Friday, 22 March 2019

How to create, faux freckles vintage girl outfit

How to create faux freckles, vintage girl outfit
 Happy Friday all! The goal for this look was a soft and cute everyday look, with a flamboyant twist. It's a dreaming in plaits, poofy sleeves, ridiculous bows aka my favourite things, over the top girly edit, just channelled in to a soft look one can wear every day. Living life being a bit ridiculous and standing out is fun, I love to try to do that with my outfits. I love the vintage vibes I get from this one.
How to create faux freckles, vintage girl outfit
The theme for the Met Gala 2019 is 'Campness' in fashion and I got inspired to make a little look of my own. For me it means the joy of donning the most ridiculous, over the top cutesy, gorgeous pieces. All my favourite outfits are ones that have a strange and crazy kind of character about them...

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Princessy self care buys wishlist

Self care buys, ways to treat yourself, princess aesthetic blog wishlist
 For me self care can be a bit girly at times. For me it's less about mental health, as there is nothing I can see, hear, buy, purchase to assist or relieve my difficulties, the extreme fluctuations in brain chemistry, along with the very present flu like feelings. So I thought I would make a wishlist of fun things! Here are some girly 'me time' things on my wishlist, pretty things that are perfect to gift yourself and others as little pick me ups! These will hopefully be perfect for the pamper evening, the spa night at home and encourage me to set aside time for some self care, regardless if I am feeling bad.

1. Feather Bra - the comfiest thing ever to wear, I am seriously invested. These are kind of like sports bras so you can just lounge around in the house in them along with your checked pyjama pants. They are so soft and stretchy, the name 'Feather Bra' is definitely accurate. They are really versatile, are literally like wearing a cloud and perfect for every day. You really do forget you are wearing it, in a good way! I love the light pink, nude and black shades. One of the best 'me time' purchases I've ever made haha. If you've ever dithered around buying one of these, I say go for it! You will not regret.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

How to decorate your desk for spring

Spring girly desk or bedside table ideas for a girly shabby chic bedroom, how to makeover your room for spring
Ahh spring, when the sun comes out and fills your room with all kinds of pretty light. Even if it is still cold outside! Here are some girly ways to dress up your desk and give your space a mini makeover for spring, a home decor 'spring clean'. When sprucing up my space for the new season I always think small changes can have a big impact, especially if you have gotten used to your surroundings over time. Here are some pretty home decor ideas, how to makeover your bedroom, desk or home for spring.
Spring girly desk or bedside table ideas for a girly shabby chic bedroom, how to makeover your room for spring
. A pretty mug for your desk. Okay this doesn't count as stationery but you could use it, not only for hot drinks, but to hold pens and pencils, or even pieces of jewellery for a bedside table. 

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Girly free self soothing phone wallpapers

Girly free inspirational self care phone wallpapers
Here are some girly phone wallpapers with self soothing messages. These are really great little reminders, when it's cold and rainy or you need a little pick me up swap them around on your phone as a little act of self care. I can never choose just one for my phone so I made a compilation...

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Ways I'm glowing up for spring

Girly spring beauty glow up
 1. I bought me some pinstripe shorts from Shein for spring. They didn't have my size and I dithered for ages but they were so cute and had really good reviews. I trimmed and tucked them a bit smaller and they are just what I was looking for! I think these are so cute and will be perfect to pair with a vintage style blouse. I'm definitely a shorts girl this year, or a 'skorts' girl, I love how handy they are.

2. I got a slim white floor length mirror for my wall, only £10 from Dunelms. It opens up the room a lot more, I only wish I'd got one sooner as I can see and plan my outfits so much better, I have a few ideas I'd love to bring to the blog too, especially for spring and summer, my favourite season for fashion!

Monday, 25 February 2019

12 girly things to do for spring

Girly things and activities to do in spring, just girly things
Right now in the UK we are in the middle of our warmest February yet! It's about 16 or so degrees here in the Lake District which is exciting!! Plus it's not raining either, there are pure blue skies. 

I visited my family on the bus with a little help from my sister and the bus route is gorgeous, it was just bliss with the sunshine coasting the hills, I am so blessed to live here, every part feels like home. Hearing birdsong through the open windows, seeing all the lambs in the fields and the daffodils and the blossoms are starting too. I'm going to keep popping my sheets up to dry in the sun and blissfully pretend it's going to carry on in to next week. I thought I would compose a list of girly things to do for spring whilst I am in spring mode haha... that and I have been going all 'listy' on the blog recently...

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

How to perfectly prepare for a shopping trip

Girly outfit aesthetic, shopping haul
Here's what I bought recently... I purchased these gorgeous boots from New Look whilst they were in the sale, I love the grunge look of them against the pink and pastels for spring. They bring a lush, vintage feel to pretty outfits. This ice cream coloured ribbed top came from Forever21, it's so sweet!
Girly outfit aesthetic, shopping haul
I also repurchased the Victoria's Secret shimmer body mist in Velvet Petals because I love it so much. And the cutest novelty socks from Forever21. It's so special visiting Mitch's family in the West Midlands and going to Birmingham because the city environment is so crazy and different, I love it.

Friday, 15 February 2019

How to smell like a snack, shower routine

How to smell like a snack, girly beauty routine
Here is my current shower routine, products I'm loving using at the moment. This routine makes you smell like an actual cake shop but also gives the softest skin I've ever known. It gives you insane silky, glowy legs for spring! I recently went a bit crazy on Soap and Glory with the 3 for 2 on soaps and lotion in Boots. Their scrubs are the best, I always end up coming back to them. Here is my routine...

