Friday, 15 November 2019

Girly ways to feel put together in 35 seconds

Girly aesthetic put together tips, just girly things
Here is my own girly take on how to feel put together quickly. I tried to include some you haven't heard before, some that aren't widely known about on the internet and some that might surprise you. One or two might require a little previous preparation, but I loved them too much not to include them! I hope you enjoy, PS it's never too late to start the day! *inserts fist emoji*

1. Put together a dreamy wrapping paper collection - this is great to do at all times of year, simply collect all kinds of beautiful papers, ribbons, labels together, all things to wrap and make beautiful gifts. You can spend any amount of time organising them, it makes me feel so put together having beautiful wrapping supplies all organised and ready and it's so therapeutic at the same time. I thought I would include this as it's such a fun idea! I absolutely love Etsy for this, some gorgeous papers are this dreamy marble design, pink icing sprinkles wrapping papers (so lush!) this girly blush pink metallic deer design, very girly sugar sweet pink kitten papers and this adorable pink glitter Disney confetti.
Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Guide to be magnetic and get noticed

How to be eyecatching, how to get noticed girly tips
Here's how to feel extremely magnetic and dazzle like a diamond! A mini guide for anyone needing a bit of a midweek boost, this guide will get you there with real action tips on how to really stand out that will suit everyone, beauty trends to turn heads and get stares, for the fun of it. Ways to be eyecatching, to get eyes on your makeup you just perfected, to help you feel popular at school...

1. Channel film star vibes - a centre parting, wearing silky fabrics, a tulle skirt and heels, bardot shoulders and round necklines are all magic ideas, or try to channel the volumptuous hairstyles from a dreamy french movie. Make use of the season you're in, maybe a beret or white, pink or tan knee high boots, or a trench coat for autumn and winter, opulent textures too.
Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Super girly jewellery ideas for A/W 2019*

 *this is a guest and collaborative post on "Ice Cream" whispers Clara
One of the loveliest ways to celebrate an outfit or accessorise it are pieces of delicate jewellery to turn it into a pretty masterpiece. Here are some gorgeous, girly jewellery options to adore...

Low profile ear cuffs - ear cuffs can look so delicate and pretty. Thin and low profile style pieces are the way forward for both the top of the ear and ear climbers that use the main piecing in the lobe and then angle upwards to create a flowing line. You can even get cuffs and climbers with very tiny crystals and jewels that fit close to the ear. Even butterflies! Something that will give your look a little added sparkle while keeping things as delicate and minimal as possible. 

Layering rings - a fantastic method of accessorising your look in a super-girly way is to layer up your rings. Choose a set of rings that are different but belong to the same set or range, much like the ones you can get from placing like this piercing shop online. Then all you need to do is find the best finger for each one, doubling or even tripling some up as you go. This provides a very delicate and pretty vibe with a boho feel that can look gorgeous with outfits as diverse as jeans, jumpers or ditzy floral dresses. 

Crystals and natural cut stones - Another key trend in pretty accessories this season are raw crystal and uncut stones. Think tumbler crystals, before they are polished. Quartz is popular and affordable but you can find all kinds... agate, rose quartz, amethyst, carnelian, even wands of citrine! Also, keep an eye out for crystals edged in gold and suspended on delicate chains. You can even choose a type of crystal that is said to have a positive effect on your mood and wellbeing, too, just to enhance your wearing experience. Raw birthstones can look gorgeous on simple metallic chains, especially if they are rose gold ones!

Mini asymmetrical earrings - Finally, if you are looking for a delicate and pretty way to dress up any outfit, why not go for tiny earrings? The AW2019 twist here being that you certainly do not have a sport a matching pair. In fact, the whole idea is to asymmetrically mix and match here with different shapes, amounts, and styles which will look great when displayed all together. 

