Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Easy and free ways to treat your pets like royalty*

We always want to spoil our pets to bits - the more you make them happy, the more they will associate you with this emotion, and this will mean that they want to spend more time with you. I made a list of some things you can do for free to treat your pets to make them over-the-moon happy right now!
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Spend time with your pets - gifting them your time can make the best present ever for a pet, even if it is just feeling calm in your company, stroking your cat whilst you read or watch a tv program, or if you have gerbils, close the bathroom door and lie in the empty tub and let your pets run around and explore and climb on you! They will love it as you will act as a giant climbing frame for them, they can get used to your smell and scent, it will become familiar to them and they will associate it with playtime and feeling happy. Whenever you hold them, they will get used to knowing they are going to have a fun time and this will really get them to warm to you. This is a great idea to save money instead of forking out for a pet playpen - just use a dustpan and brush to sweep up any droppings afterwards and give it a clean, plus wear clothes that you don't mind getting knawed just a little! The time you spend with your pets will have a significant impact on the way that they act around you.

Listen to what they like - it can also be true that pets, old ones and especially new additions need space. While many are eager to spend every second with you, being fussed and pampered, often pets need a little alone time and some more than others. Some are sensitive souls, some crave playtime, just like humans they each have their own personalities - this goes for smaller critters like gerbils and even fish! Interacting with them often to find out how they respond to certain stimuli, certain toys, food and even lots of hugs for your furry pals can help you to get an idea of their personality, what is important to them and even what frightens them. If you manage to stick to their preferences and dedicate your time to honouring their likes and dislikes you will reap the rewards of becoming their favourite person and best friend. It might take a little while for some pets, for you to gain their trust, but it will be incredibly rewarding for both of you once you’ve managed to create this bond. 

Make a little scavenger hunt - any pets you have will love going on a scavenger hunt to find their favourite food, treats or toys! Just hide and bury little bits and bobs in their enclosure or around the garden for them to find, it will provide hours of entertainment and even exercise too!

Dedicate a little space in your home for your furry friend - You can make your home more special and welcoming for your little ones by adding a special dog pillow, cat bed, or even premium gerbil bedding - these don't cost much, but will improve the life of your pet dramatically, making him or her feel nice and comfortable. You could even use some spare fabrics or even pick some up cheap in a second hand or charity shop to craft your pet a lovely bed. When pets are depressed or stressed it's a lovely idea to have a little safe refuge there for them, somewhere that smells like them, a favourite place to go if they need time alone. Along with being given enough time to develop trust and be happy, it’s also important that your pets are able to be comfortable. They don’t understand the world around them as humans do, and this makes their home even more critical to their wellbeing, with the chaos of the outside world only going away when they are in their favourite places.

Learn their language - learn how they like to show affection and try and mirror it back to them. As humans we often love to hug, kiss and snuggle in to our pets to show them love but to your pet this could be very strange! Learn where they like to be groomed or petted and let them show you.

Make little homemade treats - find out their favourite foods and flavours and have fun creating little treats for them. I often find that my gerbils food favourites seriously differ from each other, some absolutely love pea husks and all the greens, vegetables that I put in, and some only like the dried carrot pieces, some go absolutely mad for pumpkin seeds and squabble over them and some aren't too fussed and will happily abandon them for a piece of maize. You can make treats similar to the ones they sell in shops, only much cheaper! Try making doggy biscuits, biscuits with apple and carrot, healthy treats baked in the oven that your pet with enjoy - even try 'pupsicles' for the summer months!

The vast majority of pet owners want their animals to live for as long as possible. This will give you more time with the creature you love, while also giving them the chance to experience as much as possible while they’re around. Giving them the best food, making them happy, and generally treating them like royalty is an amazing way to increase their lifespan and will help them to live their best life!

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  1. I absolutely love this post! Spending dedicated time with your pets is the most important thing and it's wonderful that you included it - and so many other fabulous suggestions - as well.