Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Revitalising your household exterior, make it pretty!

When we talk about renovating a home, we usually think about the interior. However, there is a whole world of tips out there, a whole Pinterest movement dedicated to showing us that household design extends way beyond the front door; you can make the outside of your humble abode just as pretty and cosy as the inside! It's so true that even the littlest things will go a long way and make an impact, here are my favourite tips to change the outer appearance of your home and where to start...

Garden, garden, garden - One of the most fun ways to improve your house’s outer appearance! The simplest maintenance tasks can go a long way and work to change your home's entire image, like mowing the lawn, deweeding and trimming back shrubbery all nice and neat. It might seem insignificant, but it can make a huge difference to the aesthetic of your outdoor space. Think of it in the same way as tidying up in your house - plus you are learning all the time. Take a minimalist approach and really strip back the space, especially if it has collected clutter over the years.
Once you have prepped the space nice and neat you can get seriously creative with the exterior! When choosing plants and flowers think about sights, smells and seasonal produce, maybe a blossom tree
that will produce lovely fluffy pink clouds in the spring and a climbing rose that will bloom shortly after. Maybe even think about your personality and create something that is an extension of you. For small homes, hanging baskets or a pretty window display will work beautifully. Planting some fresh flowers will also give your household exterior some colour and breathe fresh life into this space. You might even want to plant some trees in your garden to give it a few captivating focal points. You could even start growing fruit and sweet scented herbs in your garden. This gives you the best reason to spend more time in your garden and the best incentive to take good care of it in the future!

Gardening is a wonderful skill to have, especially if you love the idea of taking homegrown produce with you on little picnics, growing sweet scented herbs to make scented sachets for the home, offering apples, damsons and plums to your neighbours and friends and becoming like a modern Madam de Pompadour with a number of her talents and skills having arisen from her love of the garden. I think today we have so little patience for hobbies but they can help us to evolve as people, teach us the best skills, patience and elegance. It's also such a lovely way to connect with your roots and get closer to where our food comes from, and pretty much become a forest fairy.
Spruce up the patio or balcony - You could also spruce up the patio to improve your household exterior. Making it feel like a part of your home is so much fun, filling it with pretty flowers but also making it cosy and inviting in the same way as your living room or any part of your household interior. Garden furniture for your patio is a wonderful way to do this, making it much more comfortable and relaxing place for you and your guests. An awning for your patio is another idea, giving it shelter from the elements. This will protect you but also any furnishings or other features on your patio. The patio is the outdoor lounge of your home, so you can have fun making it as cosy as possible with outdoor fairy lights, to create a lovely and cosy ambience come the evening and even wind chimes. These would work especially well for a tiny window garden or balcony, to create a hidden pocket of serenity, a place to get away from the hectic world, to sit and breathe. 

Work on the front of the property - to make a good impression and impress those approaching the front door you could change the colour of your front door by painting it. This will give it a fresh and dreamy aesthetic and also protect it from weathering, adding a fresh coat of paint to parts of your household exterior is an amazing thing to do from time to time to keep it in lovely condition. An alternate idea is to even growing some climber plants around your front door - a really great idea if you rent a place and have restrictions on what you can paint around the property.
A lovely mat at the foot of your door - or maybe a little plaque detailing the name or number of your abode - or a little sign dedicated to your pets! You could also line the path leading up to your front door with flowers to create a colourful, welcoming walkway. Creating a beautiful and welcoming entry is also an excellent way to cultivate good feng shui as it welcomes positive energies.

Clean the windows - never underestimate the impact of gorgeous, clean windows! They make the outer exterior look pretty and polished, even if one can't put their finger on why it looks so nice! You could paint old tired window frames to fresh them up and for cloudy/hazy windows, try a killer mixture of two cups water, two cups white vinegar, plus five drops of dish soap and rub in circular motions. If all else fails and you suspect there is debris between the panes, instead of shelling out for new windows, opt to replace a single panel; it will cure the problem and end up cheaper! 

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  1. It's true! Whenever I think about the home, I always think of the inside, but the outside is super important as well. A nice garden is always appealing!

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