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Amazing old places and hangouts in Manchester

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Manchester is a fascinating place. The perfect fusion of modern and historic architectures, the incredible buzz and atmosphere, its flamboyant, youthful and creative energy and its buildings and streets steeped in history make it one of the most vibrant, diverse and lively places in the UK. There are an unlimited ideas for a city break, great school trips to Manchester and exciting, yet educative things to do in and around the city today. Here is a look at the biggest tourist attractions in the city, whether you're looking to plan a holiday or plan on bringing your class on a fun trip this summer.

1. Castlefield - Castlefield is an area in Manchester which will transport you immediately back in time as you stroll through the centre of Victorian houses and even a reconstructed Roman fort. There are also many of the old factories from the time of the industrial revolution which have been converted into offices these days but you’ll be able to enjoy the original architecture of it. 

2. Museum of Science and Industry - Manchester is the home of some of the greatest scientists in the world and the universities in the city have been the birthplace of many great minds including Alan Turing, John Dalton and many more. This is why the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) is a site like no other and it is a museum which will allow you and the class to interact with many science experiments and get to grips with tough concepts in a clever way. You can also join one of the many workshops the museum holds in order to help your class learn more about science. 

3. Manchester Cathedral - Lovers of amazing architecture and rich history will adore Manchester Cathedral, perched proudly on the banks of the river Irwell. This cathedral dates back to 1422 and it is a stunning piece of architecture and culture. The detail and intricate design of the building itself and the choir stalls will astound you, the perfect place for an art or history student.

4. National Football Museum - Manchester is the home to some of the biggest sporting teams in the world - most notably Man City and Man United. It is the UKs hub of sport and this is why the national football museum is located proudly in the middle of town close to the arndale. The football museum is a great place to see as it features old artifacts from the history of the sport such as the first ever rule book and historical clothing belonging to the greats. Outside there is a huge screen, chairs and seating areas where during the summer sporting season, football matches and other sporting matches can be shown for free for anyone passing. 

5. Chetham's Library - Chetham's Hospital was a Home for priests back in 1422 and now it has been converted into a stunning library for people to enjoy. You can visit this library at any time and it has a staggering 100,000 books within its walls to date, of which many were printed before 1850!

6. Manchester Art Gallery - Manchester Art Gallery is one of the most beautiful places in the city and it is the home of one of the biggest art collections in the country. This gallery contains modern pieces, has traveling exhibits from the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, and is the home of many absolutely gorgeous pre-Raphaelite paintings (I am biased) and French impressionist pieces too. There are many artworks and artifacts in this museum which are perfect for anyone to enjoy. 

7. Chinatown Manchester is nestled next to Piccadilly gardens Chinatown, one of the most striking and beautiful roads of the whole city. Within this small section you will see Chinese restaurants, bakeries, craft shops, supermarkets and more. It is an amazing place that celebrates the unique fusion of culture right from home and you’ll be able to experience some unique delicacies.

8. Manchester Town Hall - You simply can’t visit Manchester without coming to see the Town Hall. This building was erected in 1877 and is in placed in the centre of Albert Square. It is a stunning building and one which offers some amazing views of the cityscape around.

9. People's History Museum - The People's History Museum is one of the most Mancunian places in the city as it is dedicated to the working people of Manchester and Britain as a whole and protects their history which can often be forgotten alongside the key historical figures. It is full to the brim of stories, objects and artifacts relating to working people and acts as a gateway to see what people were really like in those days. Perfect for lovers of old things and old ways like me!

10. Heaton Park - To see one of the most wonderful parks close to the city, this 600 acre plot of land is ideal for anyone who wants to get away from the busy city life and enjoy some nature and sunshine for a while. The park is home to a huge playground, picnic areas, cows, wildlife and much more. You can head here for a relaxing walk and enjoy the charm of north west England, learn about ecosystems, or enjoy one of the many concerts they have on during the summer months.

11. Natural History Museum - The natural history museum is one of the most beautiful and fascinating museums in the country, a place to learn about animals and science from a unique point of view. It hosts a huge number of taxidermy models of the most wondrous creatures from around the planet and it gives you a real sense of what they look like and how they live. There are also ancient Egyptian and Roman exhibits which will offer a unique insight into the history of our world.

12. Thunder Egg - I had to throw this in at the end! I adore a good dress shop and this place is magical, all my dress dreams lovingly poured in to one adorable shop. They sell brands like Run and Fly, Sugarhill Boutique and all kinds of darling Modcloth-esque garments. Okay, this probably isn't the most educative of places but it's perfect for a good old clothes browse! 


  1. I would love to visit there one day! It sounds like there is so much to see and do. Especially that library. Wow, it sounds incredible. I love to be surrounded by books as much as possible!

  2. They all look good! *__* I saved this list!

  3. Heaton Park is one of my favourites, along with Afflecks and Ohklaholma.

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  4. I always visit churches and cathedrals when I go to new places, it's actually one of my favourite things to do. I love seeing the architecture and all the little details that make the place magical. I'd love to see the Manchester Cathedral! Castlefield sounds amazing too, I'd love the reconstructed Roman fort! Thanks for sharing Elizabeth!

    Julia x
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