Friday, 21 June 2019

My dream girly bedtime routine

I decided to make a little 'midsummer night's routine' post haha, my dream night routine. I somehow managed to time this well with it being the summer solstice (and with midsummer's night itself coming up, traditionally held around 23rd/24th June. In Northern Europe it was once believed that if a girl picked seven different flowers on midsummer night and placed them under her pillow, she would dream that night of a future husband). While it is still light outside it can be hard to settle in to slumber so here is a lavender scented bedtime routine (thanks to Lush's Sleepy lotion), a really sumptuous mini spa evening, the perfect OTT home spa night to relax and unwind. I had a lot of fun taking these photos and envisaging my dream night routine, I hope you enjoy!  

1. Dress bed with clean, fresh sheets - and open the window on summer nights, to let the sweet night smells and cool air in. I might make a little soothing playlist in advance. This is when I would do all my little duties for the night, brush up any excess bedding my gerbies have kicked out and fill up their food and water bottles. I also give them any veggie leftovers from tea.

I also tidy and arrange my things all nice, my goal recently is to live more minimally, have less belongings and invest in pieces that are special and spark joy within me. Rather than cluttering my wardrobe with all bits and pieces, I believe in saving my pennies to invest in only a select few pieces. 2. Make any cute snacks in advance - and hot drinks, for this will allow them time to cool, whether you want to drink green tea after the shower or have your chamomile tea in the bath. I
have some free sachets and tea flavours I scored to try out thanks to my recent endeavours on WOW Freebies and I can't wait to try them. Rose and peppermint are also lovely and soothing to try. Now is the time to bring out edible glitter and marshmallows to put in your hot chocolate.

You could make a little healthy feast too, bowls of banana, strawberries, peaches. Make your dessert a fruit salad with ice cream or chocolate mug cake with lots of fresh fruit to nourish you on the inside.

3. Put a calming playlist on, enough to really chill out. A rule of thumb for me is to choose music that evokes moving and happy emotions as it takes me to another plane haha. Literally anything goes, I love a bit of jazz, smooth music, lofi with classical elements... Japanese 80's music. A pretty, relaxing piece is Premiere Gymnopedie by Erik Satie, or I find it relaxing anyways haha. 4. Set out clean, fresh pyjamas - all nice and laid out for after bath/shower. For summer this might mean a lacy top and shorts, silky nightdress and for winter, the fluffiest pjs I can find. 5. Apply faux tan/prep for shower - I bought this under my sister's recommendation, I can't wait to try it! I've always been slightly terrified of fake tan so I'm excited to see if this one will work for me. I will leave it on for 30-40 mins first just to see haha. It's had rave reviews all across the internet, works beautifully for my sister and costs under a tenner, so I popped it in my basket! 6. Step in the shower and lather up with Philosophy pink frosted animal cracker shower gel and lavish hair with my special nourishing hair growth routine. I apply the OGX purple Collagen and Biotin shampoo that is nourishing and thickening, sulphate free and cleans my hair gently without stripping it and use my current favourite Dream lengths deep conditioning hair mask after. I love to alternate it with the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment and always finish off with the Dream lengths conditioner, it's sooo good!

I really stepped up my hair game recently and I am loving it. I take my Origins skincare routine in there too, especially the foamy makeup cleanser and rose clay mask, I find they work so beautifully together, are so gentle and make my skin fresh, soft and glowy. Edit: At this point I have just realised there is a buy 2 get 1 free offer currently on at Boots and I would be doing a disservice here if I didn't mention, having linked to said hair products haha! I really recommend stocking up while it's on and grab your favourites and things you want to try :-)
7. Totally lavish my skin afterwards with lotion, especially on dry areas. Lush 'Sleepy' is perfect to use before bed, I absolutely love using it in the summer, even though it's quite a heavy and thick hydrating lotion, it reminds me of the smell of lavender in France in the summer. That and the famous Lush Twilight bath bomb, it's so, so soothing. I might apply a nourishing nail coat, the Cutex Intense Repair is perfect for this and conditions nails beautifully.
8. Change in to my silk robe - or pretty lace or sheer garments for summer - you can find my favourite silky satiny robes and cutest pj picks here in my Marie Antoinette silky nightwear wishlist - check them out and let me know your favourite!