Happily, you will find that there are no shortage of earrings you can buy that meet these criteria. From multipacks in stores like Primark that cost but a few pounds to ones made from semi-precious materials and with more unusual finishes, like the brushed silver ones you find on Etsy. Experiment with different colour schemes, mix and max to make colours contrast and pop, or choose one cohesive colour scheme, the options are endless and something to have so much fun with all season long!
Thursday, 31 October 2019

Girly hygge tips, a girly guide to hygge!

Happy Halloween! Whichever season it is that you're arriving on this post, there is always room to embrace the concept of hygge and install it in everyday life, a gentle, cosy lit space of home, warmth, honey and spices, community and coziness, touching on Mori girl style. Here are some girly ways to embrace it, a dreamy and girly take on hygge... get snuggled up and stuck in!

1. Go on a sensory trip! It's about treating and delighting every one of your senses,   delighting a symphony of senses, with delicious feeling fabrics, textures, scents. We always go about seeing and thinking without using much of our other senses. Treat yourself to some scented pens!     

2. Minimal but intentional - making sure the things you own have a purpose and/or bring you joy can bring incredible satisfaction. Using Marie Kondo's method, we can thank each thing we have used but have no use for anymore, thank it for the joy it brought to our lives and pass it on in the kindest way, whether that's a charity shop or store or special recycling bin in your neighbourhood. Dispose of it in a kind way to thank it for its service and avoid leaving waste behind.
3. Don't feel guilty about indulging - craft a deluxe tray of cinnamon buns and absolutely slather them in incredible icing, for the sheer reason of always wanting to do it. 
Wednesday, 23 October 2019

How to make your outside space more appealing*

*this is a collaborative and guest post on "Ice Cream" whispers Clara
When it comes to our garden, it’s likely not to see much use as the months get colder or the days get rainier. Here are some ways to make your garden super appealing, to make it easier and nicer to pop outside every now and then to enjoy your outdoor space, come every season...

Invest In Outdoor Furniture - one reason why someone might not spend much time in their garden could be that there’s no outdoors furniture to kick back and relax on. As far as outdoor spaces go, investing in some outdoor furniture might be just what you need to encourage you to make the most of it. Look at getting some chairs and sofas that are suitable for outdoor use. There’s plenty that comes with cushions that you can pack away inside of the furniture itself. A lot of this furniture is also made out of durable material that won’t rust and is easy to wipe down. If there’s somewhere to sit then, it’s much more appealing to take your guests outdoors.

Think about shelter - on rainy days having a sheltered outside area can be bliss, you can go and sit outside with a hot drink and listen to the rain pattering overhead. It's so soothing, relaxing and and a cosy way to spend your free time, especially if you get a lot of rain in your area!

Light Up The Space - all that darkness and no wonder you want to stay inside where it’s nicely warm and lit up. Sure it might be colder outside, but there are ways to light up the space. Think about getting a fire pit to put in the middle of your seating area. This provides lots of warmth and natural light when lit. For more permanent lighting, think about adding fairly lights to the trees and tall shrubs. You can also get solar powered lighting that you can fix into the ground and light up from the sunlight that they collect throughout the day. 

Plant Some More - if gardening might not be your strong suit, worry no more! Hedgeplants Heijnen has plenty of hedging that you can get to shape your garden if it hasn’t got much shape or structure about it already or if the existing plants have died and need replacing. Taking care of plants can take so little time, there’s plenty of them that don’t require much attention at all. Simply replant any dead ones and let nature do its thing in keeping them alive. Just be sure to keep an eye on them whenever you have spells where you’ve not had rainfall in a while. 

Feed the birds - hanging up some birdfeeders outside and around your home can mean your garden, balcony or outdoor space can become host to a whole colourful flock of friendly birds. You might spot different colours at different times of year, it's so satisfying to watch them.

