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Here are a few girly hacks that blew my mind… genius beauty tips and fashion tricks that will help to transform your whole routine, plus a few handy lifestyle hacks too! I hope you like my tips, I thought I would include a few favourites I’ve never heard on the web before… let me know your faves below… PS go here for my ultimate ASOS fashion shopping hack!

1. Use clear nail varnish to stop tights laddering – keep a tiny pot of nail polish with you and paste it on any snags in the tights or on any frayed ends in clothing – perfect to add to your on the go self care kit!That way, as soon as you notice any punctures in your tights when out, or catch them on anything, you can stop them from unravelling.

2. Use nail polish remover to remove stains/glue/paint from clothing – apply liberally to the area and then toss it in the wash. Wash and dry it normally and the imperfection should be gone! Just be extra careful not to get it on furniture, I had no idea how bad this was and learned the hard way! It will remove and spoil the paint on your furniture. However, I did use it to successfully de-gunk and renew my old paintbrushes to repaint it later.

3. Put your hair in a ponytail to curl the ends – it will cut the time it takes in half!

4. Use conditioner instead of shaving cream – the best legs you’ve ever had!

5. Mix a little night cream in to your foundation – just before applying for extra luminosity and to achieve a cool girl glow. I’m currently on a mission to find the best best products for this, watch this space! I will be sure to report back once I have the perfect combination.

6. Create a new hairstyle with bobby pins – create art in your hair, arrange them in a triangle to create a stylish hair barrette or arrange them like an arrow for a cool, dynamic hairstyle.

Girly beauty tips, girly aesthetic makeup blog

7. Exactly how to stop hiccups – my mum’s method, it works every time! Take in a huge, lovely deep breath and carefully hold it while you gulp down a nice cold drink. Keep drinking as long as you can until you are forced to stop in order to breathe. Hiccups solved!

8. Transform a blush brush in to a contour brush – instantly with the use of a bobby pin! Clip together the bristles to press them together to create the shape of a contour brush.

9. Lipstick can double as a cream blush and eyeshadow – and vice versa! You can create the most beautiful, gentle and natural look by using the same product and shade on different areas of the face, it’s so on trend at the moment! 

10. Turn any top or jumper in to a crop top – this is such a good hack if you are wondering how to pair a dress or skirt with a jumper as it just doesn’t sit right. This was my problem for about 3 years until I realised… grab a bobble and tie together the front of your jumper, top or shirt. Then grab the bit that is tied up and tuck it neatly inside of your top, fold it up internally. This works especially well for tighter fitting tops and jumpers, it turns them into crop tops.

11. Never lose another bobby pin! Keep them in place somewhere safe with a little magnetic strip or double sided tape – or keep a magnet in your bag or purse, your pins and keys will stick to it, they will stick together and you will never lose them at the bottom of your bag!

12. The perfect eyeliner hack – is to make three dots along the lash line, where you want the liner to sit, and then it feels easier to just join them up, as opposed to venturing out in to dangerous territory on the eyelid! This ensures I have much more control over the line I make.

13. Paint the inside of your rings with clear nail varnish – especially if you are prone to eczema on your hands, like me with dyshidrotic eczema. This will stop your skin reacting to the metals, stop any irritation and stop it turning green. It means I can pick up lots of cute rings from Primark and off ebay and wear them without worrying my hands will swell up!

14. Thread your necklaces or earphones through a straw to stop them from tangling. This is so simple and makes so much sense, I would never have thought of doing this!

15. Stop nail polish from staining and drying your nails – by applying a nourishing white colour base coat. I love the Essie Love Treat Color range and the white base helps to enhance the colour of the main coat as well as protecting the nail from staining. Pretty nails with or without polish!

16. Pop your lotions, mists and concoctions in the fridge – in summer, especially products like eye and face creams. As well as making them lovely and cool to apply in warm weather, it will help to soothe the skin and reduce puffiness in sensitive areas of the face.

If you liked this do check out my exact secrets to get pretty overnight and my how to glow up guide, they are packed with dozens of my top secrets for looking pretty and feeling confident in your own skin. What are your fave beauty hacks? Let me know below! ♡



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