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Exact secrets to look pretty overnight

Here are some beauty tips you're gonna love, secrets to look and be pretty overnight, with or without makeup. When I wrote my 'how to glow up' guide I realised there are so many useful tips I didn't include that I use and swear by every day. I am the most tired person too so these should be super easy to implement, they are so quick to do and perfect for the night before school or work. They are perfect for working in to your morning/night routine to make it extra fun. Here's how to look pretty instantly, even if you only have five mins to scrub up and get ready!
  1. Give the illusion of longer, thicker hair - make a braid. Then where it gets thinner and thinner towards the end, gently pull apart the plait and loosen it, just like I did in my relaxed braid tutorial, to make the end as thick as the top of the braid. 

A 'bubble braid' works really well for this too! This is perfect for anyone wanting an easy style as it requires no actual braiding. Just make a pony tail and secure multiple bobbles a few spaces apart. To make the hair look thicker, just make sure the end part of your pony is as thick as the top, by gently pulling the sections apart a bit wider. The wider the braid, the thicker the hair looks! This is perfect for fine hair. There is also an amazing tool out there called a 'pony popper' that you clip around the base of your ponytail. It gives your hair extra volume, it makes it seem like there is a lot to tie back!

2. Curl hair away from your face - to get curls to stay, wind them in this direction.

3. Shape your brows to lift them slightly - an amazing tool for this is some small, sharp scissors like hairdressing/craft scissors as you can be really precise and exert a lot of control over the area. Towards the end of the brow, brush the hairs down and towards the opposite direction to make them all bushy and crazy. Then, along the inside of the brow, trim any hairs that are sticking outside of the brow and neaten them all in a straight line. 

It might take several goes to trim the hairs that are 'misbehaving' and never clip too much at once. Take breaks to reassess and keep a brow pencil handy, just in case of emergencies! 

4. Create a hair routine to get your dream lengths - Make a plan this season to get your healthiest hair yet, no matter how long it is. Indulge and treat your hair to luxurious feeling masks and post shower treatments. Make it your goal to have the ends of your hair as healthy as the roots. My tips for this are to use a sulphate free shampoo, pop on nourishing hair masks while you are doing chores around the house and leave conditioner on for about five or ten mins - or the duration of your shower - for best results. Here are the products I ship the hardest and really wish I had tried sooner...

 dream lengths hair growth treatment split ends repair hair growth conditioner hair growth mask

Defeat Hagrid hair mornings - I love love the Dream Lengths range, most of all as it gives such quick results. I have 'Hagrid hair' on the first day of washing, my hair goes to instant frizz. These are really intensive conditioning products, like those really nice conditioners you get with at home hair colour. They transform the ends of your hair, especially the mask and the rapid reviver conditioner and my hair always goes so, so sleek and silky, it looks great on the first day of washing and I don't experience frizzy ends anymore! Not sponsored, just seriously in love with these.

5. Exfoliate your skin, get your skin glowing - exfoliating is the key to getting angel soft skin, will make your face feel really smooth and soft, look glowing and also help to stimulate the production of collagen too. Rub in slow circles around the delicate face area, to get glowing skin. It can be so helpful to try a little bit on your chin first before going all in, to test for irritation.

6. Wake up glowing - invest in a night cream and spread it over your face, neck and chest before you sleep. These Caudalie night creams are so gentle and lovely to use and you wake up with pillowy soft skin too. Also try popping on a lipbalm and wearing handcream inside gloves before bed.
7. Take lots of no makeup days - let your skin breathe and heal, and treat and touch it less if possible. On these days I try to treat my skin on my face to the same attention as the skin on the rest of my body, I try to fuss over it as little as possible - or little as I can manage haha!