1. First I scrub up. I use the Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub, it's my absolute favourite. Just lifting the lid of this to take a photo, you get this amazing waft of dreamy, rich, oaty, maple goodness. This is an absolute game changer for me, it's my number one best kept secret to insane silky and glowing skin.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Make your own little blog email club

Girly girl aesthetic blog ideas
I've been working a lot on #romanticgals content recently, which is why I've been a bit quiet around the blogosphere. Whether you are a blogger or not, making a little email community or monthly magazine or newsletter is so much fun. I definitely recommend doing it, it's enriched my whole
blogging experience. You can use social media like twitter or instagram to find and attract your 'tribe', like minded souls and put together a cool little place to hang out, not to mention help out your blog...

For bloggers, they say that the most powerful asset one possesses is their email list. It is yours, you own it and have control over what your readers see, instead of relying on instagram. Growing your list organically - and sending out relevant email messages - is one of the best ways to connect with your audience, drive engagement, and attract more readers to your blog. As well as driving traffic, you might also earn money through affiliates every time someone purchases one of the things you recommend - maybe as a wishlist! Just make sure your readers know to expect them when they come to sign up.
Girly girl aesthetic blog ideas
1. Here are some free tools - MyEmma and CampaignMonitor are meant to be better than MailChimp as email campaign tools, especially if you are new or just starting out, or have a smaller

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Marie Antoinette inspired nightwear wishlist

Marie Antoinette inspired silky, satin pyjamas and nightwear wishlist
Here are some satin, lace, delicate Marie Antoinette inspired nightwear and loungewear pieces to instantly 'glow up' and feel amazing in. Following my Marie Antoinette inspired evening post, here is what to wear on a pamper night to feel like an angel, all the old romance vibes... these will look so 

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Ingredients for a princessy home*

Modern princess room and home ideas for a girly apartment, girly bedroom or even dorm room
Here are some home improvement ideas for 2019, how to whip up a princessy and feminine, yet modern home. Here is everything you will need, improvements to make in order to create your dream girly home or space, the perfect place to relax. Read along to find out how *includes an advert
Modern princess room and home ideas for a girly apartment, girly bedroom or even dorm room
 1. Start with a dressing table - or any kind of little vanity space. Even a mirror and a little shelf will do, with some lovely storage baskets to keep your trusty beauty essentials or favourite things in. They have really lovely woven baskets for about £3 or £4 each in the shop 'Tiger' in different colours, I have

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

How to make a day off last longer

Girly lazy day ideas, how to spend your day off and make your day off last longer
Here are the perfect ingredients for the perfect lazy day and how to make your day off last longer. When you work so hard, a lazy day is the most beautiful feeling ever. This is written straight from the heart, I spend so much time crawling around the house on my hands and knees through tiredness, I can't describe the bliss when I get to spend a day at my own pace and take everything s l o w. Here are some chill out ideas and girly ways to spend your day off, how to make the relaxing last longer...

1. Day off-eve - use the coming down of the day to kick back and relax and enjoy freedom. By treating this as part of your day off, it gives you more time to enjoy it. You could spend the whole night in the bath, or sleep through the evening and stay up all night, spooning marshmallow fluff, no limits!
Girly lazy day ideas, how to spend your day off and make your day off last longer

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Ten ways to 'glow up' you haven't heard of yet...

I decided to make my own little version of 'how to glow up'. When I was around 15 I developed some awful version of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I had to make excuses to keep going to the toilets to check or almost prove to myself that I looked okay, I couldn't understand why I looked so wrong. I was desperately trying to maintain a state of decency because I could so easily slip in to looking absolutely

Friday, 11 January 2019

A mini Marie Antoinette inspired evening

Marie Antoinette blog beauty routine. Vintage girly aesthetic.
  Here are my tips for making a Marie Antoinette inspired relaxing evening routine, that will work for the smallest of budgets, things that will make every evening feel like a pyjama party. I really loved making 12 princessy things to do in your pyjamas, so here are some ingredients for an enchanted night in, to do anywhere, even in your friend's shower or sofa. Here are some things that will enhance your routine, make a space feel like a little retreat, and add a little extravagance to every day life...
Marie Antoinette blog beauty routine. Vintage girly aesthetic.
 . Use floral scented products in your routine. The Queen adored most ardently orange blossom, but also doted on floral fragrances, oils, potpourris like rose, violet, lavender, jasmine, lily, cloves and also the silk sweet innocence of vanilla. The rose range from The Body Shop here is perfect for this. I love checking out affordable offerings in my local supermarket or drugstores, you can find foamy bath soaks

Monday, 7 January 2019

What I got for Christmas 2018!

I really love reading what people received for Christmas. For me it's like living the whole Christmas morning experience all over again through others eyes. They make me happy haha, I have about four open to read while I burn my spiced white cocoa candle. I love learning about each thing and the sentimental values behind them. I love looking at all the pretty things. I had a lot of fun making my own, but the best gift of all was enjoying a lovely festive period full of all my family on different days.
What I got for Christmas, just girly things blog
The first item I received was this super fluffy white Topshop fleece here from Mitch. It's like wearing a big marshmallow, so fluffy and comfy, like a mobile hibernation pod haha, so I even when I don't feel good I can cosy up in this and still look stylish lol. I want to live in it all winter.
What I got for Christmas, just girly things blog
I received the Boudoir Eyes palette by Too Faced, which I didn't ever expect. I had no idea anyone knew about my love for Too Faced and I absolutely love these previous editions. I think they have re released these palettes or made similar ones with different glossy packaging, but I love the older ones.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

How to make little fairy things, essential oils kit*

How to be a forest fairy and make bath and body products and pretty things for your makeup collection, SimplyEarth review.
Happy New Year everyone! I recently became part of the SimplyEarth squad, a family-run essential oils company who do an adorable recipe subscription box. I love the idea of making little fairy lotions and homemade soaps with beautiful aromas and wrapping them up in tissue, dried herbs, petals and ribbon,