9. Brush and comb hair carefully, pat hair until it is mostly dry and comb in a lovely hydrating conditioning cream in to the ends only, or for oily hair you could try rosemary water.

10. Spritz face with a lovely rosewater spray and apply some hand lotion to moisturise your hands, nails and cuticles to ensure they are super soft when you wake up tomorrow.
10. A spritz of perfume and a dab of lip gloss - for sweeter dreams! I really love a good shimmer mist, especially in summer, when a quick spritz can refresh your skin and you will later associate the scent with feeling warm and safe and cosy. Twice a week I opt for night cream too, for super soft skin when I wake up in the morning, and the Elemis one is my favourite.
11. Lie back on a silk pillow - and chill out in my little reading nook here, having a full view of the sky from my window. It's nice to just slow down and watch the sky change colour, dusk appear, the clouds go by and the stars come out.

12. A little light reading - if I read before bed I choose something really easy and non fiction like the skincare bible by Anjalo Mahto or any pink book on my shelf haha. My brain is too heavy and sleepy to take much in. Often the unwinding goes totally out of the window because I end up on Pinterest and down the dark holes of the internet, googling potato soil temperatures... Haha this isn't quite the way most of my evenings go but it's fun to dream and embark on little missions of self care and pamper. I have full belief that self care can be girly if you want it to, 'fluffy bunny' self care acts can help you to appreciate and understand the things around you.

For me on a personal level I cannot commit it to the idea of it being this helper or curator, or means of maintaining 'positive mental health', I feel that in the throes of mental illness it is a heroic feat to attempt any of these things and in such a situation they would be way out of the window. When what feels like once every blue moon or so, the energy is there, it can be the best way ever of celebrating being in a good spell and embracing the crap out of it! - enjoying what I am like in a good spell 

PS if you liked this do check out my Marie Antoinette inspired nightwear wishlist and Marie Antoinette pamper guide, based on the treatments she really used!

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  1. This sounds like the most fabulous night imaginable! So lovely to pamper yourself, unwind, and create a really relaxing atmosphere.

    1. Awww thank you so much! Sorry I am so late to reply, I have missed reading your lovely blog :D ♡

    2. Smiley face went weird c:

  2. Great way to unwind the day, well written

  3. Your bedtime routine is a dream for every girl, period.

    1. Thank you so much! I wish it were more realistic for me haha! ♡

  4. I love calming playlists! It's all I ever listen to now. Morning and evening, it's just the best way to relax. I also adore all your pamper ideas, it makes me want to use some of them right now!

    Julia x
    Last Post: Why You Can't Plan Everything |

    1. Thanks so much Julia, I really love music for relaxing, every now and then I discover it again haha! Ahhh thank you, so sorry I am late to reply :-) ♡

  5. good post 😊 would you like to follow each other? if the answer is yes, please follow me on my blog & i'll follow you back.

  6. Your post has got me really excited for bedtime! I really need to work on mine though! yours sounds so perfect! <3

  7. Gosh, this sounds like a perfect Sunday night routine to ease you into the week ahead! My routine is nowhere near as nice; I just shower, clean teeth, and then hop into bed. But I'd love to slow down and take my time at least once a month...

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  8. Love this! Need to give myself more of a bedtime routine.

  9. OK I love this all!
    This is a proper little pamper. Now I'm craving fresh fruit and cool green tea.
    Cora |

  10. Loved reading this post! I really need to invest in a set of lovely silky pajamas and pillow. ♥

  11. Oh my goodness.
    Just reading this and viewing the photos made me feel so relaxed.
    Loving your blog aesthetic, glad I found you!


  12. Thank you so much for these ideas! They worked so well last Sunday when I tried these out. I also would LOVE to have a room like yours! So cute and elegant! :) (Love from the other side of the world)