Wednesday, 4 July 2018

How to deal with the next heatwave in style*

*this is a collaborative post
The UK isn't exactly reknowned for its massive heatwaves - or heatspells or even heatdays - but we’ve had a few over the last few weeks (with more likely to come). Sunny days are a joy here in Britain but the heat, when it builds, can be unbearable, especially when in the UK our houses are proofed for the cold and to trap heat in! Here are some ideas how you can deal with the next heatwave in style.

Dress For The Weather - Dressing for the weather means making sure you’re comfortable in the heat and in what you’re wearing. Have fun trying out different pieces to see what you feel good in. Not everybody feels comfortable wearing a crop top and short shorts, you definitely don't have to bare all if you don't want to! Light coloured and floaty pieces should help you to stay cool in the heat. A sunhat and sunglasses are great essentials too, I always forget but protecting your face and scalp from the sun is just as important as protecting your arms and legs. We can avoid oversquinting and premature eye wrinkles, as well as eye damage from the sun, all with a nifty pair of sunglasses.

Smother Yourself In SPF - Planning on spending all day in the sun? Make sure you smother yourself in the right SPF for you so that you can stay protected. High quality sun cream doesn’t have to mean the most expensive sun cream. It might be helpful to read reviews before you purchase to make sure it does what it says on the tin. Reapply every 2 hours, and apply carefully to the face too!

Invest In A Paddling Pool - A paddling pool from a place like Alice’s Garden can be a great investment for all future heatwaves. Not just for you, but for any kids or young relatives, too! It can be costly for a good one, but it’ll be worth it if you can use it again and again to cool down when the heat becomes unbearable. Just be sure to reapply that sun cream once you get out!

Get Creative To Cool Down - A spray bottle filled with cool water can be a great way to cool down both night and day. If you struggle to sleep in the heat (as temperatures are set to rise way above what they should be for optimal sleep), you could freeze a hot water bottle to help you cool down. Try putting your sheets in the freezer to see if that helps, too!

Stay Hydrated - Carry a huge 2.2 litre jug of water with you and make sure you drink from it regularly. Staying hydrated is key when the weather is super hot, and carrying a big jug with you will serve as a constant reminder. If you don’t stay hydrated, you could find yourself suffering from heat exhaustion. This is especially important if you end up visiting a beer garden and having a few drinks, as alcohol is very dehydrating. Following the advice here will help you to enjoy the hot weather and make the most of those sunny days - we don’t get many of them, so it's best to be prepared haha!


  1. Okay, this post came at the perfect time. We are in the middle of a heat wave where I live and it's really difficult sometimes to get to sleep. So I am literally going to put a sheet in a bag and stick it in the freezer. Fingers crossed it's nice and cool by tonight!!

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  3. Moonsparkle
    6 July 2019 at 07:07

    Thanks for the tips, Elizabeth! :) I do love summer and the heat, but struggle a bit when it's really hot because I'm not used to it, lol. I remember last summer was really hot but this year it took a while to really "feel like" summer. Last weekend was nice. I used to have spray bottles quite a few years ago during the summer, but I think I haven't really needed one in the past few years, apart from last year!

    Hope you're enjoying summer so far. :)


    P.S. Re-posting this because of spelling mistakes!