Keep On Top Of The Mowing - when the grass in your garden gets too long, it can become messy, and it’ll look as if you’ve not paid much attention to it recently. So try to keep on top of the mowing where possible, even when it’s cold. Try to find a relatively dry day where you can mow the grass and keep it short. The more often you do this, the better and think of it like your own hair. That needs grooming and maintaining every so often, it’s the same for your grass. 
Tuesday, 15 October 2019

A fairytale esque bedroom on a budget, DIY tricks

 The bedroom is an important space, somewhere to relax, to dream, to hide away from the world after a difficult day. It's fun and can be therapeutic spending some time and effort to making it look nice, making it somewhere that you genuinely enjoy spending time. Even with a small budget you can switch things up, make it unique to you and give your bedroom a new lease of life! Here are some DIY tricks to give your room that ethereal, princess castle style look, instant Cinderella vibes.
Saturday, 12 October 2019

10 pamper activites you can do whilst in bed

girly self care ideas to pamper yourself in bed
Happy October everyone! I made a list of pampering rituals you can do while in bed, when you are ready to unwind after a long day but are also perfectly poised to face plant a bed aka me. They are perfect for the end of a long day, they feel extremely delicious but you won't have to move an inch (well, nearly) do anything or even get out of bed... yes I went there.
Monday, 30 September 2019

How to sleep better, get better sleep

 Hey all! Here are some real Sleeping Beauty inspired tips, how to sleep deeply and soundly at night, some serious sleep hacks and tips to have better sleep and feel less stressed at bedtime. You know I love my 'fluffy bunny' posts but I wanted to include some real, unfussy, actionable tips to get you going and offer some real help to make bedtime a happier, more stress free experience.

Although, please note! These tips do not replace medical advice and do not reflect the severity of symptoms that afflict those suffering with forms of mental illness or sleep disorders.
1. Trying a sleep mask - might just be the ultimate sneaky hack you've been looking for! Maybe it's something about being able to pull fabric over your eyes (but still being able to breathe haha), totally shutting out the light or losing sense of your surroundings that helps to soothe you back to sleep when you wake in the night. I really recommend trying it! Some eye masks are even lined with silk to aid the skin in its restorative process and prevent signs of aging.
Thursday, 19 September 2019

How to look seriously sultry, on a budget

How to be a femme fatale, how to dress sultry autumn and winter outfit ideas
I thought I would try something a bit different as now autumn is here, how to be seriously sultry on a budget, from a fashion and aesthetical point of view. Sulty doesn't have to mean sexy, sultry can be powerful, flamboyant, mysterious, it can represent a powerful means of dressing oneself and a way of making a statement. An expression of identity and who we are, it's like our normal style, taken underground. Here is how to be a femme fatale with these autumn and winter outfit ideas...
How to be a femme fatale, how to dress sultry autumn and winter outfit ideas
1. Sultry is texturally rich - sultry is tieing textures together to create a sensuous way of dressing. Different textures like matte and glossy add dimension and can turn you in to a badass ninja lady haha. In this way sultry is quite a maximalist style, yet worn minimally, powerful velvet, satins, quilting, lace all make up its texture palette and will be perfect for creating autumn and winter outfits. Try a velvet scrunchie you can match to your outfit for instant power!
Thursday, 12 September 2019

Look like an angel for work or school

Look like - and feel like - an angel for work or school! From the Lakes, we travelled way down to Birmingham at the weekend to visit Mitch's family and shopped for Oscar going back to school, in the biggest Primark I've ever seen - ever! I picked up a few things and this beautiful top I found in River Island. I absolutely  l o v e  going to the city as you can find all kinds of crazy things...

I picked up one of the silky chai scented facial mists by ohii, it smells just like popcorn and gives you baby soft skin all day. I am a sucker, I smelt it and was sold straightaway, it is a dream. I wanted to bottle that sense of feeling soft and pampered, in your favourite scents and clothes, and so here are some steps to take to look and feel like an angel all day long, at work or school!
Finding innovative ways to work around a dress code! Does your school or workplace have a uniform policy or dress code? Here are some fashion tips for school uniforms and work uniforms alike, and how to look angelic wherever you go. Let's get going!
Saturday, 31 August 2019

How to make your legs look longer

For every day! How to get gazelle legs, tips that will work for you every day, not just reserved for special occasions! Although many a leg shape be beautiful, this is a specific guide on achieving that slender, athletic look through bits and bobs you might wear casually. Here are some sneaky tips and tricks and casual wear picks to make your legs look extra long, no matter how tall you are! 
1. Knee high or thigh high boots! Will seriously give you forever legs. The only challenge with sock boots is how to keep them up and above your knees, they have a funny knack for being a bit too sock-like and progressing further and further down the leg... I definitely recommend going for the sturdier varieties, those with full length zips mean they will comfortably stay in place!