8. For an easy beachy, carefree, sunkissed look try faux freckles. A soft haze of freckles dusted over cheeks and nose can give the illusion of sunkissed skin. See my guide to perfect faux freckles here. You can also sweep bronzer gently across your cheeks and nose to create the illusion of sunspeckled skin. Dusting a bit on your nose can make it look cuter and smaller, plus a little 'boop' of highlighter on the tip of your nose too.

9. To round out the eyes - for this doe eyed and youthful look, line all the way along the upper lash line, keeping it the same thickness all along, for the illusion of bigger or rounder eyes. Create a short and stubby flick at the end. You can also use a white liner on your lower lash line to open the face and to look instantly more wide awake.

10. For almond eyes - if you have quite round shaped eyes already or want to achieve that dreamy and seductive long lashes or 'falsies' look, simply create an extended or longer than normal flick with your liner, at the outer corner of the eye. The longer the flick, the more dramatic and seductive the eye. See how long you can make yours. To avoid the heavier Cleopatra kind of look and to keep your lashes flirty, angle the flick up, so it's pointing up towards your brow.

To make the extended flick appear real and seamless alongside your real lashes, simply line the outer eye - the upper lash line and yes the lower lash line a little too! - and create volume at the end of the eye. It will ensure the eye seamlessly branches out in to the flick and looks seriously chic.

11. Use a brown eyeliner/brow pomade - for a super natural 'no makeup' look! This is one of my top secrets as you can work and style your eyes pretty much any way you want and have it still look natural for work or school, make your face pretty with the makeup itself virtually undetectable. I think of it as contour for the eyes. My easy daily look is to thicken the upper lash line from where you want the lashes to start and then on the bottom lash line, dot along and emphasise the lashes on the outer corner of the eye. This is a really cute 60's inspired look, it really makes the eye pop but looks totally natural at the same time.
12. Buy and test beauty and skincare products with a x day guarantee - so you can feel more confident to try new things, especially high end skincare, it's lovely to have that guarantee. With many skincare and face products you see optimum results around and after 28 days. Check for skincare products that carry a 30 or even a 60 day guarantee!

13. Take one extra additional piece of fruit with you, to pop in your bag or purse - take baby steps to start feeding your body with nutrients, every little helps a lot.

14. Dry shampoo before you sleep - this is said to be the best time to use it for the most gorgeous and natural results. When you wake in the morning just brush and style as normal. It should behave beautifully and give you the best hair day, voila!

15. The Schwarzkopf dry shampoo - I swear by this particular dry shampoo as it utterly transforms my hair with no chalk white finish or powder at all! It's my best kept beauty secret.
16. Have a new hairstyle for every day - alternating hair styles allows you show off different sections of your face, some styles will lengthen and give the illusion of a longer face and some will soften it. For all face shapes I love-love the half ponytail, it's versatile for everyone as you can choose how much hair to tie back, and is a sophisticated kind of look that helps you look put together. It really helps my round face to appear more angular. To soften a strong face or strong look, gently pull down wispy pieces of hair to frame it.

17. White teeth bring out the whites of your eyes - which makes you look super healthy, awake, put together and contrasts with your skin, bringing more colour to your face.

18. Create a pamper routine for your lashes - treat eyelashes regularly to a spot of lash serum or even a little castor oil, a little bit goes a long way to growing them!

19. Practise catching peoples' eye! Be eyecatching and practise making a statement. You can do this effortlessly in small ways, like with a pretty hair scarf, ribbon or space buns, create subtley, or not so subtle, themed looks and wear things that accord with a certain aesthetic.
20. Brow tips for your particular brow - for smaller eyebrows, put emphasis on the very front of the eyebrow. Let the hairs there grow natural and long and put more attention on them than any other part of the brow. Try gel to emphasise the individual strands at the start of the eyebrow. This will make the brow automatically look voluptuous, however light your hair is.

For eyebrows on the larger side, fill out any areas you are conscious about but keep them as natural, soft, fluffy and light as possible, sharpening them up too much can steal the attention from the rest of the face and make the eyes look smaller. Focus more on bringing out the eye instead and the brow will compliment them perfectly. I always think, the eye takes the centre stage and the brow is the backing dancer supporting it haha.

