Monday, 11 February 2019

Make your own little blog email club

Girly girl aesthetic blog ideas
I've been working a lot on #romanticgals content recently, which is why I've been a bit quiet around the blogosphere. Whether you are a blogger or not, making a little email community or monthly magazine or newsletter is so much fun. I definitely recommend doing it, it's enriched my whole
blogging experience. You can use social media like twitter or instagram to find and attract your 'tribe', like minded souls and put together a cool little place to hang out, not to mention help out your blog...

For bloggers, the most powerful asset one possesses is their email list. It is yours, you own it and have control over what your readers see, instead of relying on instagram. Growing your list organically - and sending out relevant email messages - is one of the best ways to connect with your audience, drive engagement, and attract more readers to your blog. As well as driving traffic, you might also earn money through affiliates every time someone purchases one of the things you recommend - maybe as a wishlist! Just make sure your readers know to expect them when they come to sign up.
Girly girl aesthetic blog ideas
1. Here are some free tools - MyEmma and CampaignMonitor are meant to be better than MailChimp as email campaign tools, especially if you are new or just starting out, or have a smaller
readership. All of these offer free plans and are easy to use, I will report back and let you know my thoughts on how they compare. For graphics I love to use PicMonkey as it's really easy for beginners and I love their assortment of fonts and overlay tools. Also, Canva is also a popular choice and Creative Market also do some great freebies and free downloads, like dreamy fonts and graphics. I've purchased quite a few from there too as they are so cheap and you can even find full email templates.  

2. Create fun and conversational content - create quality content and seek to provide your reader with something dynamic and new to get them talking - use their feedback. No matter what you're writing, tell a story with a conversational tone. You could pop in a few visuals, like infographics, that help readers process the email quickly. A great tip is to vary content, you could share videos, quick and helpful tutorials, how-to posts, little freebies to keep your readers wanting more.

 3. Train people to open and read your emails - according to figures blog content is 3.9 times more likely to be shared via social media by email subscribers. Emails allow you to communicate with your audience on a nearly personal level. The prevalence of smartphone means their inbox is right in their pocket - so take advantage of it! An amazing skill in blogging is to be able to train people to open - and read - the emails you send. You do that by sending them content that they know they're gonna love! When you put up a new blog post, you can pop it out to your email list. You can use an email marketing tool to put out your new blog posts automatically which means you can schedule the posts to go live at the times you’ve determined have the best reach. Another way to share blog content is to pop a one or two sentence teaser in about your post, make it lovely and clickable. Include the link back to the blog post on your site so readers can easily click and view the entire post.

4. Notice your most popular posts - you can use Google Analytics to see where your readers are going, especially those that have arrived from your email list! This might inspire you to create content similar to those posts that are going down well on your blog, especially if you enjoyed writing them too.

 5. Optimise your opt-in forms - a well-designed opt-in form or invitation attracts more email subscribers! It’s more than just looks that matter - pay attention to other elements that affect your readers' experience. Try for a memorable headline, let your readers know exactly what they can expect by signing up, outline the benefits - challenge, try to sum it up in a few statement words or phrases! - and pop it somewhere unobtrusive. Timing is everything! You could pop it in your instagram bio, have a special place for it in the caption of each post, the footer of each blog post, get really creative.

6. Make a little freebie to entice people - something you know your like minded friends will love, like a free printable, desktop and phone wallpapers downloads, a little list of happy things, secrets, advice and tips you don't share with just anyone! The curiosity is always enough to get me to subscribe haha!

7. Build curated content experiences - when crafting content for your readers, keep in mind to have a personalised subject line. Impersonal emails often won't get seen among hundreds of others in one’s inbox and connecting with your readers on a personal level gives them a reason to open your email. Use words you might use when sending a message to your friends and focus on relationship building. Use the words “me” and “you”, as you deepen the relationship with your email subscribers, you can ask them to join you on your blog and connect with their projects in return!
Girly girl aesthetic blog ideas
8. Use your emails to drive more traffic - email allows you to get in touch with a lot of people very quickly. When done with care, you can utilise your email signature to get tons of people to click through to your blog. Make a call-to-action in your email signature that invites your readers to visit your blog. Take a minute to share a brief benefit to encourage action, such as telling a little about what your blog is about and what benefits they can expect to get from reading it. 

9. Think about appearance - take time to come up with a beautiful email template that matches your website and overall blog identity to keep it consistent so loyal readers can recognise you. Try to synchronise the colour scheme, the layout and align the writing style of the email copy and blog to create a seamless scrolling experience. When building an email, remember that it will look different on different devices, I like to check how my message will display on various devices and browsers. 

10. Include compelling visuals in your newsletters - blog articles with images are meant to get 94 percent more views, so let's entice our readers to click through with image-driven emails. Don't forget ultra clickable links and buttons in your email campaigns. One more thing is to make sure you don’t oversaturate your audience with newsletters as they are busy too. A good plan is to check your open and click-through rates to make sure they're continuing to improve even as your audience grows, rather than declining because your list has become fatigued. You can use that information to help you to determine how often and what times are best to send out the newsletters.  

11. Create a welcome series. Put together a collection of the best lessons and answers to the most frequently asked questions from your readers and pop them in your email welcome series. An automated welcome series allows you to deliver your most valuable content in the order and frequency you desire to every new reader who ever finds you. Welcome emails are supposed to receive 4x the opens and 5x the clicks of a regular email - and they've been shown to increase long-term brand engagement by 33%, plus everyone can get to know you a little more! As a blogger, this is an amazing opportunity to build a relationship with, get to know your subscribers. 

12. Don’t forget the footer! In the footer of every one of your blog posts, make sure there’s an opt-in offer of some type! It's another great way to grow your email list and you can prompt readers to sign up to receive free updates from your blog or ask them opt in to your weekly newsletter. 
Girly girl aesthetic blog ideas
I hope these little tips helped and credit to Emma for help with this post, I have been learning a lot over the past few months as I figure out where next to take #romanticgals and find even more ways to connect, reach out to new members and share everybody's gorgeous work! Do let me know if you have a project or a little community or club, or a cute hashtag I can get on board! 


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