Sunday, 28 July 2019

How to smell like an actual angel

Everyday! And how to make the scents you choose last all day. I thought I would make a little personality quiz and share my favourite fragrances and fragrance tips at the same time! This is for those people who like me always head for the candle section or scented fabric softener departments in shops haha, who can't come away without a new room spray or body mist. Perfumes always end up incredibly pricey so I have shopped hard to find adorable perfumes that will make you smell incredible and are a bit kinder on your purse, some even have £35 knocked off the original price!
I recently wrote about my favourite girly bedtime body lotions and this kind of led me on to the scents I love to use everyday and those I gravitate towards. I think you can have sooo much
fun with fragrance, a good one can really uplift you and make the perfect impression on those around you, it can act as a little extension of yourself and help you to create the person you want to be. It can make a huge impact and give you a massive confidence boost! Scroll down to smell like an angel and find your angel scent family... I hope you enjoy and find a lovely new scent to wrap yourself in!
1. Pick a fabric to wrap yourself in! Do you choose...
'A' silk
 'B' tulle
 'C' pointelle
'D' velvet
'E' lace
 F' soft fleece or wool blend

2. You order your favourite dessert from the bakery. What is it?
'A'. a butter croissant or pain au chocolat
'B'. rose flavoured macarons
'C'. a large swirly iced cupcake or shortcake dusted with sugar
'D'. a latte or hot chocolate
'E'. a strawberry pastry or raspberry tart
'F'. anything salted caramel or drizzled with syrup

3. What is the supreme macaron flavour?
'A' Vanilla
'B' Rose
'C' Coffee
'D' Pistachio
'E' Raspberry
'F' Salted Caramel

4. You decide to personalise your outfit by adding...
'A' A Pandora bracelet or ring
'B' Silky hair ribbon
'C' A peter pan collar
'D' a dusting of highlighter across the collar bones
'E' A french or boho braid
'F' Thigh high boots or socks

5. For your room you would buy...
'A' Lots of silky and soft blankets
'B' Pretty things for the vanity
'C' Dainty painted wooden hanging hearts
'D' Some statement art for the walls
'E' Scented candles or a new room spray
'F' A new adorable mug
6. There is a top you really like but you are not sure you can justify it. How do you decide whether to buy?
'A' Try it on in store and stare at it a lot in the mirror. Maybe take a photo or ten.
'B' Cautiously take it to the checkout, all the while formulating a plan to work your finances around it
'C' Take it with you mentally and if you can't get it off your mind, head back to the shop
'D' Take it home with you now and figure the cost out later
'E' Try to find it online instead, it might be cheaper
'F' Choose the longest walk home to get perspective and to mull it over all the way

7. What's your favourite time of the year? 
'A' every season has its own unique charm
'B' spring, I'm definitely at home in spring
'C' my birthday and the run up to exciting occasions
'D' Paris in the fall and the prospect of longer nights
'E' summertime, hot days and any time I can wear bardot dresses
'F' the cosiness of autumn and winter

8. What is the most satisfying thing?
'A' fresh bed sheets or brand new pyjamas
'B' receiving a new perfect unopened bottle of your favourite perfume
'C' being presented with a perfect whole plate of coffee ice cream with sauce
'D' reorganising my whole wardrobe, at night, with the window open
'E' popping open the lid on a brand new lipstick or foundation
'F' lighting a brand new candle and sinking in to a delicately scented bubble bath

9. Where do you long to visit?
'A' A dreamy soft white sand beach
'B' Paris is where I belong
'C' All of the pretty cafes (especially cat cafes)
'D' A brand new city I've never been to before
'E' Anywhere and everywhere, the rainforest, swimming in the reefs
'F' Home is where my heart is

10. What can you normally be found taking pictures of?
'A' absolutely stalking the swans all the way down the river
'B' fresh flowers and fountains
'C' the cutest and most lavish ice cream desserts and food related items
'D' an outfit I love, an amazing garment I found or new makeup I haven't opened
'E' Funny moments with friends and family, for the memories
'F' animal pictures 100%, my pets and those I make friends with out and about
Answered mostly 'A's - here is how to smell like sugar - you love a good vanilla or sensual scent, your tastes are quite simple, classic and refined but any muted, milky, fresh, yet creamy fragrance makes you weak at the knees. You adore the silk sweet innocence of vanilla and its simple elegance, you love bubble baths, the feel of fabrics and the cool side of the pillow.
How to wear perfume - you adore sweet and fresh smelling fabrics, so try tossing a paper towel sheet, with few drops of 'Daisy eau so sweet' on it, in with your towels in the drier. I popped the dreamy Laura Mercier creme brulee hand cream in there, you can also purchase the incredible creme brulee fragrance or the almond milk fragrance at £40, or the body butters at £30 but the hand cream is only £14 and the perfect way to wear a bit of luxury and smell like sugar all day long. There's no rule to save it for the hands, massage all over the body if you prefer and get silky soft skin at the same time, win win! I am 100% sold on this, I can't wait to smell like creme brulee all day...

Answered mostly 'B's - here is how to smell like fresh blooms, lavender and rose - you adore a floral based fragrance, a blend of lush blooms, a sophisticated and romantic scent like Miss Dior. You are a romantic at heart and easily get caught up in the moment, instantly succumb to broderie dresses online. You can't help feeling like you have chanced upon them for a reason. You are often found planning your next trip to Paris and you love an impressive bottle to decorate your dresser.

How to wear perfume - you love the ritual of applying perfume. This So...? Sweet Pea fragrance is the most beautiful thing and only £5 at Boots, just as beautiful on your dressing table, will make you smell like an actual angel and you can easily take it with you too.

