Thursday, 6 December 2018

Girly Christmas gift ideas with JD Williams*

Pink girly Christmas gift guide ideas 2018
Hey all, recently I've been struggling with the fatigue a lot and tackling my to do list. It feels relentless but I've been learning that hey, it's ok if I can't manage. For me the holidays are about everything sparkly and I get really excited about going to the Christmas markets and going to cute cake cafes 
afterwards with the sparkly lights, and then department stores with the perfume samples and makeup testers haha! I emerge totally covered in glitter and smelling like perfume overkill, is anyone else like that? Here I have put together a few my gift guide picks from in festive spirit...

1. Accessorize check scarf - this block colour scarf is so gorgeous, the pink, white and grey. I feel like I've given it a mention somewhere on the blog before... 

2. Jimmy Choo EDP 100ml - this fragrance set looks and sounds dreamy, such girly packaging too.

3. Pug-sheen plushie - for any pusheen fan, younger recipient or five year old in adult form, this pug edition of her is so cute! Complete with floppy ears and the curly cinnabun tail.

4. Bunny slippers - these novelty slippers are adorable, they even come with ears! 

5. Remington curling tool - this has to be one of the prettiest curling wands I've seen. I've heard great reviews about this one, I'd love to purchase a wand that creates more ringlet styled curls.

6. Isabelle embroidered cushion - how beautiful is this pillow? I love the tiny embroidered flowers, it looks so much more expensive. This would make a gorgeous gift for any home lover.

7. Ferrero Rocher collection - so perfect a gift for any recipient, you can never go wrong with Fererro's.

8. Zzz pyjama lounge pants - these cosy fleecy pants are everything, perfect for cold mornings.

9. Laura Geller 'Dewdreamer' liquid highlighter in shade Ballerina - these illuminating drops look stunning, the Gelato highlighters are so pretty. This would make a beautiful gift for any makeup lover.

10. Lace bow blouse - ooh the lace details, this will make the perfect addition to any vintage inspired fashion lover's wardrobe, it exudes all the Parisian chic vibes with the pretty bow. I found this in the womens clothes section just browsing, there is also a gorgeous pastel fluffy cardie I have my eye on.

11. Typhoon Kitchen scales - I love these vintage look kitchen scales, they will look so cute in a pastel or shabby themed kitchen. The powder blue shade here is so pretty too.

12. Pusheen 2019 diary - too cute with the doughnut sprinkles... imagine whipping this out of your bag at the library or station. Cats, doughnuts and pink, the affection continues...

I hope you like my picks, thanks so much for reading! When do you put your Christmas tree up? 


  1. Those bunny slippers are too cute! // The holidays are simultaneously the most exciting and the most chaotic time of year. I hope you get a chance to catch a breath, and good luck with your to-do list! // Holiday markets are one of the things I'm most excited about during the holidays ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I love your list - that blouse would be perfect for the office with the cosy scarf during the cold winter mornings. The slippers are so cute. The other items would make great pressies as well as treats for yourself. Are the lounge pants for yourself as I have never seen you in trousers?

    I do hope that you manage to complete your to-do list and have a great Christmas!

  3. I love your fashion sense and style. you are very great and everything you choose looks good on you.

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    I'll follow you back. Thank you! ^^

  4. I hope you get better Elizabeth! Hopefully the Christmas lights will help you and keep your mood up! This is another beautiful list as usual, I love the scarf and of course you can never go wrong with gifting chocolates at this time of year! (or anytime really haha)

    Julia x
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  5. I hope you feel better soon honey. So many amazing picks in this blog post!

    Danielle xx

  6. They're so beautiful, perfect ideas!!

  7. Those lounge pants look so cosy, definitely think I am getting old because I get more excited over pyjamas and loungewear than I do other clothes haha. Great post xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  8. I love going out to the shops this time of year as well! It's a busy time, but there's still Christmas magic in the hustle & bustle. We put up our tree the first weekend in December, and it's already up & decorated :) x

  9. Lovely, thanks for sharing. :) I especially like the Pug sheen plushie and the Pusheen diary! This year I saw a really cute "Llamacorn" lip gloss in Marks (mixture of a llama and a unicorn!) and have bought that as a gift. Got my Christmas tree the end of last week, but only just put it up a couple of days ago, lol. I like to keep it up till Twelfth Night though.

    Hope you're feeling a bit better. Merry Christmas to you and your family! <3


    1. P.S. I love trying on perfume and hand cream samples too!

  10. Great gift guide!

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