Dreams of travelling after the pandemic*

*this is a collaborative post on www.icecreamandclara.co.uk

Travel is one of life’s most incredible adventures. With the current Covid-19 crisis, the world seems to have shut down at the moment. Flights are almost non-existent, different nations have lockdowns and quarantines, and the worry of catching coronavirus has put us off from leaving our homes to visit a restaurant, let alone visit a far away destination. While we cannot travel at the moment during the coronavirus crisis, we can dream of a post-pandemic world emerging. This is when we can travel once again and enjoy immersing ourselves in new cultures and meeting new people. While these Covid-19 days may have us feeling low about our chances of travelling any time soon, we can focus our energies into planning the most incredible itinerary for when we partake in a new travel adventure in a post-pandemic world.

Where Will You Go?

While two week all-inclusive vacations are great to take a load off, relax, and enjoy a spot of chilling by the resort pool, you don’t get to experience the authentic side of a destination. Stay at a hotel resort for a fortnight without venturing outside the walls and you could be anywhere. Instead, you want to experience a destination as the locals do, far away from the tourist traps and sightseeing hotspots. To venture off the beaten path means exploring areas that holidaymakers don’t tend to flock towards.

You could venture to Japan and do a spot of temple hopping through Kyoto before hot footing it to Hiroshima and then the magical island of Miyajima. Or perhaps you fancy somewhere cooler like Iceland where natural phenomena like the Northern Lights and powerful geysers are ready for you to explore. Or maybe you’d prefer a jaunt to the Isle of Skye in Scotland where you can take a boat from Portree and go seal and whale spotting. The possibilities really are endless – you simply need to work out where it is you want to go.


When packing, forget about the hard wheelie suitcase that you usually rely on when venturing to hotels. These are bulky and hard to move, especially when you will only be staying three nights in a destination before you travel via train or bus to the next place on your itinerary. Instead, opt for a front-loading backpack with a maximum capacity of forty litres. This means you can pack a week’s worth of clothes and have a weight on your back that is comfortable and easy to move. When at the airport, the dimensions and weight of your bag mean that you won’t have to worry about checking any luggage in. You can carry your backpack into the cabin of the plane meaning that no one has to touch your stuff and you can keep your kit with you at all times.

Pack light and try and go for a capsule-style wardrobe. Opt for shoes that are comfortable like walking boots or trainers. You will be on your feet a lot so don’t try and trek around in kitten heels or platforms. You’ll hurt your feet and be immobile for days on end. Opt for some tees, a pair of skinnies, and maybe one formal dress. Mix and match your attire to make different outfits to maximise your wardrobe potential. Function over form is crucial when travelling. Be comfortable and you will ooze confidence when you explore new territory and meet new people.

Learn The Language

When travelling in a post-pandemic world, try to be a more responsible traveller. Take a jaunt to China, venture to South America, or hot foot it to Eastern Europe. However, try to learn the language of the destination you choose. There’s no point shouting slowly in English expecting any locals to understand what you are saying. Instead, try to speak their language. While you may misspeak on occasion, they will appreciate the effort you make. You can then begin to see the authentic side of a place. Ask local people where to dine, rather than following the hordes of tourists.

Learning different languages also helps you to appreciate different customs and sensitivities. It’s great to be a considerate traveller and observe relevant customs. If you are travelling to the Far East but haven’t used chopsticks before, try it for yourself!

Travelling needn’t be put on hold forever. Utilise the time you have now to plan a bespoke and personalised trip for when the pandemic eases and you can begin to explore the world once again.