2. Knee high socks - An amazing way to create the illusion without having to go out and buy thigh high boots (which can run expensive). I found some uber cute ones that come as a 2 in 1 with tights, so there's no chance of them ruckling or sliding back down every five minutes! I will be sure to find the ASOS link and pop it in!

Friday, 16 August 2019

Princessy morning routine ideas

 I thought I would bring you some gorgeous and relaxing morning routine ideas, after really loving putting together my girly bedtime routine and 12 princessy things to do in your pjs... I might be the cringiest person ever but sometimes you just need to be and it's just the best haha. Here are some lovely self care and self love morning rituals, best performed at sunrise.
. Choose a cute mug and enjoy some rosella tea - or your favourite drink, or whatever is in your fridge that day! You could even add a stripey straw or saucer for hot drinks. Really

Beauty products, how to spend less and enjoy more*

*this is a collaborative post but images are my own
Sometimes part of the whole embracing your natural features-thing can be buying, wearing and enjoying makeup, to bring out and accentuate our favourite features. We all love the way that our favourite makeup, hair products, accessories, clothes and other beauty paraphernalia make us feel, whether we’re stepping out to paint the town red or preparing a badass ensemble for the boardroom. 

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Selfie tips and ideas

How to look pretty in photos, how to take a selfie tips, tricks and girly selfie ideas and how to look good in photos
A selfie is a really fun way to present ourselves to the world and rediscover our features. A statement of who we want to be, we can curate and style it however we like. Like a painting, we have control over the mood, feel and setting of our piece, we can create a whole new version or impression of ourselves that exists within a digital frame. There is so much freedom to emphasise your favourite features, find new ways to love them and feel confident in yourself. Even if you are trapped being snapped in an impromtu situation, here is how to take power back and feel confident and in control in front of the camera! Here is what I have learned... love, your friendly neighbourhood selfie taker!

1. Try out different effects and angles - experiment with flash, snap a photo upside down, a reflection in a mirror, a shadow on a sunlit wall, get really creative with your angles and honing in on different focal points in your photos. I'm loving experimenting with flash at the moment,
Wednesday, 31 July 2019

7 underrated hobbies to calm a stressed mind

When you feel as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, nothing seems to shake you from this funk. Whether you’ve had a terrible day at work or felt overwhelmed at home, a handful of happy hobbies can do their bit to help you escape, release your stress and unwind a little.
Sunday, 28 July 2019

How to smell like an actual angel

Everyday! And how to make the scents you choose last all day. I thought I would make a little personality quiz and share my favourite fragrances and fragrance tips at the same time! This is for those people who like me always head for the candle section or scented fabric softener departments in shops haha, who can't come away without a new room spray or body mist. Perfumes always end up incredibly pricey so I have shopped hard to find adorable perfumes that will make you smell incredible and are a bit kinder on your purse, some even have £35 knocked off the original price!
I recently wrote about my favourite girly bedtime body lotions and this kind of led me on to the scents I love to use everyday and those I gravitate towards. I think you can have sooo much
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The best bedtime body products & lotions

 Aka the best dupes for Lush Sleepy! Some of you from twitter might know I recently spent a week in hospital for glandular fever. For many days I couldn't look at my phone, which is why things got a bit quiet around here. I really loved working on my dream girly bedtime routine and I thought I would hone in on the best lotions and body products to use before bed and work in to your evening or night routine. I decided to make a list of dupes and my best/favourite products that help you to relax, unwind and come down from the day, soothing lotions to help you fall asleep or to help you sleep better. Cosy up and prepare to snooze away! *moon and star emojis*
1. First I have to start with Lush's Sleepy body lotion - a lovely intensive lotion that comes in a little black pot, it smells like summer lavender, the same scent as their milky lavender scented pink Twilight bath bomb. It smells incredibly relaxing and you almost want to eat it haha, but it can be pretty pricey, especially for the larger size pots and with online shipping costs too.  
Thursday, 4 July 2019