21. Record your beauty experiments! Make lists of things you haven't tried, straightening your hair, trying easy hair extensions, fake tan. You might just find that thing that gives you the best confidence, that becomes a part of you and your beauty routine.

22. For a dewy skin look, try wet look shadows along with BB cream for an effortless glow. I love to use clear or tinted balms in different places all over the face, like my beloved rose petal salve. I use them as a blush, lip balm and even an eye shade. I dot just above the iris to open the eye up. For dry and dull skin this can help so much, just gently blend out with a brush to make it look natural. I love the glowy, dewy look as it helps me to look and feel much more put together.
23. Find your red lip - applying a red lip is scientifically said to make you look more attractive but it doesn't have to be a stark red, for paler and fairer complexions, a more muted red, even a blush pink-red hue can be the perfect red lip. A shade can look bright red against pale skin but more like a pink against dark skin. You are the perfect ingredient, you make the perfect red.

24. Complexion perfection - concealer is my number one tool, I think it's absolutely magic how we can just erase any marks or shadows on the face to create a smooth and perfect complexion. Perfect no-makeup makeup to fake perfect skin. The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away concealer is my favourite at the moment. I also love bronzers with illuminating particles and how you can layer them to create a pretty tan. Never feel guilty for depending on makeup, accept it as being part of you, have fun finding new ways to wear and apply it.

25. Pamper all parts of your body - treat yourself by indulging every part of your body, omega3 for your brain, but also hair, nails and to help along blemishes, treat your muscles to some work outs, add things to your diet that your body will enjoy, treat your eyes to pretty things.

26. Check out and follow my glow up tips - to help you with confidence and to feel like an 'it girl' every day! Surround yourself with things that you love and that help you to feel your best. I love the Marie Kondo method and how it can be applied to so many aspects of life... home, relationships, your closet, your confidence... the secret is surrounding yourself with things that spark joy and make you feel powerful and good about yourself.
 As I put in my glow up post, you are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and absolutely have the potential to become the person you always wanted to be. It is not about having 'perfect' features, or looking like someone else, it's all about how your features come together to compliment each other. Have fun with your features and try different trends, be curious about your features as if you were looking in the mirror for the first time. I hope you liked my tips! Let me know yours in the comments below ♡

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  1. SO many great tips Elizabeth! Dry shampoo is something I've always wanted to try but haven't yet for some reason? Using it at night before bed is something I've never heard before but now I'm intrigued haha! I'm going to pick up the one you've suggested :)

    Renee @ Maritime Mama

    1. Thank you so much Renee! Haha I was the same up to recently, I tried the Batiste ones and couldn't understand the hype but I'm so so happy with the Schwarzkopf ones :D ♡

  2. This is such a fun and informative post! The work you've put in this is incredible Elizabeth. I should definitely do more than I currently do to feel my best in the morning, but I feel like having good skin is a great start - so having the right night cream is indeed necessary!

    Julia x
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    1. Thank you so much Julia! Awww that is so kind, I am sorry I am late to reply! Haha any little counts, I am often too tired in the morning to do anything so I try to follow a short night routine haha :D ♡

  3. Interesting post!

  4. Lots of no makeup days is so important for me!

    Danielle xx

    1. Ahhh same! My skin is very finicky haha! Thanks so much Danielle :D ♡

  5. Ooh I love the sound of that Caudalie gem, I really need to try more of their products xx

  6. been trying bb cushions and they look amazing on my skin!

    ~ trynyewthings!

  7. You're always have interesting things to say! I'm blown away every time, babe! xx

    lenne | blog

  8. Definitely agree on more makeup free days!

  9. Thank you for sharing all these amazing tips! This post made me realize that I have not been taking care of myself properly.

    xx Deborah

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