Friday, 16 August 2019

Princessy morning routine ideas

 I thought I would bring you some gorgeous and relaxing morning routine ideas, after really loving putting together my girly bedtime routine and 12 princessy things to do in your pjs... I might be the cringiest person ever but sometimes you just need to be and it's just the best haha. Here are some lovely self care and self love morning rituals, best performed at sunrise.
. Choose a cute mug and enjoy some rosella tea - or your favourite drink, or whatever is in your fridge that day! You could even add a stripey straw or saucer for hot drinks. Really
 enjoy the whole experience, make it a celebration and drink it mindfully, remember to taste every sip.

. Feed your pets and pop some fresh water down - give your pets a lovely breakfast to start the day or water your plant babies. You could even spend some time giving them a cuddle to say good morning yes plants too. Spoiling those around you and spreading love around can be the perfect way to spoil yourself in the process, we could all use that in the morning! 

. Make the bed - fluff up the cushions, pop on a throw, maybe even a little vanilla room spray. I like to just pop open a window to bring some fresh air inside and it helps to wake me up a bit.
. Part the curtains and dust around - all your favourite things on your shelves, this can be so satisfying and therapeutic to do, even when you're in a rush! It sort of helps you to cement where you are and adjust to your surroundings if you feel groggy after waking up and a gentle way to come back in to the real world. It's so soothing for me, a quick dust or wipe makes everything look brand new and a really quick way to care for your belongings and make them like new in a second.

. To scent your home - a really quick, yet satisfying way to get everything feeling clean and fresh in the mornings is to fill your home with a clean and pretty fragrance. You can get these really adorable melts on Etsy here that smell exactly like the Comforter bubble bar - and every bath bomb too! - they are the perfect way to make your house smell like you've taken a Lush bath.

There are also a whole range of Zoflora scents to choose from, from sweet pea to fresh linen, so even if you don't have time to mop the place, it can smell exactly like you did!
. Dress in your favourite underwear/lingerie - even just to walk around the house in, 'you are a goddess, own it' really rings true. Never underestimate the power of wearing pretty underwear that makes you feel good, a really easy way to feel like an actual princess.

I often love to link to princessy lingerie pieces and sets on my blog when I find them that don't cost a lot, I love to find the prettiest underwear sets that cost under £20 and some under £10 to help out soft hearted souls who, like me, can never justify spending much over £20 on underwear haha. Look out for my favourite pieces! (I linked some here and here!)
. Pick out your outfit/armour ready for the day - select your outfit of the day. It's one of those dress up games you used to play, just real life now. Okay with a few clothes glitches and without the amazing ability to snap clothes to your body in a few clicks, but there is a lot of fun to be had. I love to lay them out on my bed all ready, before moving on to the next stage...

. Bathe in rose water - even just your face and hair with a lovely little china bowl, jug and muslin cloth at your dressing table like in olden days. This is the perfect time to indulge in some skincare or maybe use a jade roller to care for your complexion to start the day. Even a generous spritz of rosewater spray for the face and neck will do, as part of a five minute routine!

. Use a jumbo sponge - if you do have time for a shower or bath, treat yourself to an extra large soft sponge - the best as you can unload a whole bucket load of sweet sweet warm water over your shoulders in one go. This is extra amazing in winter. Squeezing in little treats like this - huhuhu! I am cool girl - will make even the quickest routine feel luxurious. Also try a Turkish cotton towel to enhance your shower or bathing experience, just as rich as Egyptian cotton but more affordable.

. Soften body all over with dusting powder -  I love to do this after applying a lovely body lotion, I love the Miss Dior scented lotion followed by M&S Florentyna powder - it's kind of like baby powder for adult people haha, most of them also come with a body puff to pat the scented powder all over your body, apply just before getting dressed and slipping in to your outfit of the day.

. Apply a Spf - upon the face and neck to care for your skin and ensure it is protected all day. Such a lovely ritual to carry out - a great way to give your skin some loving as it will prevent it from the effects of aging, with sun exposure being the main cause of skin aging and damage. It will help your skin to retain its plumpness and baby softness for as long as possible.

. Rub a little moisturiser on cheekbones to make them glow - the Clinique Moisture Surge is the perfect 'glow up' moisturiser and makes your skin look and feel beautiful. This is also the perfect time to apply any makeup for the day, I love concealer and BB cream.

. Watch something soothing or heartwarming - a funny video you loved as a child will deport you back to another time, or one where the world was simpler and helps to ground you as you start your day. I would absolutely love to acquire a VHS tape player and replay all my childhood favourites, it seriously takes me to another world where everything was simple and carefree. Go for whatever soothes your soul, guinea pig videos, ballet videos, anything goes!

. Eat a bowl of strawberries and cucumber - on a pretty tray or plate.

. Invest in one of those amazing water bottles you can infuse with fruit - this is amazing for people-who-don't-like-wa-ter (sings advert) This probably sounds silly but I have never liked the taste of water, probably me growing up addicted to every kind of squash hehe    but I could definitely do with cutting my squash intake and this is the perfect way.

. Take a snap of your straighteners once you have turned them off - to reassure yourself throughout the day! It's a horrible feeling being unsure if you turned off your straighteners or any hot appliance you used, or even if you locked your front door. This is a genius hack that will reassure you and help you to feel put together and confident going about your day!

. Wear trainers/sneakers when you leave the house - a powerwalk to your destination can absolutely count as a workout!
I love how these can suit any sort of morning routine, no matter if you have five mins to get ready or a lovely slow morning to wake up gently, I hope they will make even the quickest five minute routine feel incredibly luxurious. Thanks for reading - let me know your thoughts and favourites below! 


  1. They're all good ideas, it seems a fantastic routine!

  2. Good tips, thanks Elizabeth. :) I especially like the idea of scenting your home. I don't like water either, well, not plain tap water (doesn't taste nice to me, lol) but I like fizzy/sparkling.


    1. Aw thank you Zania! I'm just getting in to fizzy drinks haha after being introduced to the wonderful things that are Tango ice blasts, it's probably not good for my teeth but I can't resist a grape soda xD ♡

  3. I always love your posts and this one is no different! The idea of photographing your straighteners once you turn them off is such a good idea xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you so much Hannah, I'm so glad you liked it! :D ♡

  4. Interesting post :) I feel like tiny things can really change our day - even starting a day with some tea.

  5. Your posts are always so magical.. dreamy.. and so perfect! The rose water idea is amazing... so magical!!

    Lots of love from Mollie, blogger at xxxx

    1. Ahhh thanks a million Mollie! Sorry I'm late to reply! :D ♡

  6. I love your routine! And your photos are amazing! I'll probably incorporate dusting around into my routine. Thank you for sharing these.

    1. Thank you so much, that is so kind! Haha a bit of home TLC is therapeutic for me in the morning when I can xD it helps me get it together a bit ♡

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  10. hi elizabeth i really love ur blog it is amazing ur super girly just like me
    xoxo emily