The trial size skincare you need to try

Recently I noticed they had some new mini skincare sets on ASOS. A little while ago I ordered this very pretty and pink Origins kit as a bit of a treat to myself for £20 and I'm so, so glad I did. I love having tons of products to play with, they have been amazing for crafting a little skincare routine and getting to know all of the different products without forking out for the full price items. I would never have been able to try them otherwise. It's fun being totally kitted out for a night in or pamper evening... complete with rose clay face mask, renewal serum and matte moisturiser!
girly skincare blog review
I decided to try one of the new Clinique skincare kits. Not long ago I sampled a bit of my sister's 'Take the day off' balm and it was really gentle and soothing, it didn't hurt my sensitive skin and it made my face look nice and glowy. It is as good as they say it is! The Clinique moisture surge is
Friday, 21 June 2019

My dream girly bedtime routine

I decided to make a little 'midsummer night's routine' post haha, my dream night routine. I somehow managed to time this well with it being the summer solstice (and with midsummer's night itself coming up, traditionally held around 23rd/24th June. In Northern Europe it was once believed that if a girl picked seven different flowers on midsummer night and placed them under her pillow, she would dream that night of a future husband). While it is still light outside it can be hard to settle in to slumber so here is a lavender scented bedtime routine (thanks to Lush's Sleepy lotion), a really sumptuous mini spa evening, the perfect OTT home spa night to relax and unwind. I had a lot of fun taking these photos and envisaging my dream night routine, I hope you enjoy!  

1. Dress bed with clean, fresh sheets - and open the window on summer nights, to let the sweet night smells and cool air in. I might make a little soothing playlist in advance. This is when I would do all my little duties for the night, brush up any excess bedding my gerbies have kicked out and fill up their food and water bottles. I also give them any veggie leftovers from tea.

I also tidy and arrange my things all nice, my goal recently is to live more minimally, have less belongings and invest in pieces that are special and spark joy within me. Rather than cluttering my wardrobe with all bits and pieces, I believe in saving my pennies to invest in only a select few pieces. 2. Make any cute snacks in advance - and hot drinks, for this will allow them time to cool, whether you want to drink green tea after the shower or have your chamomile tea in the bath. I
Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Unexpected changes when you first become a parent*

Learning what to expect when you have a baby is hard at the best of times, you always hear that you're never going to truly know until it happens. However, there are some things that nobody told me about at all! Definitely, the days of staying out late, getting a full night's sleep, or doing many of the things that you're used to taking for granted will be likely put on hold for a good few years - but also the impact on your home, surroundings and other areas of your life! Here are just a few more unexpected ways your life could totally change once your firstborn arrives... *this is a collaborative post
Sunday, 2 June 2019

My girly fashion bargains and how to find them!

Girly fashion tips and girly outfit ideas
I always try to take a minimalist approach to my wardrobe, constantly curating it and investing in only the pieces I really love, keeping everything clean, fresh and tidy, that is the dream! In a house of boys it can feel like the one area I have control over haha. Keeping less clothing and curating fewer pieces means I can dedicate more time to wearing, loving and appreciating each one, plus it helps me practise self control and is kinder to the planet! Because I only invest in a few pieces I love to fill the select spaces in my wardrobe with my favourite brands, however in the real world there is no way I can afford to spend £50-100 on a dress. I thought I would share with you my tips, exactly how I go about finding high cost items for much less, plus some absolutely adorable sales picks to go and grab now!

