Friday, 27 July 2018

How to keep your garden looking beautiful*

*this is a collaborative post
A garden attached to your home can feel like the best place to spend the summer - or a sunny windowsill, porch or balcony! But in the autumn or winter it can be a less appealing task to take care of your outdoor space. The garden affects how the whole home looks, and if you can keep it looking as beautiful as possible then that is going to mean great things for the home more generally. Here are some simple ways in which you can keep your garden looking beautiful, all year round. 

Use a variety of plants - an amazing tip to keep a beautiful garden is to have lots of variety. Keeping a wide variety of plants, especially a wide selection that will bloom at different times of year, will ensure your garden looks colourful all year round! It also gets you excited for the next season to come, I love how plants can tell us when a new season is approaching. Different plants and flowers also give off different and beautiful scents and attract wildlife like butterflies to your garden - you can even try to attract some rare species! Creating a theme can be a lot of fun too and can guide you in what plants to choose as there are so many out there. Putting together a little plan of what colours, shapes, textures and smells you love can be exciting and can help you tie everything together.

Go for some professional help - there is no shame in drafting in a professional or someone with experience in gardening, this can only benefit you as you can learn a lot from someone showing you how, definitely watch and learn and pick up all the tricks of the trade so you know how to care for and maintain your garden in future. Ask tons of questions and even write things down! This will give you confidence in the future, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to what kind of maintenance needs doing at what time of year and so on. Finding good professional gardeners can really help you on your way to gardening guru status, or just keep the plants alive me haha

Simplify it - opting for a minimal theme for your garden can really open it up and make it look bigger, even the smallest garden! - and be easier to maintain in the long run, plus will place emphasis on the focal points in your garden. The key is to use simple shapes to cleverly allot certain areas of the garden for the plants to go, think carefully about when they will bloom and which plants will overpower others visually to make the beds look cluttered, contrast the textures and size. Also vouch for hardy and easy to care for plants that won't need much maintenance, to keep your garden looking its very best without it becoming too much of a drain on your energy. When there are less chores to be done in the garden you can focus on the exciting aspects of your outdoor space, you can put your energy in to creating and all the future garden projects you've been looking forward to doing!


  1. Your tips are so helpful! Thanks for sharing!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day!

  3. Totally agree with having a variety of plants!! We bought our home one year ago and were VERY lucky that the previous owners took very good care of the property!! So far we haven't had to do anything as the plants they've planted previously just sprout up on there own every Spring/Summer.
    Great post! :) Thanks for sharing! xx

    Renee @ Maritime Mama