How to dress girly for your personality

How do you dress girly? The fun of it is that there are so many flavours of girly! From dressing in pink and pastels, to puff sleeves, from romantic lace and vintage inspired pieces, to mini skirts, there are so many ideas and there is no one size fits all for how to be feminine or girly.

Our clothes can say so much about us and who we are. Being able to show off your personality through fashion is can be so much fun, and you don’t have to buy many clothes to find a way to express yourself through your wardrobe. Here are some tips on how to dress girly for your personality.

Discover smaller shops and brands – there are tons of different fashion outlets out there. With so much choice, often smaller shops and brands get forgotten, but they can offer the cutest and most unique pieces. Each fashion store has its own unique style that it tends to go for, whether it carries boho vibes, is ultra pink and girly, or vintage inspired. Smaller stores often really niche down on a particular style, which is really exciting if that style aligns to yours! Discovering new stores means you can have the fun of finding new pieces that you never even knew existed. It’s fun to find your favourites – my favourite smaller shops are MissPatina and LittleWomenAtelier on Etsy!

Find your favourites in your current wardrobe – Start here for dressing girly. Your current favourite pieces and pieces you love the fit of will provide an excellent platform on which to base your girly style. What does your current wardrobe look like? You might have outfits and garments in there that you love and that make you feel confident, but have others that you’ve avoided for months or even years. Think about which pieces could be recycled and what you might want to donate to charity or sell online.

Once you’ve parted with the clothes you don’t wear, you can then make a mental note of what works for your body and what you like to wear the most next time you’re out shopping. Remembering what didn’t work too means you’ll only purchase the best outfits for yourself. 

Create a girly moodboard of trends and pieces you love – Trends come and go and we can have a lot of fun with them! It’s worth adding your favourites to a moodboard, whether it is a physical collage you can hold or an online one, made on Pinterest. It’s an amazing way of saving and keeping track of the trends that work for you and a way of getting inspired by your favourites. Even if there are just one or two trends you find appealing, there are so many fun new ways to interpret them! We can find fun ways of taking certain bits of it that speak to us and that reflect us individually. Keep updated with different trends by following fashion weeks but also looking at reputable sites and fashion blogs!

Try lots of quirky pieces – Sometimes, it’s necessary to push the boat out and do something unexpected. Being brave in your choices can take you so far when it comes to showing off your personality. Trying out different colours, shapes, or fits tests your comfort level and lets you find new ways to show off your amazing and beautiful body, plus your style will evolve much faster! Try to go for something that’s outside your fashion box, and don’t be afraid of trying things on that you’re unsure about. Most of the time, things look a lot different when they come off the rack and onto your body. In order for you to start looking good and feeling good, try to challenge yourself! Pick things that you wouldn’t have dared to choose before and see what happens.

Dressing to love your body shape – Finding your body shape is such a helpful part of dressing for your personality and can really help you to find your style and form the basics of your wardrobe that you love to fall back on. Everyone is different in terms of their body shape, and so it’s worth finding out what your body shape is. There are lots of online resources that you can look at to find what is your body shape. It might be that you’re closer to one or two shapes, so try and find similar elements from each to define your unique body shape. It’s also worth remembering that your body shape can change over time!

Dressing to tell your storydressing for your personality is telling a story, and so when it comes to your outfit, look to what story are you telling? Perhaps it’s something you are passionate about or something you have been deeply inspired by. There’s so much that you can express and communicate through your outfit. Add some little unique touches like cute socks, a cute coat or jacket, sew some different and quirky buttons on, use iron on or sew on patches, or even pins and badges or facial jewellery. If you are looking for tips on how to be girly at school, you can always express yourself through a watch, a belt (as it is harder for your teachers to object to these, as they are serving a purpose!) or even some really cute stationery. When you are meeting individuals for the first time, it’s fun to make your outfits to an extension of you and find pieces that tell your story.

Ask Your Friends For Their Opinion – It can be super helpful to get advice from those closest to you, to help you get an idea of what pieces will suit you best. Ask your friends for inspiration on what you could be wearing and what they might suggest for different outfit events.

Dressing for your personality can be so much fun and there is so much to try for how to look feminine and soft while letting your clothing express who you are as a person. Find your favourite spots to shop and start with certain styles that you love on your body shape. Be brave in your choices, and ask your friends for their advice on what works.


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