I made an extra list of rollerball perfumes too because I think they are amazing, not only does a rollerball design make it even easier to apply when you are out and about, rollerball fragrances also end up a lot cheaper than the original perfume in its bottle - this Chloe Roses rollerball fragrance is only £9 whereas the original costs about £30!!! This means you can adorn yourself with all the classic fragrances without emptying your bank account, plus try all of those you wanted to try. They are the perfect size to keep in your handbag or purse, enabling you to top up on fragrance throughout the day, to ensure those floral notes are extra crisp, fresh and pretty.

Answered mostly 'C's - here is how to smell like marshmallow - a lover of sweet, candied and food related scents, your favourite part of baking is the smell of things cooking, and eating them! Your clothes are soft and cloud like, you have a childlike view of the world and see the fun in everything. You love a sheer garment, a tulle midi skirt and a young, candied and fun scent to go with it!

How to wear perfume - A really fun and amazing way to keep your fragrance topped up all day is to use a hair mist or hair perfume, this way you can distribute fragrance with every hair flick and possess sweet smelling locks. I have popped in the gorgeous scented hair mist 'Sweet Like Candy' by Ariana Grande, fans of gourmet scents will love this and it's not overly sweet at the same time.

Answered mostly 'D's - here is how to smell glamorous - your scents are elegant, sophisticated and grown up, you adore perfume, standing out and everything chic. You also love the base notes of a fragrance, where the top notes have faded away. You love the smells of the city and the pretty sights and feels, you wish you could collect them all and save them to look at later. You feel at peace at night time and love a mysterious fragrance to accord with your textured cool toned outfits. You love a sophisticated scent, sometimes with a fresh and clean edge. Like the smell of rain at night.
How to wear perfume - you love a standout scent, so for extra impact and to make a statement definitely try applying a lotion (it can be a matching scent or an unscented lotion) before applying the fragrance. It will intensify the scent and ensure it lasts for longer, as wet skin retains fragrance for longer. Try opting for unisex fragrances like Tom Ford's Ombre Leather for an extra smoky, masculine feel and line your dresser drawers with tissue paper and spray them very lightly with your favourite scent to make your clothes, towels and garments smell amazing.

Answered mostly 'E's - here is how to smell like watermelon - you adore a fruity scent, something fruity, juicy and quirky, you wouldn't mind smelling like raspberry ice tea all day. You are easy going and easily pleased and adore a good morning routine. Sunlight energises you, you love the smell of the sun warming everything, being carefree and laughing with family and friends.
How to wear perfume - fruity scents can be quick to fade, or lose their vibrancy, especially those first juicy notes that hit you whenever you first apply. Try applying vaseline on your pulse points before the fragrance, it will help to make the top notes last longer. The Pure Seduction scent by Victoria's Secret is also an amazing fruity watermelon like scent, it's so rich, juicy and fruity.
For fun I also did an extra little watermelon edit, full of treats to make you smell like watermelon. The Sunday Rain watermelon range is so gorgeous and the bubble bath here is only £4! The Ciate lip oil and primer are both watermelon scented and sound incredible.

Answered mostly 'F's - here is how to smell like cocoa  - you love to feel cosy and snug and your fragrances to reflect that. Think cocoa, brown sugar, smelling edible like chocolate, goes perfectly with your scarf and beret combo. You love a good body butter you can pull over your body like the best pair of fluffy socks and you're always on the lookout for a scent that will give you the cosy feels.

How to wear perfume - you love a really rich, cosy, gorgeous scent with maybe just the right amount of sultry and burnt caramel. Try these out for size to smell like all kinds of delicious! Alongside the warm espresso and silky caramels - truffles and cream scented body mist yess! - I also popped Chloe Nomade in there as it is such a classy autumn/winter perfume and emulates notes of cinnamon, it's meant to be reminiscent of autumn desserts like spiced apple crumble.
What did yours come out as? I really want to know haha! Drop your result in the comments and let me know if you enjoy reading posts like this, I got a bit inspired by those twitter 'this' or 'that' mini quizzes, the old 'swan lake or nutcracker?' or 'tulle or lace?' haha, I think they're really fun 

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is the greatest post EVER. I love that you wrote a whole quiz and offered so many fabulous options! This is such an informative and fun post. You are seriously the best!!

    1. Awww thanks a million, so happy you liked it! Haha I hope I ordered everything right, it took me so long and my brain got a bit scrambled! ♡

  2. This is the most amazing post Elizabeth! You must have spent so much time and effort on it, and it's wonderful :) I love how personalised it is. I love sensual and vanilla-based scents, definitely A's!

    Julia x
    Last Post: How To Be More Fashion-Conscious Without Breaking the Bank! |

    1. Awww thanks Julia!! I'm so happy you liked it! ♡

  3. I got mostly e's and it couldn't be more true because I adore fruity fragrances. Beautiful post.

    1. Ahhh thanks so much and for sharing your result too! I got a lot of e's also! ♡

  4. Yet another lovely post! I love how you added a quiz in the post and the perfumes all looks so great <3

    1. Thank you so much Zara, I'm so happy you liked it! ♡

  5. It's because of content like this that I adore your blog!
    I mostly got B's and the results couldn't be more accurate. :)


    1. Awww thanks so much! I'm so happy you liked it and thanks for sharing your result! ♡

  6. How lovely! I got B's, and it's so true, I love floral scents!

    Your blog is so lovely and well-done, and I want you to know that I get so much inspiration from it. Thanks for making such beautiful posts!

    1. Ahhh that is so kind, thank you so much Emma! Floral scents are the dreamiest! ♡

  7. Hey Elizabeth, this is actually amazing. Being a perfume lover myself, I must appreciate you have beautifully presented the topic. Floral Scents are really cool.

  8. Love this! Your blog posts are always so creative.

  9. I love this so much!!I actually love to have a scent for every mood!Your'e the best.