1. I subscribe to Love the Sales, I think I've mentioned this before on my blog but this is probably my favourite option because it delivers my favourite things to my inbox for me and I don't have to do anything else. I've been subscribed for quite a while now and I really like it. It caters for a lot of brands and shops... Disney, Missguided, GHD, Skinnydip, Nasty Gal, ASOS, you name it! I often use it to find fashion picks for my blog wishlists. It's kind of like the fashion version of Creative Market - it sends me pieces perfectly tailored to me, for example, if you are looking for Ted Baker...
Wednesday, 29 May 2019

A very vintage Father's day gift guide*

Vintage inspired style father's day gift guide ideas
 I pulled together a lovely little Father's day gift guide for the upcoming occasion. I thought I would put a vintage twist on it. This is from a person who can never seem to think of gifts for guys that aren't food! All of these ideas are from lovely menswear company Jacamo, brother of Simply Be. Hopefully these will not only serve to treat your loved ones, but take them back in time a bit too!

1. Ben Sherman round dial strap watch - this watch is so gorgeous. I love the vintage feel about it, the weathered tan strap and gorgeous dial design exude charm from another era.

2. Joseph Joseph Dot Active Grey water bottle - a stylish water bottle always comes in handy, it makes for one of the most useful gifts, especially for the summer months ahead!
Saturday, 25 May 2019

Girly beauty & fashion hacks that blew my mind

Girly beauty tips, girly aesthetic makeup blog
Here are a few girly hacks that blew my mind... genius beauty tips and fashion tricks that will help to transform your whole routine, plus a few handy lifestyle hacks too! I hope you like my tips, I thought I would include a few favourites I've never heard on the web before... let me know your faves below... PS go here to learn my ultimate ASOS fashion shopping trick!

1. Use clear nail varnish to stop tights laddering - keep a tiny pot of nail polish with you and paste it on any snags in the tights or on any frayed ends in clothing - something perfect to add to your on the go self care kit! That way, as soon as you notice any punctures in your tights when out, or catch them on anything, you can stop them from unravelling.
Saturday, 18 May 2019

Ways to become ethereal in real life

This is a little aesthetical edit I made. I hope you like it! The inspirations for this post came from ITV's Victoria. I really love Jenna's style as young Victoria, the whole set and costumes, especially the ethereal looking nightgown scenes by candlelight. Plus my favourite Stradivarius blouse came back in stock on ASOS again! I don't often feature pictures of myself so this was fun to do. I hope you will like these ideas, lovely things to put in place, practise and adopt in the comfort of your own home and/or out everyday! Here is everything you need, how to be ethereal in every day life...

1. Dress in floaty white things - I love incorporating symbols in to my outfits, like a secret language. White can represent purity and has angelic connotations. I recently repurchased my favourite Stradivarius blouse, so I always have one to wear when the other is in the wash. I am wearing it in the photos in this post. Vintage girl approved! PS check out my unmissable ASOS hack here before you order - it blew my mind!

Friday, 10 May 2019

Creating a sumptuous silky skin routine

Me having sensitive skin, the hailed skincare 'glo up' guides of the internet, with witch hazel, tea tree and all the other amazing sounding ingredients are lost on me. My skin burns and becomes badly inflamed moments after coming in to contact with any kind of tea tree product. Here is me attempting to slather stuff on my face to see what works haha. I'd love to have a dreamy kind of skincare routine of my own, I'd love to make it some special relaxing ritual to distract me and help me zone out.

Edit/heads up: Ahhh this set is back guys! You can pick it up while you can here, I promise it's worth the purchase, this set is a dream and perfect for trying lots of skincare products at once.
I purchased this set myself, just a girl trying to achieve good skin, wishing on glass skin and recommending good products when I find them. I became interested in Origins for their gorgeous face masks, how gentle they are said to be and how they benefit the skin.
Sunday, 28 April 2019

Home tour, just around and about

Dear Sunday, from last Sunday. There is no theme for this post, just good old fashioned blogging and me being let loose with my camera. I took these snaps on Easter weekend. It was such a special time, blossom everywhere, the weather 10c warmer than usual with no clouds in the sky, only hazy sunshine.