate your temperature so you don’t get too hot or cold, keeping you comfiest overnight! Opt for some light, breathable pjs that feel snug and comfy and soft.

14. Watch something comforting – a telly in your room is never often said to be a good idea where sleep is concerned but for me, having something comforting on that I’ve probably watched about 1187 times before can be a fast track road to sleep haha, especially if I completely dull the lights. Is it the white noise? Hearing the lines for the 1188th time I now know off by heart? The previous experience of having fallen asleep to this exact thing before? Who knows!

15. Bring a drink with you to bed – a tip that revolutionised my bedtime/sleep experience, keeping a drink at your bedside allows you to simply help yourself in the night, plus helps soothe any disruptive hunger pangs, without having to get yourself up and downstairs to get one and having to get to sleep all over again. You could even keep a stash of essentials in your bedside drawer   like indigestion tablets so you can avoid having to get up in the night, switch on the lights and embark on a treasure hunt for said item. A million points if you can manage to keep some form of kettle in your room to make hot drinks/mugs of tea/refill hot water bottles on demand.

16. A hot water bottle – is ideal for us people in the UK come autumn and winter, where coat wearing once again becomes compulsory haha. A little bit of warmth can be so soothing, just like having a hot drink. In a warmer climate where it might be uncomfortable to sleep in the heat, try a cool shower and refreshing face mist or freeze a flannel as a nice cold compress.

17. Apply a beauty treatment or lotion – something non sticky, gentle and soothing   maybe with a lavender, vanilla or chamomile scent, a delicious smelling facial mist, products that leave your skin feeling angel soft and work to transform it overnight… there are so many out there! Check out my ultimate sleep inducing bedtime body lotions here!

I hope you liked these tips! For more posts just like this check out my dream girly bedtime routine, Marie Antoinette inspired evening routine and most soothing bedtime lotions. I hope you enjoy! Yeyyyy October! How’s your autumn so far? ♡ 

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  1. blank
    October 3, 2019 / 3:35 pm

    I love the point of don't aim to sleep, as I'm terrible for doing that and then getting annoyed at myself for not being able to sleep. There's so much great advice here, thanks for sharing xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • blank
      October 12, 2019 / 10:44 pm

      Thanks so much Hannah! Haha yes trying to force yourself to sleep and realising you've been doing that for the past hour now xD ♡

  2. blank
    October 12, 2019 / 5:01 pm

    Great post Elizabeth! I love doing a bit of yoga before sleep, maybe like 10-15 minutes with relaxing music on. It makes the world of a difference! Also using lavender or peppermint oil makes me feel sleepier and more relaxed – have you ever tried that? 😀

    Julia x

    • blank
      October 12, 2019 / 10:46 pm

      Thanks so much Julia! Those are such great ideas, I love lavender because it reminds me of the south of France, I haven't tried peppermint yet 😀 ♡

  3. blank
    March 26, 2020 / 11:50 pm

    Great tips! Definitely using these for my sleeping pattern.

  4. blank
    Dr. Tristan Sophia
    May 4, 2020 / 2:10 am

    This is the most helpful sleep tip article I've ever seen. All suggestions were great, but I especially love the childhood memories and reading an old-fashioned book ideas. Thank you!

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